Lily Lou in My First Hotwife Experience Vol 6

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My First Hotwife Experience Vol 6

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Genre: Straight, Couple, Vignettes


Cast: Lily Lou, Clara Trinity, Alice Visby, Aliya Brynn, Mike Mancini, Michael Vegas, Brad Newman, Robby Echo

Directors: Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell

Release Date: Dec. 6, 2021

Length: 2 hours

Condoms: No

Extras: BTS interviews, Bonus Scene, Pick Your Pleasure feature, Trailers


Overview: New Sensations brings us the sixth volume of wives having sex with men their husbands selected for them, thus having their first hotwife experiences. As usual, through the talented lenses of New Sensations veterans Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell, it’s another example of very well-made erotica with some of the hottest starlets in the industry today.


Scene One: Lily Lou and Mike Mancini




The scene opens with close-up shots of Lily getting ready for her rendezvous with Mike at her husband’s request. Mike is an old friend who’s incredibly turned on by Lily’s baby blue lingerie and compliments her on it. He and the nervous Lily start kissing, Mike assuring Lily he’ll take good care of her he caresses her lithe body. Lily then lays on the bed and Mike sucks on her tits a little before stripping down to underwear, his massive boner stretching his boxer briefs. He then goes down on her, burying his face in her pussy and finger banging her to her first orgasm. Mike then lays back and Lily starts sucking his throbbing cock, sensuously deep throating and gagging on it before climbing up and riding him, sliding his cock up in her and bouncing on it cowgirl style before spinning around and going at it in reverse cowgirl.


After cumming multiple times on Mike’s cock Lily flips over and they start spooning. Mike buries his cock deep inside Lily’s pussy while grasping a handful of her hair making her cum on his cock. He pulls out to suck her juices out of her pussy before spooning her some more, slowly and sensuously sliding his cock in and out while they gaze into each other’s eyes. Mike rubs Lily’s clit while he fucks her making her cum over and over before pulling out for Lily to suck her pussy juices off of his cock. She then gets on all fours and Mike fucks her doggy style, Lily’s sweet all-natural tits swinging as Mike pounds her from behind. He pulls her hair and arches her back as he fucks her giving her multiple orgasms. After Lily sucks her juices off of Mike’s cock again they go into a missionary. Mike slides his cock up to the hilt and pulls Lily’s hair as he drives his cock in and out making her cum again.


He slurps her juices off of her pussy again before fucking her some more, Lily furiously rubbing her clit and cumming over and over before Mike pulls out and cums on Lily’s belly, Lily jerking and stroking all of the cum out of his cock before sensuously sucking her juices off of the tip of his cock. The first of four incredibly hot and sexy scenes.


Scene Two: Clara Trinity and Michael Vegas




The scene starts with Michael Vegas sitting in his car talking to his friend who’s invited him to fuck his wife Clara Trinity. While Clara and her husband are experienced with this Michael is a little nervous. But when he steps into the room and sees the very cute, petite Clara sitting there in her red lacey underwear and her legs spread Michael becomes more confident. He places a bracelet on Clara’s ankle and starts kissing Clara’s foot. She then leads Michael to the bedroom, Michael holds Clara up as she’s wrapped around him while they kiss. He sits Clara on her dresser and removes her bra, kissing and sucking her cute little titties.


Michael then lays Clara on the bed and starts undressing. Once he’s down to his underwear he lays the topless Clara back in his arms and starts petting her sweet little pussy. His fingers circle her clit as she grinds on his hand as he finger fucks her until she cums. Michael then strips off his skivvies and goes down on Clara’s juicy pussy, licking and sucking her shaved cunt and getting her juices flowing. He finger fucks her again to another orgasm before Michael climbs up and starts fucking Clara’s face. She sucks on his hard cock getting it ready for her pussy. They start fucking missionary, Michael pistoning his cock in and out of Clara’s tight little hole while he kisses her foot. After Clara cums on his cock Michael lays back and Clara climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl. He fucks her juicy pussy making her cum over and over as he fingers her asshole. She then spins around and fucks him reverse cowgirl, Michael plowing his cock deep up inside her and bringing her to another orgasm. She sucks her pussy juices off of his cock before climbing back up and riding him some more.


Michael furiously rubs her clit as he fucks her making her cum over and over on his cock. She climbs off of him and gets on all fours for Michael to fuck her doggy style. With Clara’s face buried in the mattress, Michael plows his cock in and out of Clara’s pussy giving her one orgasm after another. Michael then picks her up and bird dogs her a little before they go back into doggy where Micheal fucks Clara before pulling out and giving her a facial. This is a wonderfully hot and sexy scene with a scorching performance from the sweetly petite little Clara Trinity.


Scene Three: Alice Visby and Brad Newman




The next scene has the very pretty Alice Visby arriving at Brad Newman’s house for their tryst. Once inside Brad gives Alice a special pair of red lacy underwear for Alice to put on. After complimenting her on how great she looks Brad starts planting kisses on her neck. He removes Alice’s bra and rubs her tits before Alice drops to her knees and pulls Brad’s cock out. She’s startled at the size of it and gives it butterfly kisses before taking it in her mouth. She lovingly licks and sucks it, stroking it as her lips massages the head.  She gives him some superlative head while she rubs her pussy before going to the couch with her ass up for Brad to fuck her from behind.


Brad lifts her leg up and fucks her ballerina style and Alice tells him he fucks her better than her husband while cumming on his cock. I absolutely love the camera angles of this sequence as they capture every hot stroke. Brad pulls out and Alice sits on the couch legs spread for him to lap up her pussy juices. He licks and eats her pussy to another orgasm and then sits back for Alice to climb up and ride his cock. She bounces on his cock as it slides up and down taking it all the way up to the hilt before spinning around and fucking him in reverse. She lifts her leg up and fucks him side saddled as he plunges his cock up inside her and makes her cum over and over.


He then lays her down and they start fucking missionary, with a great tight shot of Brad fucking Alice’s pussy until he pulls out and cums on her belly. I really appreciate this scene for the very simple and uncomplicated way it was shot. It’s just plain straightforward sex between two great performers. I really liked it.


Scene Four: Aliya Brynn and Robby Echo




We now come to my favorite scene on the disc, mainly because of the incredible performance from the female lead. The petite, very glamorous, and amazingly flexible starlet Aliya Brynn is truly underrated and I hope to see more of her soon. The scene starts with her masturbating in the shower when Robby Echo walks in. He strips off his clothes and starts stroking his cock as he watches Aliya bent over and rubbing pussy. She invites him in and he starts worshiping her body before Aliya sits down and spreads her legs WIDE for him. With her legs in a “V” formation, Robby starts sucking on her clit, eating her pussy, and bringing her to an incredibly spastic and convulsive orgasm.


She then gets on all fours and Robby starts fucking her face. Holding her head he slides his cock in and out of her mouth, pushing it all the way in and making her gag on it. Aliya lovingly sucks on it before spinning around for Robby to fuck her from behind. He plows his cock in and out of her pussy while Aliya cries for him to fuck her and making her cum on his cock. He then lifts her up and bounces her on his cock before carrying her to the bed where she rides him cowgirl style. She bucks her hips on his hard cock, her wet pussy juices glistening on it as she glides up and down. He then fucks her from underneath giving her another intense convulsive orgasm. She climbs off and sucks her juices off of his cock and then sits on his face and they 69 as she gives Robby a sloppy blowjob. She then climbs up and sits on his cock which is drenched with her spit and proceeds to fuck him reverse cowgirl. Holding her tight little butt Robby works his cock up and out of Aliya’s pussy and as they fuck each other multiple orgasms for Aliya while she furiously rubs her clit.


Aliya then lays back and spreads her legs wide open for Robby to fuck her missionary. Starting slowly and sensuously Robby works his cock in and out while rubbing Aliya’s throbbing clit. Eventually, her legs are in the air as Robby slams his cock into her making Aliya cum hard and intensely on his cock. She then goes on all fours and Robby starts fucking her doggy style. Aliya backs her tight little ass up to his as she fucks his cock with her pussy, her asshole winking up at him. He gives her a few more orgasms before Aliya sets herself up into a pile driver position and Robby fucks her from above before pulling out and cumming on her pussy.


Bonus Scene: “My First Hotwife Experience 4” starring Charlotte Sins and Jake Adams




Final Thoughts: Paul Woodcrest and Eddie Powell are the true stars of new Sensations. They never fail to make beautiful, sensuous, and simply sexy scenes for the legendary studio. I always look forward to their releases because I know I’ll always be in store for truly beautiful erotica with a spotlight on some of the best new talents in the industry today. And this release is no exception. While all of the starlets are exceptional in their own ways I have to give a special mention to Aliya Brynn. She’s a very intense performer giving some of the most engaging interpretations and I really hope more studios see her potential as I do. This title is great mature erotica that I Highly Recommend.

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