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Directors: His Father’s Legacy (Casey Calvert, Eli Cross), Mommies’ Boy (Craven Moorehead)

Cast: Lisey Sweet, Reagan Foxx, Krissy Lynn, Codey Steele, Jay Romero

Length: 1 hours and 42 minutes 

Extras: There are slideshows and five trailers.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality and audio quality are effective. The tone and visual look of the storage unit capture the look and feel of a BDSM dungeon. A dark and intense setting is set. As for Mommies’ Boy, the less lit setting creates a more intimate and intense tone.    

Overview: His Father’s Legacyis a film from the studio Pure Taboo. The leading featurette stars Lisey Sweet and Codey Steele. It is about them finding out the BDSM private life that their departed family member had. As to Mommies’ Boy, jealousy is the green eyed monster of Jay Romero as he deals with his stepmom Reagan Foxx’s relationship with her partner Krissy Lynn.

Scene One: His Father’s Legacy: Lisey Sweet is upset from the reading of her newly departed husband’s will. She received no inheritance while her stepson Codey Steele received everything including the house. When they enter a storage room to clear it out, they find a dungeon full of bondage stuff. Despite Lisey’s orders to remove all of it, Codey feels that it is his legacy to continue with his dad’s hidden antics. He convinces his stepmom to experience this taboo lifestyle with him. After Cody has Lisey connected to the wrist clamps above her head, he applies the nipple clips on her. There is a very creepy tone thus far in their performance. Later, he starts fucking her from behind. As she gets fucked, the woman gets more and more into it. The sex gets more intense when Lisey is on the table. The creepiness factor definitely increases during the doggie moments where Cody’s comments enhance it. In the end, he cums at her open mouth.


Scene Two: Mommies’ Boy: Couple Reagan Foxx and Krissy Lynn are having a good ole time watching television when Jay Romero walks in. Out of their view, he gets jealous of their relationship and acts out privately. His main problem is that his stepmom Reagan places more attention on Krissy and neglects him. During one night, he watches the women making love. His own jealousy builds up and he bursts into their bedroom. He wants to join them and Reagan eventually convinces Krissy on the idea. The guy puts his attention on Krissy first and soon, he is eating her pussy. A highlight occurs when the ladies share his cock orally. It’s those moments that have the highest replay value. It is quite sensual. As for the fucking, it is Krissy’s moments that feel the most intense. When it comes to chemistry, the women have the best for one another. The three-way action is good overall.

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