Casey Calvert in I Did It For You

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I Did It For You

 Title: I Did It For You 

Genre: Featurette 

Pure Taboo 

Cast: Casey Calvert, Alina Lopez, Chad White, Tommy Pistol


Date of Production: 2021 

Extras: Slideshow, Trailers 

Condoms: No


Overview:  Like so many titles from this company, this one teeters on the edge of creepy/sexy and too creepy to be sexy. Part of that comes from the first-class acting efforts from the cast. All four performers get into their role and add enough authenticity to make the sex seem wrong in a “hey, this is more than just porno wrong” kind of way. So let’s give a big thumbs up for four great acting performances. Let’s also point out that Casey Calvert and Alina Lopez look great. Some of you will love this more than I did, but both scenes are just far enough over the edge that I felt the heat draining out with every wince and tear. As always, your mileage may vary.  


Scene One: Casey Calvert & Chad White


Chad is fresh out of prison and shaking up with his stepsister (Casey Calvert) and the tension is clear from the start. He has been waiting to get out so he could be with her and she clearly doesn’t share those feelings. When she tries to kick him out, he lays it on thick. He believes that it is her fault he went to jail and that one night with her shouldn’t be too much to ask. She relents, but seems uncomfortable as he gets her naked, bends her over plays with her pussy. Casey is very good at looking like she doesn’t want to be there. I know that is the point of the scene, it just always leaves me cold. His tongue warms her up a little bit so when he takes is cock out, she has warmed up a bit. He slides into her and works her pussy until she is kind of fucking him back. He pulls out and shoots all over her and she immediately looks like she wants him out of her house and her life. 

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Scene Two: Alina Lopez & Tommy Pistol


Home is a horrible place for Alina Lopez. She is being physically (at least) abused by her father figure. News of her troubles reach her guidance counselor (Tommy Pistol) who sets up a meeting. Since she just turned eighteen, he asks her about college and gives her As she explains her troubling home life, Alina cries, tries to kiss him and then comes onto him in ways that create a massively creepy vibe. This actually becomes a bit problematic as the acting performances by both Alina and Tommy are so spot on that it is difficult to shift gears. Unless trauma and tears gets your motor going, you may be left a bit in the cold. He bends her over and licks her from behind. Alina looks lovely as he starts fucking her. She gives him head and at this point the sex looks right and it’s shot beautifully. Unlike the first scene, this one heats up a bit and is less creepy if you can forget the fact that she is engeretically fucking and sucking a predator. Get past that and you have some great shots of her thighs and ass as they use his desk for an enthusiastic bang. He shoots on her face and she begins to cry again at the thought of returning to her abusive home. Tommy is horrified when she insists on staying with him, at home with his wife. Alina is beautiful and once again the acting is so good that the scene becomes too creepy for its own good. 


Special Features:  Slideshow, Trailers  

Final Thoughts: One scene features a really talented actress playing a woman who really doesn’t want to be fucking her jailbird stepbrother. The other features one of XXX’s best actors portraying a predator swooping in to take advantage of an abused student. I make it a habit never to kink shame because this is all fantasy (and really fucking good acting) but this one was so good at being creepy that I found myself wanting to take a shower and not for the usual reasons after watching Casey or Alina. 

Final Rating: Watch on Demand   

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