Adriana Chechik in Fill Her Up

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Fill Her Up

Feature Running Time: 2 hours 32 minutes  

Date of Production: 2022

Genre: All Sex; Double Penetration

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Jonni Darkko

Cast: Featuring Adriana Chechik and also with April Olsen, Gia Derza, Alexis Tae, Jax Slayher, Rob Piper XXX, Oliver Flynn, Lawson Jones, Dwayne Foxx, Damion Dayski

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Director Jonni Darkko presents an intense anal, DP spectacular in his flick Fill Her Up. Adriana Chechik covers the DVD and has the hottest scene of the flick with her airtight DPs, double vag and double anal rounds with Rob Piper XXX, Oliver Flynn, and Jax Slayher. I highly recommend this movie. Adriana’s costars are as eager as she is to get their ass holes stretched out and fucked hard while gagging on another big dick at the same time. Alexi Tae, April Olsen, and Gia Derza can’t be satisfied unless they get fucked balls deep in the ass and frosted with loads of cum in the end. The girls open their scenes with sizzling solo teases then get right to the action, stroking, sucking then fucking every cock in sight.

Scene 1: Alexis Tae, Dwayne Foxxx, Lawson Jones

Alexis opens her scene with a seductive solo tease at the pool. She’s on all fours in her g-string, giving us a close-up view of her pussy and ass from behind. She spreads her cheeks open for a better view. Next, we see her gagging on Dwayne and Lawson’s big cocks, stroking them in and out of her mouth. “You look so fucking sexy sucking that dick,” they tell her. Alexis spits all over both cocks, keeping them lubed up. She licks their balls while stroking their shafts. She deep throats Dwayne’s cock then turns to Lawson’s and sends it down her throat. “Balls deep,” Lawson tells her as he thrust his cock down her throat. “These two big cocks, just for me,” Alexis moans. She goes back and forth, wrapping her lips around each throbbing dick. “We’re gonna have some fucking fun today,” she smiles. Dwayne skull fucks her while Lawson ells her to keep sucking that dick. “You gonna fuck my ass now,” she asks them. “Give me that hot fucking cock,” she says.

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Dwayne plugs her ass doggy style while Lawson fucks her face. “Give me that cock while your friend fucks me,” she tells them. “Open that little fuck hole up,” she tells Dwayne. He slams her ass hole, stretching it out with his cock. The guys keep her in a 2 dick sandwich, with one in her ass and one in her mouth doggy style. Alexis wants cock deep in her ass. “I want to feel the whole length of your cock,” she answers. Dwayne digs deep in her ass with his dick, drilling her hole balls deep. “Use it,” Alexis screams. She cums from the anal pounding. Lawson rams her poop chute in doggy, keeping her hole stretched open. He spoons her up the ass, spreading her legs open and banging her hole. Dwayne keeps her mouth busy with his dick. “Wreck that fucking hole,” she orders Lawson. Dwayne spoon fucks her ass next, making her cum again. Alexis gets o her knees to drain both balls. She wants their loads all over her. “Cover me,” she says. The guys coat her forehead with loads of cum. After the cum shower, Dwayne positions her doggy style and fucks her ass again then pulls out and dumps another load of jizz on her face.

Scene 2: April Olsen, Rob Piper XXX, Damion Dayski

Inked April Olsen puts on a steamy solo tease beginning on all fours. She crawls across the carpet, positioning her round ass in full view of the camera. She does a peek-a-boo with her tits, pulling down her bra and giving us a shot of her nipples. The guys flank her on the couch and she strokes their hard cocks. “I can’t wait to have 2 at the same time,” she says. April wants her ass fucked and she instructs the guys where to put their cocks. Rob goes in first, drilling her tight ass doggy style while she sucks Damion’s dick. “Stretch that fucking hole out,” she moans at Rob. He stuffs her ass then pulls out and penetrates her again. “Fuck me,” April screams. Damion gags her on his cock while Rob pounds and spanks her ass, making her cum. “Fucking take it,” she tells Rob.

Damion trades places with Rob and he fucks her ass doggy style while she chokes on Rob’s cock. The guys sandwich her in dick, pleasing her from both ends. Damion drives his dick balls deep into April’s crevice. “Give me that big fucking cock,” April says. The guys trade places again, keeping April sandwiched in doggy and fucking her hard. Damion spoon fucks April’s ass hole, stretching it out with his big cock while she gorges on Rob’s meat. Damion owns her rectum, ramming it harder and harder to April’s pleasure. Rob rams it next, stuffing April’s hole in an intense spoon fuck that makes her cum again. April goes for a ride on Rob’s dick, hosting it up her ass in cowgirl then she takes a ride on Damion’s dick cowgirl style. He plows her ass balls deep. With her ass hole fully used, April is ready for loads of jizz on her face. The guys blow their wads all over her face, coating her forehead in cum.

Scene 3: Adriana Chechik, Rob Piper XXX, Jax Slayher, Oliver Flynn

DVD cover girl Adrian Chechik has lots of airtight fun in her scene with Rob, Jax, and Oliver. Her holes are used mercilessly to her great pleasure. She knows how to turn up the heat early in the scene with her solo tease. The brunette beauty kneels doggystyle on the couch, showing off her tight ass hole and pussy. The anticipation builds for what’s to come. It’s not long before the guys join her. “Suffocate me with those big fucking cocks,” she tells them. “I came here to get stuffed full like a good fucking slut.” The guys toss her around and spank her ass. She sits on Rob’s cock and goes for a cowgirl ride on his pipe. She strokes Oliver’s cock and gets an early airtight stuffing when Rob penetrates her ass. The guys give Adriana the hard fucking she wanted, drilling each hole deep. She’s a good slut for 3 cocks.

Adriana does double anal in reverse cowgirl with Jax and Rob stretching her sphincter while Oliver fucks her face. She screams out in pleasure from all three cocks. “That’s what I fucking like,” she tells the guys. Adriana is insatiable in her three-cock bang. Oliver gets in on the action, switching places with Rob and fucking her in double anal action until she cums.  When the guys pull their cocks out of her ass, Adriana fucks it herself with her fingers. She does another airtight round in cowgirl while Rob’s cock is in her mouth, Jax’s dick in her pussy and Oliver’s in her ass. Rob and Oliver transition to double vag, banging Adriana’s twat. “Drink my fucking slut juice,” she orders Rob when she squirts all over him from a hard anal fuck in reverse cowgirl by Jax’s cock. She does more cowgirl and reverse cowgirl airtight fucking then double anal in reverse cowgirl with Oliver and Rob in her ass and Jax in her mouth. “I’m ready for those fucking loads,” Adriana says. She gets on her knees surrounded by the guys stroking their cocks. “Make me a cum queen.” The guys shoot their loads of cum all over Adriana’s face. They spoon the cum off her face and feed it to her.

Scene 4: Gia Derza, Rob Piper XXX, Damion Dayski

Gia takes on two big black cocks in this scene from Rob and Damion who fill her up. Her opening tease is a sizzler. She gets her ass hole ready by stuffing all her fingers in it and stretching it open. A butt plug does the job next. Gia thrusts it in and out of her tight ass. Once the guys join her, she strokes their cocks and tells them to fuck her good. The guys get to work on Gia’s holes. Rob pounds her ass doggy style and Damion skull fucks her, making her gag on his cock. Gia is in a doggy sandwich of dicks and it has her in ecstasy. Damion takes his turn opening Gia’s ass, drilling it doggy style while Rob fucks Gia’s mouth. “Take dick and suck dick,” Damion tells her. “Pound my fucking ass,” Gia screams until she cums from Damion’s hard pounding up her ass. “Fuck me like a whore,” she tells him.

Rob spoon fucks her ass until she cums with Damion’s cock in her mouth. She does anal cowgirl on Damion’s dick, keeping her rectum stretched. “I love being passed around,” Gia moans once Rob fucks her pussy and ass cowgirl style. Rob owns her ass, spoon fucking it again until she squirts. Damion takes over her hole next, pounding her ass and making her cum again. The guys top Gia off with a face full of cum, frosting her forehead with jizz.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Fill Her Up from director Jonni Darkko for Evil Angel. This is a flick of nonstop anal fucking that turns airtight. DVD cover girl Adriana Chechik has the hottest fuck of the flick in her airtight sesh with Rob Piper XXX, Oliver Flynn and Jax Slayher. She goes from airtight cowgirl to double anal in reverse cowgirl while gagging on the third cock. She squirts like a firehose in Rob’s mouth and orders him to swallow it. Starlets Alexi Tae, April Olsen, and Gia Derza join the lineup of anal whores, begging the guys to be fucked hard in the ass until it makes them cum.

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