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Charlotte & Lacy

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Genre: Lesbian, Showcase


Cast: Charlotte Stokely, Lacy Lennon, Spencer Bradley, Ana Foxxx, Katie Morgan, Bunny Colby, Kayley Gunner

Director: Andre Madness

Release Date: Dec. 9, 2021

Length: 2 hrs. 21 min.

Extras: Bonus Scene, 30 min. BTS, Interviews with all of the ladies, Photo Gallery and Previews


Overview: Adam & Eve Pictures brings together two of the industry’s most beautiful and talented performers in this double showcase of Charlotte Stokely and Lacy Lennon. In three vignettes they show the world why they are forces to be reckoned with, both in their unique and incomparable styles. A&E also treats us to a bonus three-way scene that’s equally as scorching hot. A real treat to fans of these two superstars.


Scene One: Charlotte Stokely and Lacy Lennon


We start very properly way with a one-on-one with our stars. The two ladies approach a circular table placed in a huge studio apartment dressed in the skimpiest of lingerie. Once on the table, they waste no time worshiping each other’s beautiful bodies, kissing and licking each other as their lithe forms convulse in each other’s arms. Soon Charlotte’s shoes are off and Lacy starts sucking her stocking feet before grinding on Lacy’s leg. When the tops come off Lacy suckles Charlotte’s tits, Charlotte moaning in ecstasy with every touch of Lacy’s lips to her breasts as she rubs Charlotte’s pussy. Charlotte then pulls off her panties, Lacy sniffing them before diving down and eating her pussy.


She holds her legs back as Lacy sucks and fingers her wet cunt sending Charlotte to her first beautiful convulsive orgasm. After Charlotte cums on her fingers Lacy pulls her panties off for Charlotte to eat her pussy. Charlotte masterfully licks and sucks on Lacy’s fiery red hairy pussy, twerking her booty as she goes to town on her and brings lacy to a loud and vocal orgasm, her legs quivering as she explodes in Charlotte’s mouth. Charlotte then finger bangs Lacy to another orgasm, making her cum multiple times on her fingers before going onto all fours and letting Lacy eat her ass out from behind as Lacy rubs Charlotte’s pussy. Charlotte then pulls out a pink vibrator and sucks on it before handing it to Lacy. With Charlotte in a missionary position, Lacy fucks her with the rabbit while licking her clit. This sends Charlotte into multiple rounds of orgasms as she cums over and over on the pink plastic cock. Lacy then fucks Charlotte doggy style making her cum some more before going into an amazing pile driver position, Lacy holding Charlotte up by her legs as she fucks Charlotte some more with the vibrator. It’s then Lacy’s turn to get vibed as Charlotte fucks her missionary with Lacy’s legs closed. We get a great shot of Lacy’s butt as Charlotte kisses it while giving Lacy one orgasm after another with the vibrator.


Lacy then goes into doggy style, rubbing her clit while Charlotte fucks her some more with the vibrator. After making orgasm again Charlotte slowly pulls the vibrator out and Lacy spreads her pussy lips open giving us a beautiful shot of her dripping glistening cunt. She then slides two of her own fingers in and masturbates for us to another orgasm. This lady definitely goes the extra mile for her fans. Lacy then flips over and the two ladies start tribbing. I kind of wish Andre Madness had gotten a close-up as they grind their pussies together, but instead, the shot is kept at a distance. After Charlotte and Lacy make each other cum they embrace and kiss, Charlotte, the veteran performer of the two, kissing Lacy’s hand in a show of love and affection.


Scene Two: Charlotte Stokely and Spencer Bradley


Next up we have Charlotte paired with the very beautiful Spencer Bradley. After the opening, the two waste no time in getting down and dirty, pulling each other’s tops down and Charlotte licking Spencer’s pussy through her panties within a minute of the scene’s opening. Spencer falls back on the huge bed as Charlotte goes to town on her pussy. Charlotte sucks her nipple and rubs her before pulling her panties off and going down on her. The vocal Spencer is loving it as Charlotte eats her out, shaking her big boobs and convulsing as she cums in Charlotte’s mouth. Charlotte then strips her dress off and scrambles up onto the bed, spreading her legs for Spencer to eat her beautiful pussy. With Spencer pulling Charlotte’s pink panties to the side Spencer devours her pussy making Charlotte’s legs quiver and quake as Spencer makes her cum with her talented mouth. Spencer then displays her flexibility as she lays back and holds her wet pussy up in the air for Charlotte to eat.


With her legs thrown back, Charlotte buries her mouth in Spencer’s cunt making her cum over and over before Charlotte climbs up and rides her face. She grinds and dances on Spencer’s tongue, watching the hot scene in the mirror next to the bed as Spencer’s tongue makes her cum multiple times on her face. Spencer then gets on all fours and Charlotte fingers her cunt while rubbing her clit. She makes Spencer cum before pulling out a pink vibrator (not the same one from the previous scene). She slowly fucks Spencer’s pussy with it, twisting it while it’s buried deeps in her pussy sending Spencer over the moon several times.


They both lick Spencer’s juices off of it before Charlotte lays back and Spencer fucks her with it missionary style. With her legs thrown back Charlotte grinds on it while Spencer plunges it deep into her pussy making Charlotte cum multiple times, Spencer rubbing and licking Charlotte’s clit while she goes crazy on the pink toy and sending Charlotte to the farthest heights of convulsive pleasure.


Scene Three: Lacy Lennon and Ana Foxxx


Next, we have Lacy paired with one of my favorite performers today, the strikingly beautiful and incredibly sexy Ana Foxxx. This is truly a great match as both ladies bring their own unique air of sexiness and intensity to each of their respective performances. The scene starts with the two dressed in sexy lingerie and sitting in a large room on each end, with a couch in between them. You can tell how horny they are for each other as they each convulse in their chairs while staring at each other. Ana gets up and grinds on a post in the room as Lacy heads for the couch. Ana joins her there and the two start kissing, caressing, and worshiping each other’s bodies. Soon lacy is riding Ana’s leg before laying back for Ana to tickle Lacy’s thong-covered pussy. Ana then pulls Lacy’s top down and licks and kisses her nipple before Lacy sucks on Ana’s tits while finger banging her inside her underwear. After Lacy gets her nice and wet Ana pulls Lacy’s panties down and starts eating her pussy.


Lacy holds her legs back as Ana goes down on her, licking and fingering Lacy’s pussy bringing her to a loud and convulsive orgasm, Lacy twitching on Ana’s face as she cums. Lacy then pulls Ana’s thong panties off worshiping her exquisite booty as Ana lays on her back and Lacy goes down on her. Lacy munches on Ana’s clit as she fingers her pussy making Ana cum over and over as Lacy practically fists her pussy, fucking her with four fingers. I love the close-up shot of the beautiful Lacy examining Ana’s wet cunt as a string of spit hangs from her mouth. Lacy then climbs up and the two start tribbing. Working her ass in her own inevitable way Lacy grinds her pussy down on Ana’s first in one direction and then the other with Lacy virtually slamming her pussy against Ana’s. This brings Lacy to an incredibly intense orgasm as she grabs onto Ana for dear life as she cums on her pussy. The two kiss passionately before they bring out the vibrator (this little guy gets around) and Ana vibes Lacy’s pussy from behind. Ana plunges and fucks Lacy with it while rubbing her clit making her cum in another loud and intense orgasm.


Lacy then sits backward on the couch as Ana practically sits on her face. Lacy then starts fucking Ana with the vibrator, her pussy juices showering Lacy’s face as she eats her clit while plunging the vibrator in and out of Ana’s cunt. Ana eats Lacy’s pussy while Lacy fucks her with the vibrator until Ana cums on the toy, Lacy lapping up Ana’s sweet pussy juices before placing the vibrator in her mouth and fucking her again and bringing Ana to one more highly intense and beautiful orgasm.


Scene Four: Katie Morgan, Bunny Colby and Kayley Gunner


I’m going to assume to fill out the DVD Adam & Eve inserted this scene which doesn’t feature our showcase stars. The scene opens with the three blond, big-boobed stars making out with each other. They’re kissing and caressing each other, pulling each other’s tops down and sucking on each other’s tits before Katie starts rubbing Kayley’s pussy on the couch. They pull off their thongs and Bunny goes down on Kayley as Kayley rubs Katie’s pussy making her cum.


Kayley then starts eating Katie as Bunny eats Kayley out from behind. Kayley then spins around and goes down on Bunny as Katie eats her out from behind sending Bunny and Kayley into mutual orgasms. Katie then sits on the back of the couch as Bunny eats her out, patting her pussy while Kayley kisses her boobs. After Katie cums on Bunny’s hand Bunny pulls out a double-headed dildo and inserts both ends into Katie and Kayley as they lay back opposite each other in missionary. They both fuck the dildo as Bunny holds it in the middle and tickles each other’s clits with it. Eventually, they’re both grinding on it until they have simultaneous orgasms on it.


Kayley tickles Bunny’s pussy with it for a little bit before masturbating with it while Katie and Bunny bump pussies. Again Andre Madness, why didn’t you give us a close-up of this? After cumming on each other Katie and Bunny get on all fours opposite each other as Kayley inserts both ends of the dildo into them. They both bump asses as they fuck the dildo while Kayley sits between them masturbating to the sight.  Kayley then switches places with Bunny, Kayley taking the dildo from behind as Bunny rubs her pussy to the vision of Kayley and Katie fucking the soft plastic cock until they both cum. Katie then pulls it out and fucks Kayley with it bringing her to another orgasm while Bunny continues to rub her pussy. Bunny and Katie suck the juices off of the dildo before Kayley fucks Katie with it. After Katie cums Bunny grabs the dildo and fucks herself with it until she cums. A good scene but very out of place on this DVD.


Bonus Scene: “The Motorbunny Club Part 2” starring Charlotte Stokely and Sofi Ryan


Final Thoughts: Well, what else can be said about this release’s titular stars? Both Charlotte and Lacy each bring their unique blend of sexiness, flat-out beauty and most importantly professionalism to every scene they shoot. No matter who they’re partnered with you always know who the true star of their scene is. Charlotte with her breathtaking beauty and amazing confidence are one of the most genuinely photogenic performers today. And the equally beautiful and fiery Lacy always brings a certain amount of intensity to her performances that virtually make your screen smolder. Andre Madness is a fine director even though he tends to rely too much on far away shots. I like getting the entire scene scenarios as well, but a few more close-up shots of the action can be beneficial. It gives the viewer more of a sense of being a participant in the scene, which is pretty much the point of eroticism. Also, while it is a good scene, the final three-way seems a little out of place without the stars of the feature Charlotte and Lacy. These are minor details though. This feature, along with the interviews and the fun Behind The Scenes program makes this a good disc for any library that I Recommend.

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