Lana Rhoades in It’s Getting Hot In Here

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It’s Getting Hot In Here

 Title: It’s Getting Hot in Here

Genre: Gonzo

Girlsway/Web Young

Cast: Melissa Moore, Karlee Grey, Lana Rhoades, Kristen Scott, Kenzie Reeves & Riley Anne


Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Slideshow, Trailers

Condoms: No



Lots of lesbian lust to get you going in this flick. A good looking cast and energetic sex should be enough to satisfy most of the core audience. The simple setups are engaging enough to also create some interest. We have a couple of long time friends who decide to get more intimate in the opening scene. Always good to see Melissa Moore and Karlee Grey naked and the two of them together makes for a very lovely scene. Lana Rhoades and Kristen Scott also give in to some urges that put them together nicely. It is really tough to beat this scene because they are both just so hot. In the finale we get to see Kenzie Reeves play big sister to Riley Anne and the results are pretty fantastic. If you like petite lesbian fauxcest then you won’t do any better than this one. 


Scene One: Melissa Moore & Karlee Grey


Roommates Melissa Moore and Karlee Grey share a room, but not a bed. When Karlee gets all heated up, Melissa hears her having fun. She is shocked when her lifelong friend hops into bed and starts kissing. AS weird as Melissa thinks it is at first, she warms to the idea quickly under the warm barrage of Karlee’s kisses. By the time she takes off her top, her shy, but horny friend can’t wait to get her lips on Karlee’s perky titties. Melissa ends up on all fours with her ass sticking up and her holes being assaulted by eager fingers and a hungry tongue. They look good in 69 and then throw in some foot play as they grind together. 


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Scene Two: Lana Rhoades & Kristen Scott


 Kristen Scott is picking lemons when she spies Lana Rhoades dancing through a window. She goes inside to join. The two giggle and dance until the sexual tension is just too much and they start making out. They have been friends for a long time and it is about to go to the next level. Kristen starts out by licking Lana’s nipples while staring up at her with those gorgeous eyes. The rest of Lana’s clothes come off slowly and Kirsten takes some time to add some foot play to the mix. They slip into 69 where things get intense and look gorgeous. Lana has a nice trick she wants to show her sexy friend and it involves her tongue in Kirsten’s ass. These two look fantastic together and have taken their friendship to the next level. 


Scene Three: Kenzie Reeves & Riley Anne


As the final scene starts we are told that Kenzie Reeves is playing the “big stepsister.” That is a bit of a switch given her massive teen spinner status. But “little step sister” Riley Anne makes Kenzie seem older and wiser. Riley is crying over a breakout so Kenzie decides to see if maybe a softer, more feminine touch might help her get through her confusion. They move slowly since her little sister has never even had her boobs played with. Kenzie takes care of that and makes her feel good immediately. Working her mouth down Riley’s body and settles between her thighs. It feels good and Kenzie is happy to pick up the pace. Wanting to put what she has learned into practice, she asks Kenzie to teach her to eat pussy. She does a great job for a first timer and Kenzie enjoys herself tremendously. Breaking out all of her tricks, Kenzie does a bit of ass licking before riding Riley’s face to a big juicy climax. 

Special Features:  Slideshow, Trailers  

Final Thoughts:  This one has a good cast, star power, cute set ups and hot lesbian sex. That’s a good combination. If this isn’t your favorite genre, you might want to check out whatever scene has the stars you like best. For me it’s the middle one because Kristen Scott is always great to watch. 


Final Rating: Watch on Demand  

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