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Mistress Maitland 2

Feature Running Time: 3 hours 19 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: Feature; Star Showcase

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Kayden Kross

Cast: Maitland Ward, Emily Willis, Bridgette B, Kayden Kross, Lulu Chu, April Olsen, Jasmine Wilde, Isiah Maxwell, Nathan Bronson, Mick Blue, Troy Francisco

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


The mistress is back and this time she’s more dominant than ever in her conquest of willing subs. Maitland Ward stars in the second installment of the showcase Mistress Maitland 2 directed by Kayden Kross, and I highly recommend it. In this highly stylized and visual flick, the mysterious domme, Maitland, shares the story of her journey toward control. She is a master over Emily Willis, who she makes deep throat Mick Blue’s cock and tongue her ass in the subspace. Maitland recounts the day she changed from sub to domme, overpowering Bridgette B and Nathan Bronson in a hard-fought threesome. Who will make Nathan cum is who will control him forever.  In one of the hottest scenes of the flick, Maitland finds a delegate in Kayden Kross, who watches her use Troy Francisco’s cock for her ultimate pleasure. The final scene in Maitland’s story is a 4-on-1 group orgy in a room full of masked onlookers. Maitland maintains control over her subs April Olsen, Lulu Chu, and Jasmine Wilde while commanding Isiah Maxwell’s cock until he pops in the subs’ mouths.

Scene 1: Maitland Ward, Emily Willis and Mick Blue: Safety in Numbers

“Did you miss your mistress,” Maitland asks Emily, whose hands are bound. Maitland loosens the restraints, telling Emily that she sometimes envies the subspace because girls like Emily don’t have to work down there to preserve their own lives. “All you have to be is good,” she tells Emily while walking away to face her audience. She tells her story to that audience, her love of hunting of things not big enough to hunt back. She would strike and grab it in her fist. The truth between all predators and prey is if it hadn’t been him, “it would have been me,” she says. “Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed.” She makes her prey, Emily, submit to her domme prowess, telling her she’ll stay in the subspace tonight.

The scene cuts to Maitland exerting her dominance over Emily in a face fuck from Mick. Mick slams Emily’s throat with his cock, making her spit up all over his shaft. Maitland can be heard saying, “Take it, take it,” to Emily. Mick slaps Emily then stuffs Emily’s throat again. Maitland kisses Mick while he fucks Emily’s throat.

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Maitland takes her turn choking and gagging on Mick’s dick. The girls share his cock in a hard throat bang. Maitland reminds Emily who’s in charge. This is Maitland’s game and Emily is just a pawn. Emily licks Maitland’s ass doggy style then Mick uses Maitland’s ass as his pleasure hole, stuffing it with his cock doggy style. The sub licks her dommes’ pussy in mish while Mick fucks Maitland’s throat balls deep. Emily’s ass hole is fucked open next in doggy position. “Destroy that hole,” Emily screams out at Mick. Emily begs for every inch of Mick’s dick in her ass. The girls share Mick’s cock again then Maitland rides it up her ass in cowgirl. Emily is spoon fucked up the ass while Maitland tongues Mick’s ass hole. He fucks Emily in mish then Maitland strokes his cock until he pops in Emily’s mouth. The domme and sub cum swap as Mick watches.

Scene 2: Maitland Ward, Bridgette B and Nathan Bronson: Overtaken

Maitland continues her one-woman show in front of her eager audience. This time, she recounts that time when she was a sub and what it took to finally build the confidence to take charge of her domme. The scene cuts to stimulating scenes of Bridgette dominating Maitland, blindfolding her, and caressing her body while Maitland lies on the floor. Bridgette teases her with a leather whip, turning her on with her fingers. Maitland tells her audience we all start somewhere, trying to find our way.

We watch as Nathan subs to Bridgette, taking her orders. “Go get my tea,” she tells him while she picks out the whip she plans to use today. Maitland is bound to a bed, trying to escape. “You don’t seem very compliant,” Bridgette says to Maitland, who has freed her hands of the ropes. Maitland escapes Bridgette’s grasp and grabs hold of Nathan. Bridgette loses her control over Maitland and Nathan. Maitland promises Nathan she can make him the man Bridgette couldn’t.

Nathan is stuck in a battle of control between Bridgette and Maitland. The girls go back and forth, dominating Nathan’s action. Bridgette forces Nathan to eat Maitland’s pussy. Then Maitland takes control, pushing Nathan’s face on Bridgette’s cunt and watching him tongue fuck her. Maitland is the first to suck Nathan’s cock then she dominates him, riding his hard cock cowgirl style while Bridgette watches. “Nathan, don’t make her cum,” Bridgette demands, trying to control him. It’s too late. Maitland cums from the pleasure. Bridgette sits on Nathan’s face while Maitland rides his cock. Nathan fucks Bridgette then Maitland in doggy. Bridgette is still angry that Maitland wants to take her slave. He fucks Bridgette in mish as she tells him not to listen to Maitland. It’s too late. Nathan is under Maitland’s control when he fucks her next. Bridgette strokes his cock but he won’t cum. When Maitland strokes him, he blows his load on her face. “After all I have done for you,” Bridgette tells Nathan. “He’s made his choice,” Maitland tells her. Bridgette screams in defeat.

Scene 3: Maitland Ward, Kayden Kross and Troy Francisco: Delegate

Maitland is in search of a delegate. She explains to her audience she didn’t need an equal. She needed someone to keep an eye on things with a strong sense of her own ceiling. Troy kisses and worships Maitland’s feet in a hotel room but is interrupted by the waiter who shows up to clear the dinner service. The room is full of sex toys as Maitland moves in closer to the waiter, telling him to leave the butter in place. “Is there anything else I can do for you,” the waiter asks Maitland. She blows her puffs of smoke in his face, telling him he’s the one who can answer that. The waiter leaves quickly, closing the door behind him. Maitland has rattled him so much he drops the dishes just outside her room. Kayden, the waiter’s boss, humiliates him in the hallway because of his mistakes.

Maitland likes the way Kayden handled the waiter and tells her she has another problem that needs to be handled. She invites Kayden into her bedroom. “I’m looking for ones that know how to keep their place,” Maitland says. “Respect the hierarchy and I’ll teach you everything you need to know.” Maitland uses her sub, Troy, to show Kayden how to keep him under your complete control. Before Kayden can take full control of Troy, Maitland spreads Kayden’s legs open and admires her pussy. They undress Troy and the threesome begins. Kayden eats Maitland’s pussy and Maitland returns the oral favor on Kayden’s twat. Maitland and Troy get in 69, putting on a show for Kayden. Troy tongues Maitland’s pussy while she sucks his cock. Kayden watches Maitland cum all over Troy’s face. He fucks Maitland in mish while Kayden holds Maitland’s legs open. He drills Maitland doggy style until she cums then spoon fucks her as Kayden looks one. Maitland and Kayden pleasure each other’s twats then Troy drills Maitland in mish again until she explodes in ecstasy. He makes her cum again in a round of reverse cowgirl. He spoons her then pulls out and pops. Maitland sucks the cum off his cock.

Scene 4: Maitland Ward, Lulu Chu, April Olsen, Jasmine Wilde and Isiah Maxwell: Teeth

In the final scene of the flick, Maitland explains to the audience that we all live by a mean little myth. This scene is full of ritual as Maitland commands the darkly lit room of guests all wearing masks. It’s clear she’s in charge and tonight will be another night of conquests. She begins by unraveling Lulu’s cape and forcing her to her knees. April is her prey next. Maitland slowly undresses her and squeezes her neck into submission, watching her fall to her knees. She calls Isiah to her and kisses his mask then leads him over to Jasmine’s open mouth. She sucks his cock while Maitland controls him. She kisses him while Jasmine deep throats his cock.

Maitland invites Lulu over to her pussy. Lulu tongue fucks Maitland’s cunt. “Give me that cock,” Maitland demands of Isiah. He stuffs her throat while Lulu tongues her. April and Jasmine crawl in to please their domme, Maitland. What follows is a steamy hot round of group sex that has everyone moaning and cumming in pleasure. April and Lulu double team Maitland’s pussy, making her cum in their mouths while Isiah fucks Jasmine doggy style. The domme asserts her control, whipping her subs into submission while Isiah fucks them. After taking a lashing, April rides Isiah’s cock cowgirl style while Lulu eats Maitland’s twat. Maitland sits her pussy on Isiah’s face while Lulu rides his cock. The domme takes her turn on Isiah’s dick, riding it cowgirl style while her subs whip her ass with rose stems. A round of spooning has Maitland screaming out in ecstasy, cumming all over Isiah’s cock. He strokes his cock and cums in Jasmine, April, and Lulu’s mouth with Maitland commanding every moment. “You obeyed your mistress,” she tells him.

She tells her audience, “I know you’ve missed your mistress.”

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Mistress Maitland 2, starring Maitland Ward and directed by Kayden Kross. This star showcase features Maitland as an alluring domme telling her story in front of an audience, like a one-woman play. She recounts her experiences all leading to complete control and dominance. She makes everyone around her a sub for her sexual pleasure and it begins with the bound Emily who is face fucked by Mick. He uses Maitland’s ass in a ball-banging doggy style fuck. Maitland continues her stories of conquest, taking control from Bridgette B and taking her slave’s cock away from her. In search of a delegate, she invites Kayden to her hotel room where she shows her the ropes in using Troy’s dick for pleasure. In the final scene, this master walks into a crowded room of masked patrons who watch her dominate Isiah’s dick, controlling his thrusts in and out of April, Jasmine, and Lulu until he pops in their mouths.

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