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Can’t Say No

Director: Craven Moorehead
Studio: Pure Taboo
Genre: Vignette
Cast: Abigail Mac, Aidra Fox, Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble, and Donny Sins
Condoms: No
Run Time: One hour and 29 minutes
Release Date: July, 2019

can't say no

Episode One: Can’t Say No, starring Casey Calvert and Donny Sins

Mandy (Casey Calvert) needs to run and grab a hoodie she forgot at her ex-boyfriend Luke’s (Donny Sins) house — to the considerable concern of her current boyfriend. Mandy assures him there’s nothing to worry about, but upon arriving at Luke’s, he starts pawing at her and laying it on thick: “Oh, the hoodie is on my bed, why don’t you go get it, you’ve been on my bed before”; “are you here for something else?”; “you know why you came back here”; etc.


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I wouldn’t mind this scenario if it was featured in a gonzo release, but Pure Taboo has always held itself to a higher standard. It features stories that are robust, taboo, or both. This scene is neither. The scenario is threadbare and not very noteworthy, infidelity is a frequent premise in porn. This is especially frustrating because Pure Taboo has used cheating in its plots before, but in much more interesting ways. The Weight of Infidelity and Dysfunctional Marriage would be just two examples.

I’m afraid there’s a similar crisis of expectations with the sex. It’s fine, and Casey Calvert is one of the most beautiful women in the industry, but she’s done better. If the plot of a movie is disposable, I’d rather see the stars working with one of the perverted kings of gonzo, such as Mike Adriano or Aiden Riley — and Miss Calvert’s filmography contains plenty of those.

Episode Two: Strikes a Chord, starring Abigail Mac, Aidra Fox, and Seth Gamble

Aidra Fox and her boyfriend/manager are looking through that day’s haul from busking. It isn’t much. But Miss Fox’s guitar playing did earn one interesting return: Contact info for DJ Gamble, a big name in the music industry. The duo drops everything and heads for his studio.

episode two

Miss Fox shows off her natural, unmanicured, beauty. As a starving artist who plays guitar on streetcorners, she’s wearing no makeup and has her hair down.

DJ Gamble’s assistant, Cruella (Abigail Mac), meets with the couple and makes it clear what her boss is interested in, but assures them that there are quid pro quo benefits to be had. Miss Fox is disgusted, and wants to get out of there, but all her boyfriend can see are dollar signs. “Just get it done,” he insists before seeing himself out.

Cruella teases us with a seductive and thorough examination of Miss Fox’s body before things heat up. The sex is great. Both girls are gorgeous and Mr. Gamble is hot and fit. After a few minutes of head from Miss Fox, he introduces her to face fucking. Miss Fox does an incredible job feigning unfamiliarity with this act before slowly rising to the occasion. It’s a fun watch.

The girls make a great team. Although both have good chemistry with the male talent, the chemistry between the two of them is even better. Their double blowjob is great and so is their lesbianism.

At one point, Cruella grab’s Mr. Gamble’s cock, dips it in Miss Fox’s pussy, and then pops it into her mouth. She does this several times over, calling it “dip and feed.” It’s extremely hot.

dip and feed 
The sex ends with a facial, but the true “end” of the scene is the last bit of dialogue, which you should be sure to catch.

Special Features

Trailers and photo galleries


The sound and video quality are stellar throughout.

Final Thoughts

Not for the first time, Pure Taboo has released a DVD with one great episode and one bad episode. You can, and should, watch “Strikes a Chord” on the Pure Taboo website, but the DVD itself is half bad, literally. I hope the studio eventually imitates Evil Angel’s “Red Label” series and begins releasing “best of” compilations.

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