Psaki blows off reporter who accuses Biden of Twitter diplomacy. It only took one name. / LGBTQ Nation

Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a Press Briefing, Wednesday June 2, 2021, in the James S. Brady White House Press Briefing Room.Photo: Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki turned the tables on a Fox News reporter who suggested that the Biden administration is conducting foreign policy exclusively via Twitter by bringing up Donald Trump’s love of Twitter.

“The secretary of state a few days ago tweeted, ‘I #standwithUkraine,’” Doocy asked at today’s White House press briefing, referring to Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s build-up of forces near Ukraine and the U.S.’s and NATO allies’ attempts to prevent an invasion.

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“Has that ever worked at stopping an authoritarian regime from doing anything? A hashtag?” he scoffed.

“I will have to say that – unlike the last administration – we don’t think Twitter is the only means of engaging or negotiating or discussing important topics,” she responded, referring to Trump’s notorious addiction to the social media platform that he got banned from last year. Trump tweeted multiple messages a day throughout his term in the White House and even tried to implement policy by using the platform.

“But it is important for us to convey, to the Ukrainian people, who do view commentary through a range of forums – I don’t know how many are Fox News watchers, maybe some of them – including social media, that we stand with them and we support them,” she continued. “And that includes in their efforts to protect the sovereignty of their country.”

Her comment about Fox News may have been just a jovial remark about how various forums can be used to communicate messages from the U.S. to the Ukrainian people, or she may have been throwing some shade at the rightwing cable news network’s ambivalence on the possible Russian invasion. Fox host Tucker Carlson has been critical of the Biden administration for opposing Putin’s possible plan to invade Ukraine.