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Tell Her

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 8 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: Feature; Female Domination

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Kayden Kross

Cast: Blair Williams, Emma Starletto, Lily Larimar Jax Slayher, Mick Blue

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Award-winning director Kayden Kross is a master at weaving intricate tales of sex and intrigue. I highly recommend her flick Tell Her, which chronicles the dominant games of a married couple, Mick and Blair, and a cunning mistress, Emma. It’s a high-stakes game of dominance and pleasure as Blair and Emma fuck and use Mick to send messages of power and control back and forth between them. Emma writes a message on Mick’s back, labeling him her property. Blair fucks Jax in front of a bound Mick and makes him write and recite messages to Emma over and over. In the end, Blair ends up on top, dominating Emma in a final domme showdown.

Scene 1: Blair Williams and Mick Blue: Part 1

Mick is nothing without his wife, Blair. “Please forgive me. I need you,” he tells her. She puts her feet up. Mick rushes over and worships her feet, begging her to forgive him. Blair explains to Mick that he needs to set the record straight with his mistress who has become a pest. The mistress left a note that says, “Ask your wife if she can taste me on you.” Blair knows the mistress left the note in a conspicuous place where Blair would find it. It’s time Mick sets the record straight and explains to his mistress who’s really in control and who has all the money. It’s Blair. “She doesn’t want your dick, darling,” Blair tells Mick. “She wants your money.” She spreads her legs open in front of Mick, showing her naked pussy and she dictates a message that Mick must write to his mistress. The domineering Blair makes Mick read the message back to her verbatim while she fingers her clit in front of him. She pushes his face into his cunt, forcing him to tongue fuck her while he mumbles through the message. “You know just how I like it,” Blair moans.

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“This is my cock,” she tells Mick as he strips her out of his clothes. “It’s yours,” he tells her as Blair puts it in her mouth and sucks it. He fucks her throat while reciting the letter again. Blair gags on his cock, leaving threads of spit dangling from his shaft. She rides his cock cowgirl style, owning it for her pleasure then she gets on all fours, telling him to take her pussy as he rams her from behind. She deep throats him in 69 position then sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl. “Take it, baby,” she moans as she cums on his cock. Blair foot fucks his dick until he pops all over her feet. “Now, you better not fuck her when you give her that note,” Blair orders.

Scene 2: Emma Starletto and Mick Blue: Part 2

Later, Mick is lying naked in bed as he reads the message his wife made him write to his mistress. This time, he isn’t with his wife. He’s with Emma, the mistress known as Haylee Starletto and a domme who is just as cunning as Mick’s wife. She takes a few hundred dollar bills and writes a message to Blair on them, telling her to use the money to buy herself something nice. Then she uses that sharpie and writes a message on Mick’s back that says, “Property of Haylee Starletto.”  She turns him over on his stomach and says, “This time, I want her to taste who has been on this cock.” She strokes his hard cock and kisses him passionately. He penetrates her pussy in spoon position, making her moan in deep pleasure.  Mick pulls out and eats her wet pussy then fucks her in mish.

The domme sits on Mick’s dick, riding him cowgirl style. Mick drills her twat balls deep then spoon fucks her again. She sucks the tastes of her wet pussy off his dick then rides it in reverse cowgirl. “Oh fuck,” she screams. She creams all over his cock then turns over onto her stomach for a round of downward doggy that makes her cum. She gets on all fours for more doggy then turns on her side for another round of spoon fucking. A final round of missionary banging leads to Mick’s big pop shot in Emma’s mouth and on her face. “You’re such a good boy,” she says. Later on, Mick hands his wife the hundred dollar bills with the message from Haylee.

Scene 3: Blair Williams and Jax Slayher: Part 3

After Blair gets the money with the message written on it, she decides two can play that game. She ups the ante. She uses the cold water from a hose and washes the message Haylee wrote off of Mick’s back. Then she leads Mick inside where Jax is waiting. “I took your idiot’s advice, Mick, and I bought myself something nice.”  She binds Mick’s hands together and orders him to sit. She plans to make him watch her fuck Jax’s big black cock. But first, she tells Mick they must continue their discourse. She dictates another message to Mick that he writes for Haylee. She caresses Jax’s body while she dictates the message to Mick then she gets on her knees and sucks his cock. She slowly wraps her lips around his dick and deep throats it then orders Mick to read the message back to her verbatim. As Mick reads the message, Blair sends Jax’s cock deeper and deeper down her throat. She gags on his big dick, spitting all over it then tells Mick to read the message again and again.

Mick watches helplessly as Jax puts Blair in standing cowgirl and drills her twat. He turns her around into standing doggy and bangs her pussy. “Take that little hole,” Blair screams. “That feels so fucking good,” she moans. She tells Mick that Jax’s dick feels so good, he’s going to make her cum. He moves her closer to Mick and fucks her in standing doggy again then sits her on his cock in reverse cowgirl. “Doesn’t it look good watching this big cock go in and out of this little pussy,” she tells Mick while she bounces up and down on Jax’s pole. Jax fingers her clit while he fucks her then he pulls out and beats her pussy with his dick. She gets in doggy and then in mish for more inches from Jax. He fingers her and makes her cum again then sits her on his cock cowgirl style. He fucks her in doggy while the bound Mick watches. Jax pulls out and blasts Blair’s gaping mouth with cum. Blair tells Mick he fucked everything up. She orders him to get dressed and deliver the message to Haylee.

Scene 4: Emma Starletto, Lily Larimar and Mick Blue: Part 4

In the final scene of the flick, Mick reads Blair’s message to Haylee. “This is a problem,” she tells Mick then she burns the letter and tells Mick if she was his wife, she would handle things a lot differently. She’s not opposed to bringing other people in. That’s when Lily joins them. The girls sandwich Mick, caressing him. They both get on their knees and sucks Mick’s hard cock. It looks like Haylee is winning the war against Blair. The girls swap Mick’s cock back and forth in their mouths. He skull fucks each one, sending his dick to the back of their throats. He eats Lily’s twat then positions Emma in doggy and fucks her from behind while she eats Lily’s pussy.

Lily gets spoon fucked next, begging Mick to give her his big cock. The girls gang up on Mick with Emma riding his cock cowgirl style while Lily sits on his face. Emma takes a reverse cowgirl ride on Mick’s cock while Lily sucks her tits then Emma gets fucked in mish. Mick stacks the girls in mish and fucks their pussies one after the other. The girls are sandwiched together while Mick drills Lily in downward doggy. He spoon fucks Emma while Lily licks his balls. The girls share his cock again, sucking him off then they get in 69 position with Emma on top. Mick fucks Emma doggy style from behind while Lily licks his balls. He pulls out and positions both girls on their knees for his cum load. Blair walks in, applauding the show. “Which one of you is Haylee,” Blair asks. Next, we see a bound Haylee tied to a chair as the domme Blair exacts her revenge, spanking Haylee hard with a leather whip.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Tell Her from Deeper. Directed by Kayden Kross, the multi-award winner, this flick weaves together four hot scenes of dominance and submission. Blair Williams gives a commanding performance as Mick’s wife and domme who plays a high stakes game of power and control with Mick’s mistress Emma Starletto. Who’s really in control remains to be seen as these girls up the ante with each other every time they fuck Mick, using him as a messenger. This movie also features Lily Larimar and Jax Slayher who are used for pleasure in Blair and Emma’s game. In the end, Blair rules the roost, making Emma submit to her dominance.

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