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Love, Sex & Lawyers

Genres: Feature, Couples, Office, Story-Driven

Writer/Director: Will Ryder
Editor: Hollywood Max
DP: Just Dave

Cast: Kenna James, Violet Starr (credited Kuleana), Kenzie Taylor, Haley Spades, Tyler Nixon, Tommy Pistol, Charles Dera, Davon Drake
Non-Sex: Claudia Valentine, Misty Stone, Samantha Reigns, Frank Bukkwyd


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Length: 1 hour 39 minutes

Date of Release: October 22, 2021

Extras: Photo Gallery, Non-Menu-Selectable Previews, Web Info, Phone Sex Info, BTS 20:35 mins
Bonus Scene (Sarah Vandella & Brad Armstrong from The Cursed XXX) 15:11 mins

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. No complaints here. Well lit, well recorded, well presented.

Overview: Kenna works at a free legal clinic as a legal assistant and often reaches out to her boyfriend, Charles, for legal advice as he works for a high-powered corporate law firm. Life seems peachy as our story begins…

Scene 1: Kenzie Taylor, Tommy Pistol

We find Tommy trying to convince his coworker, Charles, to quit cheating on Kenna to little avail as Charles has another plan in his head and can’t be bothered with mundane details like that. Enter Kenzie who is presenting with an overactive libido and looking to sue the manufacturer of the supplements she is taking. She needs relief fast and pulls Tommy’s face into her crotch. Tommy is happy to oblige. Now if you know anything about Tommy Pistol then you are well aware of his ability to take an idea and turn it into a quirky character even as the sex begins, his banter with Kenzie coming in spurts as they trade oral favors on the large sofa in the law office.

Kenzie Taylor

Kenzie gets in her own one-liners as Tommy starts pistoling into her and she manages to remove her boots to shove her foot into his mouth. She needs to relieve her sexual tension and is willing to try any cockamamie thing Tommy comes up with as he yells out commands to an unseen workforce at times “hold all calls…hold all calls” in-between his analysis of her legal predicament in between position changes. Tommy’s not the only freak in this room as proven by Kenzie’s issuing of challenges to fuck her harder as she buries her face in the cushions and crips them tightly.

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Kenzie Taylor

Despite his pleas to the unseen workforce, the phone keeps occasionally ringing and being ignored, adding yet another comedic element to the encounter. Kenzie goes total deadpan as Pistol is hammering away from behind and asks “do you do this with all your clients? because I didn’t read that in the online reviews”. That’s about all it takes to get Tommy to pop right on her patch.

Scene 2: Haley Spades, Tyler Nixon

Haley Spades

Haley Spades is new to the biz so she may not yet be on your radar. She wasn’t on mine until now but you are definitely going to want to check out this “spinner” if that’s one of your things. Here, she’s playing Kenna’s little sister who is in love with surfer dude Tyler. Since she’s not allowed to have sex at home, today we find her in Kenna’s bed banging her young beau. Tyler is enamored with her nether region and takes time to worship her bald beaver. Her eye contact is consistent during her time playing the skin flute, her eyes watering up as Nixon uses her mouth at will. Her platinum hair has shades of light lavender as the light bounces off of it.

Haley Spades

Her eye contact remains strong as Tyler plows into her in missionary and she starts squealing in super high registers. Nixon shows off his physical ability as he moves from Missionary to a throat fucking while “planking” (does anyone remember that fad?). Haley’s tiny ass shines with sweat and spit as they move into doggie and Nixon once again performs a variation of his plank move. Our duo dances through more positions, Haley’s hair cascading down her back as she rides in cowgirl. At her request, Tyler unloads on her ass.

Scene 3: Violet Starr, Davon Drake

Violet Starr

Davon is a new, lightly credited performer and the buxom brunette, Violet should need no introduction. They are volunteering at the free legal clinic and Davon wants to get some work done but Starr is more concerned with sucking his cock. Drake’s not averse to returning the favor and licks passionately as Violet props herself on a desk. Her thick, hairy bush is on brilliant display here as Davon starts his drilling.

Violet Starr

Folders get knocked off the desk, file boxes tip over during the action but neither of our performers pay them any mind as they decide to move to a more comfy chair where the pumping continues. Starr moans encouragement continually until Drake pops on her back and ass and she cleans him off with her mouth.

Scene 4: Kenna James, Charles Dera

Kenna James

Our story comes full circle as our stars realign and get down to business as a little ditty plays in the background (no, not THAT little ditty). In case you haven’t seen Kenna in a hot minute, I’ll let you in on the fact that she is now sporting augmented breasts. Her eyes smolder for a moment as Charles fingers her nethers and then they roll into the back of her head. Dera helps her head bob up and down as she blows him.

Kenna James
Kenna’s ass always looks good as she rides and this is no exception as she does the boner bounce. The dark roots of her blonde hair bring me back to the ’80s when I too sported long “blonde” hair but Charles Dera never used mine as a handhold like he does here when he takes her from behind in a squat fuck that would make most fitness experts jealous. AS the positions continue, Kenna keeps trying to inspect her frontal lobe as her eyes roll up into her head. Dera being the performer he is, just keeps pounding away silently as their bodies flush and he deposits his creamy whiteness all over the inside of her thigh.

Final Thoughts: The first scene with Tommy and Kenzie forced me to put on headphones because my office window was open and there were kids playing outside. I didn’t want to miss any of their dialog which they absolutely fucking nailed while she was getting nailed. I’m familiar with Will’s style of writing and Tommy’s style of doing whatever the fuck he wants with a character that I’m pretty sure he makes up like 5 minutes beforehand. That scene alone was award-worthy for sure.

Overall, the whole flick plays out nicely. Will has done this once or twice before in his illustrious career so he doesn’t fuck around when it comes to production or production value. He hires top-notch talent and crew and even though the days may be long (as evidenced by the great BTS included here) the final result is always polished.

There’s a lot of cool stuff besides the movie itself here which is becoming increasingly more uncommon so I like the fact taht Will and Adam & Eve choose to not only shoot it but include it, it adds way more value. All of the extras in this flick add to the authenticity of the storyline and the sex scenes are hot enough that you’ll watch this again and again because there are so many chapter stops included that they are easy to jump right to. I’m gonna say Highly Recommended on this one. Buy it.

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