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Blacked Raw V38

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 56 minutes

Date of Production:  2021

Genre: All Sex; Interracial; BBC

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: 4K Ultra HD

Director: Derek Dozer

Cast: Emily Willis, Skylar Vox, Naomi Swann, Jill Kassidy, Tiffany Tatum, Alexis Tae, Jax Slayher, Rob Piper XXX, Jason Luv, Sly Diggler

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Scene Selection; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Information, Interactive Menus, Chapter Selections


I recommend Blacked Raw V38. All four scenes are hot to watch and 2 of them are standouts. Tiffany’s hot BBC pounding with stud Jason Luv is the best fuck of the flick. She sucks him off and rides his cock cowgirl style in the back seat of the car from the airport. Once in the room, Tiffany surrenders to Jason’s cock in a hard pounding round of deep penetration and a hot anal doggy style. The other standout scene is Jill Kassidy and Alexis Tae’s threesome with monster cocksman Sly Diggler. Jill is a surprise birthday present for Sly from Alexis and both girls host his mega meat in rounds of cock swapping and pussy to mouth cock sucking. In the end, Sly shoots his load in Alexis’s pussy and Jill quickly sucks it out and cum swaps with Alexis.

Scene 1:  Jax Slayher and Skylar Vox: That’s My Girl

It’s late at night and Skylar explains to the cameraman how she met Jax. “Do you think he’ll want to make a sex tape with you,” the cameraman asks. “He seems freaky,” Skylar says. She doesn’t think it will be a problem. She describes him as tall, dark, and handsome. She walks toward Jax and introduces him to the camera guy. Skylar explains that the cameraman is following along to film her sex tape tonight. She wants to do it with Jax. He makes time and starts by kissing Skylar’s nipples on the busy street. They decide to get off the street and go to a room where they can film. Skylar and Jax make out on the couch as the cameraman films them. Jax lies her on her back and tongue fucks Skylar’s wet pussy until she cums. “Cum all in my mouth,” he tells her. He fingers her doggystyle, making her cum again then he puts his big black cock in her mouth. “Suck my dick,” he tells her. “That’s a good mouth.” Skylar kneels and strokes and sucks his cock. “It’s so fucking big,” she says. “It can barely fit in my mouth.” She looks up at him with her brown eyes while gobbling his cock.

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Skylar gets in doggy position on the couch and gets drilled hard and deep by Jax’s big dick. He slams in and out of her twat balls deep. He positions her in mish on the table, holding her legs open, and fucks her cunt. “Cum on my dick,” he tells her. Skylar screams in ecstasy as she creams on his cock. A deep penetrating round of standing cowgirl is next. The action moves back to the couch where Skylar sits on Jax’s cock cowgirl style and bounces up and down. “Don’t you stop,” Jax says. “Work that pussy,” he tells her. She titty fucks him with her big boobs then gets fucked in standing reverse cowgirl. “That’s good pussy,” Jax moans as Skylar rides his meat. He takes her to the bedroom for more pounding in mish. “Like that daddy,” Skylar screams. He spoon fucks her next and fucks her cowgirl style before eating her wet twat. “Let daddy have that pussy he says,” while drilling her in downward doggy. Jax pumps her pussy doggy style as Skylar begs him to cum all over her. He pulls out and blows his load all over Skylar’s face.

Scene 2:  Jill Kassidy, Alexis Tae, and Sly Diggler: Surprise For You

Alexis promises Sly a big surprise for his birthday when they get back to the room. “It’s going to be a great night,” she says. She has him close his eyes as they enter the room. She leads him to the living room where Jill is waiting in her lingerie. “That’s for you tonight,” she tells him. Jill kisses Sly while Alexis records it on her phone. Jill sucks Sly’s massive meat while Alexis gets naked. “Just like that,” Alexis encourages Jill. The girls share Sly’s big dick, swapping it from mouth to mouth. “Get them balls,” Sly says. The girls lick up and down both sides of his shaft then Sly skull fucks Alexis. She sits on his face for a tongue lashing on her pussy while Jill eats his cock.

“I’ve been waiting all night for this fucking dick,” Alexis says as she sits on it and rides it cowgirl style. “Ride that fucking dick,” Sly orders. Jill spanks Alexis’s ass while she bounces on Sly’s cock. Jill gets on all fours on the couch and is sandwiched between Sly’s cock in her mouth and Alexis’s tongue in her pussy. Sly and Alexis trade places. Now, Sly fucks Jill doggy style while Jill eats Alexis’s pussy from behind. Sly slams his big cock deep in Jill’s cunt, making her cream all over him. He positions Alexis doggy style and bangs her twat then pulls out and fucks Jill’s face. The girls share cock sucking duties again then Sly and Alexis pleasure Jill until she cums. Sly eats her cunt and Alexis caresses her nipples. Sly fucks Jill in mish then Alexis too, piling his big cock deep in them. We get hotshot views of Alexis’s pussy getting drilled while Jill waits greedily to suck Sly’s cock right out of Alexis’s twat. He fucks Alexis in mish some more, promising to fill her up with cum. She cums first as he pumps her tight hole. Sly pops in Alexis’s pussy and Jill sucks the creampie right out of her cunt. She takes it and cum swaps with Alexis.

Scene 3:   Emily Willis, Naomi Swann, and Rob Piper XXX: Naughty

Emily and Naomi are being really naughty girls tonight. They record themselves having fun together. They found Rob and say they’re going to have so much fucking fun with his big cock. They don’t stop recording in the elevator on the way up to the room, pulling up their dresses and showing their pink pussies. When they get off the elevator they stroke and sucks Rob’s cock in the hallway. Once in the room, the girls waste no time sucking on Rob’s dick. “Such a yummy fucking cock,” Emily says while deep throating it. Emily sucks his balls while Naomi sucks his cock.

Naomi bends over in standing doggy and hosts Rob in her wet cunt. “Put that big fucking cock in my pussy,” she demands. Rob pounds her hole then pulls out and stuffs his dick in Emily’s mouth. While standing, he sits Naomi on his face as Emily sucks his big hard cock. The threesome moves to the couch where Emily sits on Rob’s dick cowgirl style. Rob tongues Naomi’s cunt then fucks it in reverse cowgirl. “That’s so fucking hot,” Emily says. She spits on Naomi’s cunt while Rob fucks it. “You’re such a good little fucking slut,” Emily tells her. Emily gets on all fours and gets doggy fucked while she eats Naomi’s pussy. “Give it to me daddy,” Emily screams. The girls suck Rob’s cock then Naomi goes on a cowgirl ride on it. “Take that fucking cock like a dirty little slut,” Naomi tells Emily who is getting rammed in mish by Rob’s throbbing prick. Naomi is up next for a hot round of mish while Emily sits on her face. Emily gets on all fours for more doggy, telling Rob she loves the way his balls feel slapping against her pussy. Naomi rides him cowgirl style until he pops in her pussy, filling her up with cum. Emily takes Rob’s cock out of Naomi’s cunt and quickly slurps up the creampie that oozes out and swaps it with Naomi. “You’re so fucking cum greedy,” Rob tells Emily.

Scene 4: Tiffany Tatum and Jason Luv: BBC International

Tiffany instructs her driver to take her to the airport where Jason is waiting. Jason gets in the back seat with Tiffany and the driver takes off. “You bring me my surprise,” Tiffany asks Jason. “I always have it with me,” he says. It’s his big hard black cock. He unzips his pants and shows it to Tiffany who starts sucking it in the back seat. Jason sits her on his dick cowgirl style and fucks her while the car races down the highway. “Taste your pussy,” he tells her when she climbs off. Tiffany sucks Jason’s big cock some more. Once back in the room, these two satisfy each other orally. Tiffany worships Jason’s cock, sucking and stroking it then Jason puts Tiffany in mish and tongue fucks her tight pussy. Tiffany sits on Jason’s thick prick cowgirl style and rides it. Her eyes roll back in her head as his big cock disappears deep inside her. “That’s it,” he tells her as she slams her twat down on his prick.

He stands up and fucks her in standing cowgirl. “Fucking look at me while I fuck you,” he orders her while drilling her hole. More cowgirl on the coffee table keeps Tiffany screaming in pleasure. The 69 on the table, sucking and tonguing each other. Jason fucks Tiffany’s ass hole in doggy position, squatting over her and thrusting deep in her anal cavity. Tiffany’s holes are stretched by Jason’s BBC. He puts her in mish and strokes his cock balls deep in her twat. She rides him cowgirl style until he fills her pussy with sperm. When he pulls out, the cum splashes on his stomach. Tiffany turns around and licks up the warm cum.

Final Thoughts:

Watching Tiffany ride Jason’s throbbing cock cowgirl style in the back seat of the car while jetting down the highway to the room is hot. Once in the room, her twat is punished by Jason’s BBC to her pleasure. He doggy fucks her tight ass then blows his load in her pussy. That’s one of the scenes in Blacked Raw V38 and it’s a flick I recommend. All four scenes are hot to watch, especially the sizzling threesome between Alexis Tae, Jill Kassidy, and Sly Diggler. The chemistry between those two girls as they cock and cum swap is amazing. In the end, Jill sucks the creampie out of Alexis’s cunt and feeds it to her after rounds and rounds of BBC banging that leaves them both stretched and satisfied.

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