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East Bay Brats 4

East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

Trouble Films

Courtney Trouble- @CourtneyTrouble

Chelsea Poe – @chelseapoe666

Lita Lecherous – @litabangs 

Ruby Riots – @rubyriotsmodel 

Nova Sky – @thatnovasky 

East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge


Length: 56:54

Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Trailer, Website Promo

Condoms: No


MP4 File for Digital or VOD at TroubleFilms.com  NoFauxxx.com


East Bay Brats, Volume Four, follows on the heels of previous offerings by the gals and Trouble Films and is just as, if not more intense, than previous encounters. The setup is simple. Lita has been away, and when she returns home and finds Nova behaving more as a mistress than a sub. The rest of the Brats have gotten out of control too. Lita decides that they all need disciplined, … or pleasured, … or, maybe both.

Scene One- Lita Lecherous, Nova Sky, Chelsea Poe

An ominous sound of a heartbeat fills the void as the screen flashes from black and white to black, building towards an opening scene at 5 minutes in. Lita enters and Nova is already in position, which she does by kneeling across Chelsea, who is acting as a human bench beneath her. The lighting is minimal but effective, with Nova and Chelsea’s beautiful asses lit perfectly for the high-def camera. Lita begins playing with, then whipping Nova. The sound is on point as well. From the deep bass beat at the introduction into dialogue, and the sharp crack of Lita’s whip against ass cheeks, the levels are mixed right. The dialogue is not muffled or unable to be heard.

Reality check- in case you don’t know the East Bay Brats, this is real stuff, and some BDSM is part of the deal. I always need a few minutes to see how authentic the discipline is. However, as Chelsea started to get a little out of line, Lita’s whip switches from Nova to her, and Chelsea’s sharp grimace and audible gasp set me at ease … Then, as if I needed more proof, 3 minutes into the first scene, Lita was smiling wickedly as both girls on all fours were displaying red butt cheeks. Get the popcorn ready, the Brats are in the house!

 East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

Lita is forceful in instruction to the girls and progresses quickly through a rug beater, a paddle, and a cane. Lita begins teasing Nova with the cane, and as she moans with pleasure, notices that she has become “a pain slut”. All the while, Lita admires the small welts beginning to appear on Nova’s perfectly shaped backside. Every so often, Chelsea starts to think about moving away from Lita’s cane, but is firmly given a swat, and told to stay! The fun part about Chelsea in this first scene is that she is unable to see the location of Lita’s toys and is never expecting it when she is hit by Lita. After forcing Nova to count off swats, and then positioning the girls side by side, Lita ends the training session.  I’ll label scene one as warmup and foreplay for what’s cumming next.

Scene Two- Lita Lecherous, Chelsea Poe, Nova Sky, Ruby Riots

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The screen is lit, and Chelsea is lying face up on a table. She is dressed in a latex bikini, and her hands and feet are cuffed. Lita hovers over her and begins stroking and undressing her, applying milking cups to Chelsea’s firm little tits. A few minutes in, Nova and Ruby come into the room, and as Lita continues with the suction on her nipples, Nova begins fucking Chelsea’s face with a dildo, and Ruby removes her bottoms. The action moves on as Nova loses the bright red dildo that was in Chelsea’s mouth, and replaces it with her ass, executing a flawless facesitting to the delight of Chelsea and the other girls. Ruby stays busy, moving into position over Chelsea’s thighs and cock with a stiff black dong.

About six minutes into scene two, Chelsea’s moans gave way to a mix of pleasure and painful cries. Lita had switched from the milking cup to hard suction cups, and then proceeded to roll a pinprick over Chelsea’s swollen nipples while Ruby fucked her in the ass with a dildo.

 East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

Chelsea is still cuffed, hands and ankles, as Lita moved in for another round of the nipple suction therapy. There is a ton of buildup here, and it was nearly 10 minutes before any of the girls touched Chelsea’s stiff cock. But even as Ruby and Nova brushed their hands against the tip of her tool, Chelsea is not given any other attention. The camera fades to black as Chelsea is lying spread eagle- alone, wet, rock hard, and waiting for more.

Scene Three- Nova Sky, Courtney Trouble

Lights come up to the sound of Nova smacking Courtney’s ass, with the blonde beauty kneeling atop a chair and within easy reach of the doubled up of cat ‘o nine tails that Nova is swinging. Yep, Nova has one in each hand, and they’re both swinging in wide arcs. In a wonderful display of multiple red lashes falling across a peachy white backside, Courtney is audible as the burning pain is drowned out by devilish pleasure.

 East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

At around 4-1/2 minutes, just before fade to black, Nova delivers a hard and swift stroke that literally paralyzes Courtney in a state of undeniable pleasure for a moment. It’s a short scene, clocking in at just over five minutes, but it’s a nice break, and a turning point in the movie. Nova’s super dominant behavior in this scene is a real bother to Lita, and proof that Nova has forgotten her place.

Scene Four- Lita Lecherous, Courtney Trouble, Ruby Riots

Ok., as the lights come up, I’m starting to feel the buzz of this film, literally. Lita is fed up with the nonsense from the last scene and has Courtney straddling a Sybian, and Nova kneeling beside her. My subwoofers were humming to the low sounds of vibrations against Courtney’s pussy. The look in her eyes as she repeatedly threw her head back in pleasure left no doubt that the famous sex machine had already found her spot. With a playful tone, Lita instructed Nova to turn the machine “up to eleven”, and Courtney quickly starts to lose control. The action is sexy as fuck. Not only can the viewer see all three interacting and playing, but can also hear and, in a way, feel the response from Courtney.

Two minutes in, Lita is still directing traffic, and instructs Nova as she toggles the Sybian from high to low. Lita removes Courtney’s top, and holds a hand over her mouth as Nova begins paddling Courtney’s tits. Meanwhile, Lita’s instruction to remain quiet is working as Courtney struggles not to scream as her orgasm is building. Finally, on Lita’s command, Courtney is granted permission to cum, and she falls forward off the machine, her body unable to withstand the extreme pleasure. Lita has no time for quitters, and has Nova assist in placing her back onto the Sybian. At this point, it becomes a battle of will between Courtney and the Sybian, but her swollen clit is no match for the industrial-grade power plant. The Sybian polishes her off, and the machine is drenched in a squirting fountain of pussy jism. By this time, Courtney is out of control, and very loud. Nova obliges mistress Lita’s repeated demands for silence by removing her own panties and stuffing them in Courtney’s mouth. The Sybian is still on full throttle, and leads her into a second, full body orgasm.

 East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

The girls pick back up with Ruby being led into the Sybian chamber. Nova and Lita sit her down, placing clamps on Ruby’s nipples. Oh, did I mention that Ruby has a ball gag in her mouth? Well, she does, and there’s an anxious look of anticipation and fear in Ruby’s eyes as the girls position her clit in the crosshairs of the Sybian. In no time flat, she’s off to the races, and Courtney is led over, with Nova’s panties still in her mouth, and sits atop the Sybian, facing Ruby. The two take a ride to remember, holding onto each other, as Nova and Lita take turns with the controls of the machine. It’s a unique scene because Ruby and Courtney are completely at the mercy of Lita, and mistress in training Nova. It’s exciting and incredibly hot to watch them struggling while facing each other. Within minutes, both girls collapse into orgasms and the camera fades.


Scene Five- Chelsea Poe, Nova Sky, Ruby Riots, Lita Lecherous

Chelsea has spent the last 20 minutes in the other room, still strapped down to that table. Her nipples have turned purple from the suction cups, and her cock, tummy, and inner thigh is glistening with pre-cum that has been seeping for the last couple of scenes. Now, it’s time for her to finish. All the girls enter the room. Lita instructs Ruby to free one of Chelsea’s hands, allowing her to reach down, and start rubbing her stiff cock. The atmosphere is electric, and at this point in the movie, Lita’s demanding instruction methods become apparent. With the end in sight, Chelsea cannot wait to cum.  

 East Bay Brats 4, Lita’s Revenge

As she picks up the pace on her member, the girls pitch in, with Ruby offering a finger up Chelsea’s ass, and Nova running a Hitachi up and down Chelsea’s slim and fit body. Moans of pleasure fill the space, and although Lita is still in control, she is not denying Chelsea her orgasm. Instead, she is now demanding for Chelsea to cum or else there will be more discipline. Chelsea gets the hint, and as Ruby’s finger hits her G-spot, her cock begins to pump heat. Chelsea arches her back and shoots all over her tummy and tits… a photo finish for sure. The ending is one of the finest examples of teambuilding exercises I have witnessed, with all the girls working towards a wet and sloppy kind of fulfillment.


Jim’s takeaway-

This is a good example of what I call a successful trans/queer project, and here’s why. At a glance, it is difficult to tell who’s trans, who’s cis, and who’s thinking about the other. It’s a fluid type of thing where everyone is just enjoying themselves, and that’s a good thing. The other aspect is the discipline. At times, especially in the first scene, it gets a little rough, but it’s consensual and the girls are willing participants. If you are not into BDSM or instruction, that’s o.k. Although this film has a lot of discipline, it also has a ton of straight up, hot, sexy action going on. Either way, if you like girl/girl, or trans/girl, with or without the instruction, then give this a try. There is something cozy and unique about this group. A big part of it is that they are used to working with each other, and it shows. In short, the girls are having fun, they’re on a set, and they’re fucking each other.

There are no second takes, or weird cutaways. The film is genuine, and that counts for a lot. It’s got a POV feel to it, even though it’s not shot in POV. If there is one downside to this film, it is a lack of close ups, cumshots, or pussy shots during orgasm. Yet, even without those all too popular close-ups, it’s still a very hot piece, simply because the girls are way into it, and show every bit of emotion through facial expressions and body movements. Ultimately, it’s hot and worthwhile with or without a million different camera angles.

Troublefilms is not a major movie studio, but that didn’t stop Courtney and company from producing a full-length film, complete with theme music, a storyline, and well-designed sets and props. The girls in this film work well together, and I anticipate Troublefilms giving us more of the East Bay Brats in future releases.

Watch this MP4 File for Digital or VOD at TroubleFilms.com  NoFauxxx.com


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