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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Genres: All-Girl, Threesomes

Director: Eli Cross, Casey Calvert, Shasta Fay

Cast: Gianna Dior, Hazel Grace, Laney Grey, Kiarra Kai, Khloe Kapri, Isabella Nice, Jaye Summers

Length: 1 hrs. 44 mins.

Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Slideshows and Trailers.

Audio/ Video Quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD


It’s important to keep in mind that lovely phrase, love thy neighbor. The phrase could mean in the literal sense of taking care of your neighbor next door, but could apply to other situations. These situations are erotically explored in WebYoung’s Welcome to the Neighborhood.

Scene 1: Gianna Doir, Hazel Grace

We start our movie with Gianna Dior walking into a boardroom with Hazel Grace sitting at a conference table. Both look bored and complain about being here at work. It’s revealed that both girls are here because of Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Hazel brings up a naughty solution to their boredom and suggest hooking up. Although Gianna is nervous that someone would check them in the act, she agrees as she feels up Hazel’s tits. Now the setup for this scene is good, but I feel like it could have been a lot better.

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Gianna mentions that she doesn’t want to get caught, and it brings up an element that would have made the scene hotter. Imagine if someone came in causing the girls to hide or act normal, but still secretly touch each other. That would have added a whole level of hotness to this scene and made it unique. Even with those wishes, the two actresses are incredible together. Gianna is always a star and Hazel is very underrated. The way that she licks Gianna’s pussy with those long strokes is incredibility hot. It’s a nice start to another WebYoung title.

Scene 2: Laney Grey, Kiarra Kai, Khloe Kapri

Our title scene, Welcome to the Neighborhood, feels like deja-va for me all over again. We have Kiarra Kai and Laney Grey together in a scene again, but not just that, another lesbian threesome. Just like their scene in another WebYoung film, Don’t Let Dad Catch Us, it’s the best scene of the movie. It starts with Kiarra knocking on a door to be greeted by Laney. Kiarra is new to the neighborhood and gets invited to a sleepover by Laney and her friend, Khloe. They’re all having a good time, but complain about being cold. Eventually, they decide to cuddle up next to each other for warmth and Khloe as a naughty idea. She convinces the other girls to compare boobs and you can guess how this all escalates.

The thing that stands out to me (besides the gorgeous stars on-screen) is the lightning in this scene. Usually with these sleepover scenes, we’ll still see daylight or they won’t change the lightning to reflect that it’s nighttime. Watching this felt like these women were actually sleepovering during the night instead of looking like it’s 2pm. Besides that, there’s some amazing girl-girl threesome action featured here. The close contact they all have when they kiss and grind their bodies together is just the tip of hotness. It gets scorching when they start forming a little chain or tribbing while someone is going down on the third girl.

Scene 3: Isabella Nice, Jaye Summers

Our final scene starts with Jaye Summers waiting by the door before she hears a knock at the door. It’s her childhood friend, Isabella Nice, who’s back in town for the summer. They’re all excited and start to catch up with each other as the last time they were together was ten years ago. To both of their shock, they find out that they’re both lesbians. Of course, this gets their minds racing and pussies wet as they start to hook up.

They start to kiss and fondle each other while taking off their clothes. It turns to each girl eating out the other as really get closer. My favorite parts are towards the end because we get some scissoring and a lot of 69ing. We even get some different positions and angles with the 69ing. While it’s not the strngest scene to end on, the ending more than makes up for it.

Final Thoughts:

Welcome to the Neighborhood is a nice release from WebYoung. All three scenes are memorable and makes you want to watch them again. The clear highlight is the fantastic threesome that’s shot a little different from other scenes from Girlsway. If you have the chance, buy this DVD and enjoy yourself.


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