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My Sexy Little Sister 9


 main menu

Digital Sin’s subtle logo lightly sits above the cover girl with her breasts out in plain view. Alyx Star models her marvelous mountain range that is her chest next to the title of the film which is entitled “My Sexy Little Sister 9”. Next to her head is the info on the length of the film plus the notification of a bonus scene on the disc. The directors are credited under an emblem notifying the film was shot in 4K. Flip the box around to see a nice grouping of screenshots from the movie. Above the screenshots are listings of the social and web links of the sister brand, New Sensations. A small summary sits beneath all of this with a block of info about the DVD extras. The performer in the bonus scene is also listed above features with a listing of the film’s length, the indication that there are trailers on the disc, the availability of the “pick your pleasure” option, and even behind the scenes. At the corner of the back, the box has a QR code to scan with your phone if you want to watch the trailer for this movie.




The title of this movie is a dead giveaway for more incest-driven fetishes or fauxcest as it is described. I normally roll my eyes at the overly done fetish but thanks to a certain label on the top of the DVD box, Digital Sin, I know I’m in good hands no matter what fetish I watch with them. If ever I want to watch fake siblings get sexy with each other I have plenty of places to go but a studio like Digital seems more inviting with the level of quality they produce. They handle other fetishes so well by their esteemed stable of directors. They are more than just the “hotwife studio” since they do that fetish a lot of favors with the type of films they make. If I ever wanted to explore out of my wheelhouse of anal and/or DP I wouldn’t mind going to anything released by Digital Sins or New Sensations. I’ve reviewed their films enough to be familiar with that sheen of quality they exude. They are nine volumes deep with this series of sexy little sisters, so the fan base is there, might as well see what all the fauxcest-fuss is about.



 scene menu

As stated in the DVD Breakdown, the film was shot in 4K but that doesn’t matter for me since I watch my porn on a 720p LED TV. Even in just this HD format the films that Digital Sin has this glow about them of well-filmed quality. Smooth beats are the soundtrack to the menu browsing for this DVD. The scenes menu has the same smooth drum beats looping as you see animated thumbs per each chapter. The name of the respective female talent and male talent per scene is what each chapter is labeled by in this menu. The DVD extras menu is where you will find all of the goodies like the behind-the-scenes and pick your pleasure options. Nikole Nash and Will Pounder are in an embrace as the background image for the extras menu.



Cast: Megan Marx, Scarlit Scandal, Nikole Nash, Alyx Star, Chad White, Will Pounder, Van Wylde

Studio: Digital Sin

Directed By: Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest

Condoms: No

Photo Gallery: Yes

Approx. Run Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes




 title tag of scene

After the brief intro fades Megan slides into view. She walks to a door to spy on her step-bro played by Will Pounder. She pulls apart some curtains over a glass doorway to do this. Soft piano music serenades this introductory segment of the scene as Megan spies on her step-bro out in the yard shirtless. She starts to strip off her tight white booty shorts to play with her pussy as she watches him while being visibly aroused. Megan Marx moans loudly as she pleasures herself through her panties. She quickly approaches Will Pounder as he enters the house. Megan bluntly admits what she was doing as she begs to have him again. He reminds her that what they are doing as step-siblings can’t go on before he agrees to “one last time”.


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He pushes her against the door as he starts to dig in, going for her panties first to play with and tease his step-sister. She immediately lowers herself to start sucking his dick. While she is sucking him off Will starts to play with her boobs. He uses his belt to pull her head into his dick as he fucks her mouth. He throws the belt aside to put both hands on her head as he continues to fuck her face. Megan starts to giggle while she is down there sucking away. She stuffs his entire ball sack into her mouth as she jerks him off during this active blowjob. They move to a couch where Megan will arch out so that Will can rip her panties off. He then will start to eat the pussy that is in front of his face as he pulls Megan’s butt cheeks apart. Some tasteful ass smacks happen during his brief exploration of Megan’s booty. She gets back to sucking his dick again as he sits on the couch they are on.

 down doggy

Megan mounts will for the first marks of penetration as she gets up in cowgirl to ride his dick. Will stands up and lifts Megan into a standing version of the cowgirl humping. She is then lowered to pile driver so that Will can continue to impale her pussy with his penis. She is folded like a pretzel during this pounding from Will. They merge next into a down doggy as Megan is fucked into the couch by the eager stud. He goes in deep as Megan claims Will is “touching her cervix” as the banging continues. Megan starts sucking Will off again before she sits back down on his dick in reverse cowgirl. Megan starts getting split again in missionary but this time in a side saddle connection. They break out into another BJ where Megan’s chin is coated in spit. She gets Will’s dick back in her for more missionary in the side saddle to continue the fucking. After a few more position changes rapidly occur Will is ready to launch his load and lets Megan Marx jerk it out of him. The load blasts into her mouth and face in one salvo of semen.





 scene title

Scarlit startles Van Wylde as he is sitting on a couch glued to his phone. Scarlit immediately explains her dilemma of a boyfriend with a big dick. Van Wylde is shocked that his stepsister would be this forthright about a personal issue like her boyfriend’s largely problematic dick. She doesn’t hold back as Scarlit admits she caught a glimpse of Van’s dick once when he was coming out of the shower. She needs advice from the reluctant step-bro who seems to be rightfully stumbling on his words. He musters up some sort of supportive effort as he awkwardly reaches for Scarlit’s hair. He pulls back embarrassed at what he did before he allows Scarlit to demonstrate what she wants to be done to her. She admits that whatever happens during this perverted lesson will stay a secret between both of them. They start making out as Scarlit shows how serious she is by stripping herself to show Van her boobs. He reaches for them right away before starting to kiss his stepsister again.


Soon enough they are all over each other as Scarlit gets on top of him so that he can kiss her a little more before she starts to suck him off. She pulls his penis out of his pants so that she can get this started. After the blowjob, Scarlit strips herself completely naked before she starts to ride Van in a sidesaddle cowgirl mounting. She’s throwing that booty up and down as Van fucks her vag while she sits on his dick. They move to a room with a bed on it and when Scarlit lays back Van moves in to start licking her pussy. After he’s done eating her out he reinserts himself into Scarlit’s pussy for a missionary pounding.


Scarlit is folded evenly with her legs pulled together as Van is fucking her pussy in this latch of missionary on the bed. Scarlit gets her hands on Van’s dick again for more cock sucking before she gets back on top for regular cowgirl. Scarlit is then spun around to have her arch facing Van Wylde so that he can bash her pussy in doggy style. An overhead angle of Van smashing Scarlit in doggy opens up to a good shot of penetration. Scarlit gets up in reverse cowgirl to bounce on Van’s piece. While’s she’s up there Van will fill her pussy up with cum to conclude this creamy encounter between step-siblings.




 scene title

Chad enters the door with a backpack on, he calls for his stepsister as he enters the house. He wanders a bit before he stumbles upon a note she left on a bed. A woman’s voice narrates the deviant tryst about to occur as Chad walks up to a naked Alyx Star in the shower. In no time he is naked and making out with her under the sprinkle of the shower. He’s sucking mouthfuls of her large boobs as Alyx jacks his cock off. Alyx then lowers herself to start sucking off a naked Chad White. He’ll steadily pump her mouth as she sucks him. Some titty fucking occurs while Alyx is down there working on Chad’s dick. They leave the shower to transplant their affair to a bed. Chad is getting mouthfuls of Alyx’s boobs before goes down on her. While he’s eating her out you’ll see Alyx playing with her massive mounds. The camera even zooms on this mountain range being toyed with.


Alyx starts up a blowjob again now that they are both on the bed. She doesn’t forget the balls this time either as the camera zooms in on her munching on Chad White’s sack. Alyx is also making eye contact with him as she sips on his dick tip. After the BJ they move to a form of side saddle spoon so they can open up the shot for some penetration to occur. They fumble a bit before Alyx gets her hands on Chad’s cock again for a blowjob. Alyx will then get on top of Chad for a reverse cowgirl ride that displays a steady sway of boobs jiggling. While she is up there Chad will play with her boobs a bit while he bangs Alyx.

doggy style 

Next, Alyx will spin around to get pumped in doggy by Chad White. The screen is filled with her smile and her jiggling boobs as she is arched in this position. Alyx gets Chad’s dick in her mouth again after they break out of the doggy-style pump they were doing. She gets on her back next for a blast in missionary as Chad mounts her. He’ll suck on her boobs while he pumps her in this position. Alyx’s boobs move like poetry in motion as she is getting banged. A bout of fast-paced titty fucking is next on the menu. This will cause Chad White to fuck to pop as he lays his load on Alyx Star’s chest.





 scene title

This scene starts with an Easter theme as Nikole is painting eggs for this favorite holiday of hers. She narrates the setup of the scene as Will joins her to paint some eggs for the festive holiday. She gets a phone call saying that she has to go to work. Will tries to show her the glass is half full as she has at least the rest of the day ahead of her before her surprise. Some time passes before she returns from her shift. She comes back to a gift left by Will Pounder and it is a plastic Easter Egg with a note inside of it. This little Easter Egg hunt leads her to a loving stepbro that is ready to fuck her. By the time she meets him, she is wearing only her panties and bunny ears. Will moves in on Nikole as he warns that they have to keep this a secret from their parents. He starts to go down on her as he removes her panties.


After he’s done eating her out it is Nikole’s turn to go down on him and she keeps her bunny ears on while she is sucking dick. She is then eased on top of him to get a ride in cowgirl as Will sticks his dick in her. She lays back on the bed to let Will insert himself in missionary. Her bunny ears are barely staying on her head as she is getting pounded by Will. He puts the bunny ears back on Nikole’s head after they fell off during all the fucking.

 Nikole mish

They flip into a reverse cowgirl with Nikole on top of Will while she still has her bunny ears on. She gets off to start sucking him off again before they move doggy style and yes the bunny ears are still on. They roll into a side-saddle missionary lock next as Nikole claims she is very wet. She is a wet little bunny getting banged by her stepbrother. As they barrel into regular missionary Nikole’s bunny ears fall off again. Will fucks to pop out of the missionary mash and sprays Nikole Nash’s chest and face with his semen.




 on demand

I’d never turn away anyone from a Digital Sin DVD. Especially since they come packed with goodies like a bonus scene and the famed “Pick Your Pleasure” DVD extra. But upon visiting the New Sensations site where this 9th volume of My Sexy Little Sister can be accessed on-demand, I have to say to watch it through that very method, On-demand. You can stream or download the film or any previous entries of the series with a few mouse clicks instead of hunting for DVDs. I even noticed the series is already at its 12th volume so if you want even more of My Sexy Little Sister then the New Sensations site is the place to be. Owning the DVD is a definite option but the better value is spending that money you would have spent on a DVD to join the New Sensations site to get all the fauxcest porn your perverted heart desires.

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