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Strangers In A Bar

Genres: Feature, BDSM, FemDom, Pegging, Reverse Gangbang, CFNM, FinDom

Writer/Director: Dee Severe

Cast: Lauren Phillips, Kay Karter, Kaiia Eve, Vanessa Vega, Draven Navarro, Tony Orlando, Mike Fluffy


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Length: 1 hour 54 minutes

Date of Release: September 24. 2021

Extras: Multiple Photo Galleries, Menu-Selectable Trailers, 6:55 minutes of BTS which shows the chemistry between the cast and crew.

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Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Very good on both fronts other than some mic handling noise and some ambient noise in a couple of scenes. Nothing you should be concerned about.

Overview: Mike Fluffy gets caught cheating on his girl and pays the price when Kay meets Vanessa and they hatch a Hitchcockian plan for revenge on their cheating men which continues when they meet Lauren later on. It’s superbly acted and you need to watch it.

Scene 1: Kaiia Eve, Mike Fluffy

The flick starts with an opening montage that is a near-kaleidoscopic underwater shot of a naked female form as Tarantino-esque music strums in the forefront. As the music dies and the credits fade away, Kaiia is in the pool, nude, with Fluffy sitting poolside dangling his legs in the water, also nude. She proceeds up to him and gives his hard sword a slobbery, spitting BJ, complete with some shaft and ball smackings from her wet hands.

Kaiia Eve

Fade to a cut scene, with a heart-shaped transition to suburbia where a pissed-off girl (Kay Carter) arrives home early to find her man Fluffy getting the knob job and storms off. As she drives, some intense techno-esque music accompanies her drive which seems to be filtered and color-graded to give us a feeling of her emotional state. It’s a pretty effective effect if you ask me.

Kay’s destination turns out to be the local watering hole where she meets another girl (Vega) who just had a similar experience and they hatch a plan based on Hitchcock’s Strangers On A Train.

Scene 2: Vanessa Vega, Mike Fluffy

The plan is in effect and Vanessa has bumped into Kay’s man at the coffee shop and taken him home. She is soon seductively licking his manhood and bobbing his knob. Spinning herself 180, she plants her panties on his piehole and decides to shackle him up to the headboard and get a bit existential. He’s not quite in agreement with her assessment of their situation but she just rolls deeper into the role she’s playing as he squirms, trying to get free from his bondage to no avail.

Vanessa Vega

I could describe what is happening in this scene but honestly, I’m too engrossed watching and listening to Vanessa’s acting chops as her banter goes from existential to full-out psychotic. Fluffy also is 100% enjoyable with his responses. Forget the fact she’s in panties and a bra, and he’s shackled naked to her bed…the fucking screenwriting and acting (or is it ad-lib?) are awesome. Her domination of him just keeps growing in different directions as his nervousness increases and with good reason.

Vanessa Vega

She finally pulls off her bra to reveal her pert nipples but again, it’s her dialog that draws me in, as her psychotic banter continues their storyline. Once she starts pegging him with a strap-on, the storyline just gets better and better. Seriously, you could close your eyes and just listen to this although her tatted form and great facial expressions do add a lot to the scene, as do his expressions.

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Scene 3: Kay Carter, Tony Orlando

Kay and Tony hit the bedroom and he’s immediately agreeable to being shackled to the headboard. He lies naked on the bed as she grinds on his crotch, peeling off her super-tight jean shorts to reveal a one-piece latex outfit, letting him get a quick suck on the heel of her boots. After a bit of a tease, she grabs her phone and his credit card to add funds to her online blackjack account and buy a Gucci bag.

Penile Probe

Tony’s got an idea that this is all part of a ruse set up by his girl but he’s really in no position to argue with the flog-wielding vixen who will neither confirm nor deny his suspicions. Uh oh. She has a set of stainless steel set of penile probes. The banter here is on par with the previous scene, although entirely different. After the probing, she exits the room to come back in and lets him pick between door #1 (letting her buy shoes) or #2 (getting pegged). With his accounts tapped out, it’s obviously the latter one but he doesn’t realize there’s some fine print involved in that choice…

Kay Carter
That fine print involves banter from Kay that is reminiscent of so many 90’s movies involving teens but escalated to the fact that she sticks her whole fist up his ass while threatening to sell his car online.

Scene 4: Kay Carter, Lauren Phillips, Vanessa Vega, Draven Navarro

Kay and Vanessa are back at the watering hole, celebrating their victories when they notice a redhead sitting alone and sad in a booth that has a sad story to tell. The ladies launch into their operation after laying it out for Lauren. They track Draven down during what seems to be a casino gambling spree and end up in his room with their lingerie in full effect. He’s into trying new things and the ladies string him up and undress him right before they unveil their surprise. <Enter Lauren>

Reverse Gangbang

The ladies are armed with mini-flogs, riding crops, paddles, and their handy palms and fingers. It’s an all-out assault on his entirety, with his pastel undies now adorning his face. He’s on the border of laughing and crying as their pummeling and light torture relentlessly continue. While Kay and Vanessa continue their strikes, Lauren sits on his face to restrict his breathing. Lauren happens to have her strap-on on and shoves it down his throat as she does face squats. Uh oh. Vanessa has one too, and it becomes a spit roast for the guy. Kay also has one at the ready but she’s busy taking photos of the spitroast. No worries, Kay gets her chance to peg him when the ladies make him roll over. Unlike the other girls, Kay pounds him like a jackhammer while Vanessa muffles his screams with her own plastic cock down his throat. Apparently, Kay has been watching some Markus Dupree porn because she’s just jackrabbiting into his butthole.

Reverse Gangbang

The orders from the ladies are rapid-fire and traded equally like it’s a Kevin Smith flick. Vanessa grabs the phone and starts posting online live in between her flog strikes. Lauren’s back in his backdoor and has taken a cue from Kay and just hammers his hole. It’s a bevy of bosoms of all sizes bouncing around as the ladies rotate positions. Navarro has been reduced to a sniveling, sweating weasel by this time but the ladies are still making demands.

Final Thoughts: What a fun flick! It’s nominated for an AVN award this year for good reason. I wish I would have come across this one sooner. Yes, there are some mic handling noises in one scene and some edits I didn’t quite agree with but they are overshadowed by the outstanding acting from everyone here. Sure, it’s a skin flick but if you are a movie buff you are going to appreciate the dynamic dialog that goes on here. The fact you may see some T&A is nearly irrelevant other than to set the tone of the scenes. Lauren Phillips is obviously the immediate draw here but Vanessa and KAy hold their own. Kaiia Eve is just really the setup girl in this movie and does a good job of giving a poolside BJ that lets the entire story unfold into what it is. It’s not something you want to fast forward through…you may come for the pegging and FemDom but you stay for the dialog. This could be an audiobook and I’d listen to it! It’s well written and well-acted. You may have noticed I mentioned Tarantino and Smith in my breakdown and that says a lot. It’s as if those two were hanging out and decided to cross Clerks with Pulp Fiction but have naked people in the flick. It’s really good. The technical aspects I previously mentioned hold its rating back a bit but I Highly Recommend you spend 2 hours watching this.

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