My Wife’s Cool With It

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My Wife’s Cool With It


Title: My Wife’s Cool With It

Genre: Vignette

Nuru Massage

Cast: Joanna Angel, Tyler Nixon, Kenzie Taylor, Stirling Cooper, Abella Danger, Zac Wild


Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Slideshow, Trailers

Condoms: No




This Nuru massage movie features three lucky guys getting rubbed down in that special way. In addition to this, they also share another trait as all three are married. This fact plays into the set up rather nicely in a couple of the scenes. The action leans heavily into the oily massage action as you would expect from a movie from this line. This part of the action is a strength, but the cast is also rather fantastic. Joanna Angel is always a lot of fun to watch and she really shines, pun intended. Abella Danger also pops in to remind us all that she is a fine performer and still in possession of one of the best backsides in XXX. 




Scene One: Joanna Angel & Tyler Nixon 


Going into business with family is always complicated, even when your stepsister is Joanna Angel and her business model for the massage parlor includes happy endings. She convinces him to get into the shower and let her demonstrate the Nuru technique. The long shower and oily massage set the stage and get them through their obligatory step-cest dialog. Now that is hard, she slides in all the right places and eventually slips her lips over his cock. Great looking head as always from Joanna who swings her hips around so she can sit on his face for 69. Tyler flips her lover and grabs her by the angle while he works into her pussy. The oil makes things slippery but he manages to hold on enough to get some good hard strokes in. He shoots a big load onto her pussy from behind while she milks out the last few drops. This partnership might work out after all. 


Scene Two Kenzie Taylor & Sterling Cooper


Sterling visits the parlor and Kenzie notices his wedding ring. He tells her that she’s “cool with it.” (Roll credits) so they can get naked, slicked up and start the massage. Good with her hands, Kenzie also proves to be pretty great with her knockers. She is better still with her mouth as she works him between her hungry lips. When she climbs up and starts grinding, we are treated to a very nice view of her hips pumping up and down. Sterling flips her over and pumps into her pussy from behind. There is some nice breast play and solid oil-covered action. He ends up shooting all over her face and there is a little fun reveal at the end. 


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Abella Danger & Zac Wild


Abella is late because of a flat tire on her bike. She still wants to give Zac a massage and he agrees. After getting him naked on the mat, she starts working on his shoulders. Wanting to make up for her tardiness, she suggests a Nuru massage at no charge. Working her body all over his, Abella shows off that curvy ass beautifully. She slides her lips over his head to take care of the boner her hot flesh has helped create. When she start fucking him, he smears oil all over her cheeks to really help them stand out as she rides his rod. After a brief change of positions, she gets on her knees and starts showing off that booty once again. He flips her back over to finish on her belly. I would say she more than made up for being a little late. 

Special Features:  Slideshow, Trailers, 


Final Thoughts:  Solid massage action and an all-star cast make this movie a lot of fun to watch. They lean heavily into the oily massage play, so if you don’t like that, slide right past it. Otherwise, slick yourself up and enjoy. 


Final Rating: Watch on Demand  



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