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Interracial Passion

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 30 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: All Sex; BBC; Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Vanna Bardot, Nikki Benz, Athena Faris, Natalie Porkman, Mandingo, Jax Slayher, Rob Piper XXX

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Information; Trailers: Hot As Fuck 2, Rack Focus 2, Anal Extremists 2, DP Masters 7, Anal Savages 6


DVD cover girl Nikki Benz hosts one of the biggest black cocks in porn in the opening scene of Interracial Passion. Her pussy succumbs to the throbbing cock of Mandingo, who bangs and stretches the naughty maid’s twat, satisfying her then blasting her face with cum. Nikki’s gal pals Vanna Bardot, Athena Faris, and Natalie Porkman all get a big dick drilling in this flick, and it’s a movie I recommend. In addition to Nikki’s pussy stretching scene with Mandingo, Athena has a sizzling coupling with BBC stud Rob Piper who drills her then fills her with jizz. Natalie gets her first taste of BBC from Jax Slayher deep inside her and she gets a taste of his ass, too, tonguing his hole and licking his balls. Vanna coats Rob’s cock with her creamy cunt in the final scene of the flick that sees her pussy get stuffed with sperm. The girls all have an insatiable lust for their lovers that shows up on screen and makes each scene a turn-on to watch.

Scene 1: Nikki Benz and Mandingo

Nikki is dressed as a busty, sexy maid in her tiny and tight black and white maid uniform. She dusts all around the house and walks up to Mandingo who is sitting on the couch. She uses the feathers of her duster to tickle his body then puts on a dirty maid show for him, bending over doggystyle in front of him while dusting. She’s a seductive house cleaner, tidying up the place while putting on a solo show. Mandingo has been a dirty boy and Nikki is here to clean him up. “What’s in there,” she asks him while caressing the outline of his hard cock through his pants.  He makes her ask for permission to see what’s in his pants. Before Mandingo shows her, he bends her over the table in standing doggy and eats her pussy from behind. Mandingo’s big black cock bulges in his pants as Nikki pulls them down. She uses the feathers on his balls then sucks them and makes her way to the head of his cock. Nikki licks it then wraps her lips around it, sucking it. She spits all over his dick then gags on it. “You like that,” she asks him.

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Nikki strips out of her maid uniform and reaches for Mandingo’s big dick. She sucks his balls then lies on her back and titty fucks his throbbing pole. Nikki gets on all fours and gets her pussy penetrated from behind. Mandingo works his big dick deep in Nikki’s pussy. “Yeah, that’s it,” she moans at him as he drills her wet cunt. “Give me that Mandingo dick nice and deep,” she says. She rides him cowgirl style next, bouncing up and down on his hard cock. His dick is so big, Nikki can’t sit on it all the way. Mandingo squeezes her ass cheeks and pumps her twat. She sucks his cock clean then sits on it in reverse cowgirl position, slamming her pussy up and down on his pipe. Mandingo spoon fucks her until he’s ready to pop, pulling out and blasting her face with hot cum. She sucks every last drop of spunk off his cock.

Scene 2: Athena Faris and Rob Piper XXX

Athena puts on a seductive solo tease in her pink lingerie. She dances against the glass frame of the windows and runs her fingers down her panties to her pussy. She grinds her body from side to side and makes her way to the kitchen, crawling across the counter doggystyle. Rob walks in and kisses her. She caresses her body and squeezes her nipples. Athena drops to her knees and grabs hold of Rob’s dick with both her hands and puts it in her mouth. She works it in and out of her mouth slowly, forcing it further and further down her throat. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a dick this big,” she tells him. “You keep sucking that dick,” he says. He fucks her throat, making her gag. “Keep your eyes on me while you suck that dick,” he orders.

Athena gets on all fours on the barstool and Rob walks up behind her and pumps her pussy with his big black cock. She crawls off the stool and across the floor to the couch where she sits on Rob’s cock and goes for a cowgirl ride on it. He spanks her ass and spreads her ass cheeks as she bounces up and down on his pole. “Oh fuck,” she moans. Rob bangs her pussy, slamming his balls against her every stroke. Athena lies on her back for a round of mish with her leg over his shoulder. Rob drills her twat, stretching her open. Athena rides his pipe in reverse cowgirl then she lies on her side for spoon fucking, hosting Rob’s cock deep in her cunt. Rob pulls out and eats her wet pussy then positions on his cock in cowgirl, sending her on another pleasure ride. She rides his pole until he pops in her pussy. She climbs off his cock slowly and allows his sperm to ooze out of her cunt.

Scene 3: Natalie Porkman and Jax Slayher

Natalie is sitting on a bed in pink lingerie. She’s bubbly and fun as she gets interviewed by director Jules Jordan. She’s a self-confessed slut at 19 years old who says she has had more sex than her parents. She crawls across the bed to give us a view of her amazing ass. One of her favorite positions to take dick is doggy style on all fours. She’s 19 and cock hungry. Natalie gets in standing doggy against the wall with her back arched. She shakes her ass for the camera then walks over to Jax, who is waiting for her on the couch. She sits on his lap and kisses him, telling him she won’t be shy with his dick in her. Jax pulls Natalie’s panties down and spreads her ass cheeks open, giving us a hot view of her tight pussy from behind. He spanks her ass cheeks and sucks her nipples. “Got something for you,” Jax tells her. She unzips his pants and puts his hard cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick and fingers her pussy, getting it wet and ready for Jax’s BBC.

Natalie spits up all over herself as she gags on Jax’s big cock. Jax puts his spit-coated cock deep in Natalie’s cunt in standing doggy position. He slams her twat then lies her on the bed in mish and eats her wet pussy. He fucks her in mish, ordering her to play with her pussy while he bangs her. “Fuck my little pussy just like that,” Natalie screams. “Destroy my fucking pussy,” she yells. Jax stretches her pussy in reverse cowgirl then spoon fucks her twat deep and hard. “I love watching your big black cock going in and out,” Natalie moans. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock then lies on her stomach for downward doggy. “Fuck my little white pussy,” she moans out. After another round of missionary fucking Natalie licks Jax’s ass hole and sucks his balls. He pops all over her face, blasting it with jizz.

Scene 4: Vanna Bardot and Rob Piper XXX

Vanna licks on an ice cream cone outside a crowded creamery. “I’ve never seen you around here,” Rob says to her. “You come here often,” he asks her. Vanna licks her ice cream scoop and flirts with Rob. Soon, she’s licking Rob’s cone. Vanna says she lives close by. Rob offers to give her a ride home. You’re sexy,” Rob tells her. “You’re sexy, too,” she says. He takes her to the back seat of his car where the driver is waiting for them. Once on the way to her house, Vanna wastes no time sucking on Rob’s hard cock. She leans over in the back seat and slurps on his meat. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she smiles. Vanna deep throats Rob. “It’s so fucking big,” she gasps. Vanna puts on a show for Rob in the back seat, fingering her pussy for him while he strokes his cock. Rob drops her off at her place and goes home. The next day, he surprises her at her place. She’s glad to see him and kisses him in the doorway. “You ready to pick up where we left off,” Rob asks her. They make out passionately while Rob strips her out of her clothes.

Vanna gets to work sucking Rob’s cock again, keeping her eyes on his while she wraps her lips around his shaft. He eats her pussy doggy style over the window seat then penetrates her wet pussy from behind. He drills his dick deep in Vanna’s cunt, slowly at first. “It’s so fucking big,” she moans as he thrusts harder and faster inside her. “Fuck my pussy,” she moans. He spreads her legs open wide in mish and tongue fucks her pussy, spitting and slurping all over it. Keeping her in mish, he thrusts deeps inside her again, sending Vanna’s eyes rolling back. Rob bangs her from behind, making her cunt cream all over his cock. “Fuck my pussy,” she moans in ultimate pleasure. She does rounds of cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl again, bouncing up and down on Rob’s dick until he blows his load deep in her twat. “Thank you so much,” she says. “Feels so good in my pussy.”

Final Thoughts:

I recommend Interracial Passion, the four-scene flick featuring DVD cover girl Nikki Benz along with starlets Athena Faris, Natalie Porkman, and Vanna Bardot. These hungry harlots get banged by some of the biggest BBCs in the biz. Natalie’s flick opener features her pussy stretching scene with BBC legend Mandingo. Porn stud Rob Piper satisfies Athena Faris and Vanna Bardot, banging both girls with his BBC until he pops and fills their pussies with jizz. Natalie gets her first taste of BBC, feasting on Jax Slayher’s big cock and cum. The starlets have great chemistry with their cock stars and bring an insatiable appetite for big black cock to each scene.

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