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Director: ?

Cast: Emily Willis, Jane Wilde, Lily Larimar, Emma Starletto, Mackenzie Moss, Maya Woulfe

Length: 1 hour and 38 minutes 

Extras: There are slideshows and several trailers.

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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality and audio quality are solid. The tattoos on the men look good on them.  

Overview: Teenage Fun is a film produced by Bree Mills and production company Web Young. It stars AVN and XRCO Female Performer of the Year Emily Willis among other young starlets like Lily Larimar, Mackenzie, Moss, and Jane Wilde. This film is about young love. 


Scene One: Emily Willis is missing her best friend Mackenzie Moss. So, the sad girl calls her friend to apologize. When Mackenzie and Emily talk in person, Emily finally expresses her love for her. As soon as Mackenzie reciprocates her feelings towards her friend, they kiss and make out. Emily’s oral work and Mackenzie’s finger fucking activity are very passionate. It seems that their hidden love has erupted into an awesome flow of excitable sex. Despite the hotness, the sex does not feel so personal as it should be. 

Scene Two: After school, best pals Emma Starletto and Lily Larimar receive their college letters from the admissions office. When they open the letters simultaneously, Lily becomes so happy since she got accepted. But, the tone changes when Emma tells her that she got turned down. Lily tells her bestie that the university is not good enough and decides to refuse to go. Emma then slowly applies a peck on Lily’s lips. The startled girl tells Emma that it’s okay and the both of them start to kiss so affectionately with very slight kisses. This tone continues as they touch each other too. But, the highly passionate work occurs with their pussy licking moments. Throughout their performance, the personal chemistry is endearing and sweet. It is very apparent even while they are positioning from one position to another. 

Scene Three: Jane Wilde and Maya Woulfe are wearing their new school uniforms. Since Maya complains about her’s being too long and big, Jane does several measurements so that she can tailor it. The circumstance becomes very handsy when Jane fondles her best friend’s titties. It leads to them making out. Throughout their performance, it feels quite personal. The chemistry between them is cute. It feels like it’s their first time together. The mouth to ass action is pretty cool. I enjoyed that the girls look back to see how their partner is pleasuring them. 

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