Ultimate Fuck Toy Gabbie Carter

Genres: Gonzo, Star Showcase

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Gabbie Carter, Angela White, Mick Blue, Markus Dupree, Isiah Thomas, Michael Stefano 

Length: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Extras: There is a cum shot recap, photo gallery, trailers, and website information. 

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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality and audio quality are very good. The lighting is particularly well done during Gabbie’s three solo teases. This film is shot in 4K.    

Overview: Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gabbie Carter is a film by director Jules Jordan and his production company Jules Jordan Video. It is the eighth installment to his very popular showcase series Ultimate Fuck Toy. Gabbie Carter has risen to become one of the most popular adult stars in a very short time.


Scene One: Gabbie Carter, who looks quite bubbly, performs a tease in her sexy lingerie. The highlight of the moment occurs when she is laying on the bed. Afterwards, we see her and Isiah Maxwell hook up in front of a large mirror. She sucks his big dick with ease and takes it all in impressively. Her eye contact is cute and adds to the turn-on value. Later, the stud removes her heels and fucks her with his hand around her neck. But, their performance becomes a regular fuck that fans of Isiah’s are well aware of. Meanwhile, Gabbie is enjoying herself well. Even though Isiah fucks her in several positions like holding her around his waist, I really enjoyed her cocksucking moments and seeing her receive his thick cumshot.

Scene Two: A very sexy and determined Gabbie Carter performs her tease with the pool in the background. It is a much longer and effective performance by our female star. Later on, Mick Blue joins her and eventually pulls out her butt plug. After some ass to mouth action, the screwing tempo and heat between them are so exciting. Mick’s fast pace screwing does not change whether he is fucking her pussy or asshole. Both of her holes cannot stop this man down. I even think it’s the anal stuff that makes Mick a more impressive swordsman. And he is already one of the greatest fuckers of all time. In the end, he cums on her pretty face.


Scene Three: Gabbie Carter is sitting in an office where she and Jules Jordan do a tit for tat convo as he interviews her for a job. It is quite amusing and silly. Later, she is met with a very hands on Markus Dupree. Gabbie’s oral work is quite slutty and Markus then fucks her with high intensity. There is no doubt that these two performers are dialed into each other. As a matter of fact, both are quite energetic as fuckers. Markus gets her to squirt several times which means she is raring to go. Overall, the scene felt it went too quickly.

Scene Four: Gabbie Carter and Angela White are playful towards each other as they show off their jiggly titties. There is definitely a lot of boobie play between them. Angela is so good with her dirty talk at the camera. Later, she goes down on her partner to suck her tasty twat. Soon, Michael Stefano appears in between the ladies to become sandwiched to them. Then, the women are riding him with Gabbie occupying his dick and Angela on his face. It’s the pattern that Gabbie is the one who gets fucked the most in this scene. Even though Michael does a good job, it’s Angela’s star power and pleasuring antics that captures the viewers’ attention. And thus, the best screwing moments occur between Michael and the legendary Angela. I think Michael even got caught up in the mystique of Angela White. A big part of the hotness of this performance is seeing Gabbie and Angela team up on the man with their oral actions. In the end, he cums on their happy faces. 

Final Thoughts: This installment to this very popular series holds up well among the previous seven titles to the series. Gabbie Carter is a fine star to showcase it. She is a very likable and beautiful person who fucks well in front of the camera. Her scene with Marcus Dupree could be an award nominee. It’s got high intensity and it’s a powerful performance. Of course, her three-way with Angela White and Michael Stefano will definitely be a crowd-pleaser. Gabbie is sweet and we root for her happiness. I highly recommend this film.

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