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Seducing The Boss

 Title: Seducing the Boss

Genre: Vignette


Cast: Tiffany Tatum, Lexi Dona, Sybil, Nicole Black, Charlie Dean, 


Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Website Promo

Condoms: No



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This one has a catchy title and a lot to enjoy, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who the bosses are in these vignettes. If you’re looking for workplace sex or any kind of power dynamic, then you are going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you like pretty, thin Euro-babes then grab this and by all means, enjoy the hell out of it. The cast is quite lovely and the sex is good, generally anal, and very well shot. There are some really good scenes here including Tiffany Tatum rocking a hot bathing suit before a wicked post-swim bang and Sybil turning in a roller boogie, booty sex tryst. I liked this a lot, just ignore the title and enjoy the hotties.



Scene One: Tiffany Tatum & Charlie Dean

Tiffany Tatum is enjoying a nice day in the pool and not worrying at all about how it might mess up her perfect makeup. Of course, she is really just trying to get laid and has no problem catching someone’s eye. She snags a stud and gets his cock into her mouth before she even has time to wash the chlorine off her lovely body. Working hard from her knees, she takes him deep and power strokes him with both hands. Bending her over, he gets his finger into her ass and decides that this is the hole he needs to bang next. Very nice shots of her legs as she stands and pushes back to take his strokes. She is petite and tight but takes some seriously deep strokes into her back door. The anal close-up shots are great and if you love long, thin legs spread wide there is some really nice footage near the end. He finishes on her face and she sucks down every last drop. 


Scene Two Lexi Dona & Luca Ferrero


It’s workout day for Lexi Dona and she looks to have some pretty good moves in the ring. After working up a sweat, she showers and gets herself all warmed up for a good time with her man.  After putting on some sexy lingerie and boots, she goes into the bedroom where his cock is hard and ready for her mouth. Lexi does a good job sucking his dick before he rolls over her over goes straight for the ass. He pumps that thick rod deep into her while she pushes back just as hard. Lexi is very pretty and in addition to the great anal sex, there are spectacular shots of her long legs when they are up in the air. He has a nice big load for her pretty face to close out the action. 


Scene Three Sybil & Charlie Dean


Sybil is having herself a little solo roller disco party. She skates around in what might be the aftermath of a throwback costume party with her headphones on so she can’t hear the guy in the room until they run into each other. With her skates still on, she drops to the floor for a taste of his very long pole. It takes both hands to really get him going before she lets him guide her head to take him deeper and deeper. Great looking head in this scene.   She keeps her skates on while he eats her and then fucks her. Those things have to get heavy which I guess would make this a creative workout. When she finally does take them off, she has more freedom to move around on top and Sybil takes full advantage of that. This girl can seriously work her hips. She earns herself a nice big shot on the face after some enthusiastic cock sucking at the end. 


Scene Four Nicole Black & Angelo Godshack


The final scene starts out with great potential for tease and atmosphere. Nicole Black looks very hot as she struts around a small airplane for a minute or so. Instead of building on that, we cut to her on a couch stripping down and waiting until her guy shows up. No more tease and that’s a bit of a wasted opportunity, but the action that follows is plenty hot to make us forget about that trench coat and plane. She is on her knees working his big cock to the back of her throat. I am really impressed by this woman’s body and lovely face. After he briefly returns the oral favors she gets on top, spreads her legs wide and takes it right in the ass. Great eye candy here as she gets a chance to show off her body and he gets to go deep into her tightest orifice. He grabs her throat for a short while in each position, but the anal action is really what we should focus on here.  They go at it in doggy for a long while with Nicole pushing back, showing off her ass and getting totally pounded. He pulls out to show off her massive gape before she stretches across his lap to suck the load out of his cock. This girl is very sexy and the anal sex is fantastic in this one. 


Special Features:  Photo Gallery, Cumshot Recap, Website Promo

Final Thoughts:  A really good cast and great sex make this worth watching. Beautiful Euro babes who love it in the ass. Just don’t go looking for any of them to look or act like a boss.


Final Rating: Watch on Demand 

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