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Casey: A True Story

Feature Running Time:  1 hour 43 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: Feature;

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Joanna Angel

Written By:  Joanna Angel, Shawn Alff, and Casey Kisses

Executive Producer: Bree Mills

Cast: Casey Kisses, Kenna James, Kira Noir, Kylie Le Beau, Khloe Kay, Tommy Pistol, Charles Dera, Dante Cole, Owen Gray. Also featuring non-sex performers Derrick Pierce, Small Hands, Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee, Ricky Greenwood, Brian Street Team, Biish Van Ooyen, Shaun Rivera, XWHYZ, Shaggy, Bugzy, Juanito Blanco, Big Red, Joshua Alves.  

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Website Information


Award-winning director Joanna Angel and executive producer Bree Mills set the mood for Casey: A True Story with shots early in the opening credits. In highly stylized cinematography, we see images of bikers taking to the open road. This is a coming-of-age story about a young Casey Kisses coming into her own and embracing her true identity, transitioning from a man to a woman, beating the odds, and breaking records in the porn industry. The gritty backgrounds, dark lighting, tough-guy personas, biker club tensions, and hot sex set the stage for Casey’s journey. The story is incredible, and the acting is some of the best I’ve seen in recent flicks. Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce, and Small Hands give great acting performances. Joanna weaves this all together into a blockbuster flick. This movie is my Xcritic Pick. It’s a marriage of high production, hot sex, and a deep dark story of triumph showing Casey’s strength and evolution into who she is today.

Scene 1: Charles Dera and Kira Noir

The bikers set off for adventure down the open road, welcoming Dante, who plays Casey when she was a man, into the club. They invite him over to the clubhouse where he gets to know all the brothers in the club. The place has never looked so good since Dante started showing up and cleaning the place up. “Is it OK if I bring my girlfriend to the party,” he asks Derrick, the president of the club. Charles offers to take real good care of Kira when Dante brings her around. Kira is excited to get out to the party. They haven’t partied in a long time. Dante will mostly be working the door, but Kira can still have fun. She tries to put her eyelashes on and is having trouble. Dante shows her how. “How did you learn how to do that,” Kira asks. Dante learned how to do makeup when his dad went to prison. He would help his mom get ready for dates all the time and help her with her makeup.

The drama heats up when Joana calls the cops on Charles. Dante tells him to take everything he’s got and put it in the backpack, and he’ll get rid of it before the cops show up. “Go handle your shit,” he tells Charles. Later at the clubhouse, Kira isn’t happy because Dante has been working the door all night. Charles walks in. He escaped the cops. Charles tells Kira she can hang out with him while Dante works the door. Kira isn’t happy about the arrangement at first but agrees to a tour of the clubhouse. Charles takes her to a back room where they’re alone and sits her on a table where they make out. The chemistry between these two is hot. Charles kisses her neck and under her arm then pins her over the table in standing doggy.  He spanks her ass and eats her pussy from behind. He fingers her until she cums. “That’s it,” Kira moans. She gets on her knees and sucks the stud’s cock, stroking it with both hands then deep throating it.

“Give me that pussy,” Charles demands while fucking her in standing doggy over the table. He bangs her in mish on the table with her leg over his shoulder. The horny Kira cums again. It’s been a long time since Dante fucked her. She needs Charles’s cock. She bounces up and down on his dick in reverse cowgirl followed by cowgirl, using his pole for her pleasure. She bounces up and down on his dick in standing cowgirl then gets her throat fucked. Charles doggy fucks her in ball-banging action. “Keep fucking me,” Kira pleads. Charles slams her twat doggy style then grabs an ashtray and shoots his thick load of cum in it. “Get down on your knees,” he orders her. Kira gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide as Charles pours his cum down her throat. Kira licks up the cum left in the ashtray.

Club president Derrick tells Charles to thank Dante for hiding his bag from the cops. “What you did took some balls,” Derrick tells Dante. Derrick hands Dante his colors and welcomes him to the club. Dante earned his membership for putting his life on the line.

Scene 2: Khloe Kay and Dante Colle

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Dante is a member of the club now and Kira is a bartender. It’s a typical night in the bar when a young woman walks up next to Charles and orders a drink. “Robert, just because you put on a dress doesn’t mean you get to drink like a little bitch,” Charles says. “It’s Chloe,” the woman responds. The two get into a spat and Dante steps in to stop Charles from hitting Chloe. Charles explains that Chloe used to be a guy named Robert who used to work in his shop. “Now, he puts on a dress and some lipstick and thinks it cute to trick dudes into fucking him,” Charles says. “That’s a guy?” Dante asks in disbelief. Chloe orders Dante a drink, getting his attention. Sparks fly between these two and they land in bed later that night, kissing each other. They strip each other out of their clothes and Khloe gets to work on Dante’s dick. She licks his balls and shafts and wraps her lips around his cock, satisfying him.

“Turn around so I can suck on you,” Dante says. Khloe lies on top of him in 69 position, sucking his cock while he sucks hers. Dante spanks Khloe’s ass and tongues her hole. “I want to fuck you so bad,” Dante moans. Khloe tells him to use his tongue to get her hole ready for his dick. Khloe gets on all fours doggy style. Dante penetrates her hole, working his cock deep inside her slowly. “You feel so fucking good,” Dante says while thrusting in and out. Khloe sits on top of Dante’s dick and rides it in reverse cowgirl. “Yeah, it’s so deep inside me,” she moans. Khloe climbs off Dante’s cock. Dante sucks Khloe’s dick, making it hard. He fucks her in mish then pulls out and shoots his load all over Khloe’s cock. She strokes her cock and cums while Dante drills her hole. Dante gets dressed. “I’d say we should do this again, but I know this is a one-time thing,” Khloe says. Dante is intrigued by Khloe’s photo when she was a man. He asks how she did it. “Hormones, surgery,” Khloe says. “It doesn’t help anyone if you keep hurting yourself,” Khloe tells him.

Dante goes home to meet an angry Kira on the couch. She doesn’t like the way Dante was gushing all over Khloe at the bar. It’s all starting to make sense to Kira. She realizes that Dante likes what’s between Khloe’s legs and her built-in strap-on. Dante admits that he’s confused right now. This changes everything for Kira.

Derrick calls a meeting with the guys, telling them about the new rules. He also tells them about the plan to go get their shit. Dante stands up and reminds the guys about dues and the upcoming event. He has the full respect of the club now. Later after Derrick clears everyone out of the club, he has a conversation with Dante. Derrick asks him if it’s true he’s a fairy. “What does it matter who I’m fucking,” Dante yells. “Don’t do that shit here,” Derrick says. He tells Dante to go somewhere else to do that and to keep quiet about it. Derrick promises him that no one in the club will find out, but he gives Dante an ultimatum. He can pack his shit now and leave and go do his gay shit or he can stay quiet about it and stay in the club. “I can’t deal with this shit right now,” Dante says. He grabs his stuff and leaves. Dante bikes his way over to Khloe’s place. He’s upset. Khloe promises him everything will be OK now that it’s out. She wants them to post pictures on social media saying they’re a couple.

The guys in the club pressure Derrick to kick Dante out when they see pictures of him kissing Khloe on the internet. “It’s embarrassing to the club,” Charles yells. Derrick promises to take care of it. He calls Dante and tells him he’s out. Derrick and Small Hands show up to strip Dante of his badge. “I thought we were fucking family,” Dante says. “But there’s no such thing as fucking family,” he adds. “Why did you have to lie,” Derrick asks. “The only person I ever lied to was myself,” Dante says.

Scene 3: Kenna James and Tommy Pistol

Dante’s dad, Tommy, is out of prison now. He sits at the table for dinner with his son It’s been a long time since he’s been out and he looks good all cleaned up. He hasn’t had a shower like that in a long time. Tommy hasn’t been allowed to touch a knife and fork during his 15-year prison stint. He breaks down just looking at the table setting. He’s got to get used to being an ex-con now. Tommy tells a story of his prison mate. “I find out my bunkmate is a fairy,” he tells Dante. Tommy caught him checking out his ass and confronts him about it. The prison mate knocks him across the head, leaving a big scar Dante remembers seeing. Tommy’s prison mate became his best bud in prison. He doesn’t know if he’ll see him again, but he’s always on his mind.

Dante wants to take his dad shopping tomorrow to get some things for the house. His dad wants to go down to the clubhouse instead. He wants to meet Dante’s biker crew. Dante can’t tell his dad he has been kicked out of the club. He promises to ask the guys about having his dad come down for a visit. The next day when they’re leaving the mall, Tommy asks about going down to the clubhouse again. “You’re a ranking member. I know how this shit works,” Tommy says.  Dante admits that he’s no longer a member of the club because of rumors that he’s gay. “Who’s spreading rumors about you,” Tommy asks. “Some of it’s true,” Dante says. “I’ve messed around with some dudes.” His dad is in disbelief. “I’m still trying to figure it out,” Dante says. “I like getting fucked in the ass and I don’t care if it’s by a man or a woman, and I don’ think that makes me gay,” Dante explains. “I like men and I like women,” he says. “I like feminine things and this is the first time I’m admitting it.” Dante says he wishes he had a pussy sometimes. He has scheduled a visit with a doctor who helps trans patients. Tommy says he doesn’t understand it. He knew a few guys in the slammer just like Dante. He’s not gonna stop Dante. He tells Dante he doesn’t need his dad’s permission to be who he wants to be.

Tommy hasn’t had pussy in 15 years and he needs some. Dante knows just the place to take his dad for pussy. He takes him to a strip club where Kenna is putting on a dance. Dante tells Tommy Kenna will take good care of him. Kenna takes Tommy to the VIP room for special service. She sits on his lap and grinds on him, teasing him. Before long, Tommy is eating and fingering Kenna’s pussy doggy style. Kenna stays on all fours and sucks Tommy’s cock, pulling on his balls and stroking his shaft. It’s been a long time for Tommy. “I might fucking cry,” he says as he penetrates Kenna from behind and fucks her doggy style. “I love hearing that pussy talk,” he says.  Tommy bangs Kenna hard and fast, drilling deep inside her. He pulls out and eats her wet pussy then fucks it again in reverse cowgirl, driving Kenna to cum on his cock. She sucks her pussy juice off his dick then rides it cowgirl style. Tommy pulls out and cums in Kenna’s mouth. The feeling is so good, Tommy cries. He compliments Kenna’s nice tits and tells her that Dante wants tits now. Kenna is turned off by this and walks away.

Later that night, Dante goes to Khloe’s place and explains that he came out to his dad. “I’m not a man,” Khloe says. “You’re not gay,” Dante tells her he’s super happy now that he came out to his dad and he’s thinking about getting on hormones. “We never talked about this,” Khloe says. She’s surprised and confused by everything Dante explains. She’s proud of Dante, but she explains she doesn’t want to be with another woman. She likes Dante as a man. “I literally gave up fucking everything for you,” Dante yells. Khloe tells Dante he’s going to have to go through this alone, just like she did. “You need to go,” Khloe tells him.

We watch Dante go through his transformation. He throws his old club jacket and an old photo of himself into a burning fire. He lies on the operating table next for his procedure. He wakes up from the procedure covered in bandages as Casey Kisses.

Scene 4: Casey Kisses, Owen Gray, and Kylie Le Beau

When this scene opens, we get our first look at Casey. She hangs with her dad, Tommy, outside. Tommy just got fired from his job and it’s going to be hard for him to find another one. Tommy suggests they take the bats and rob a check-cashing store. “An easy five grand,” Tommy says. Casey says she’s not robbing a check cashing place with him. She’s got a plan to get them both out of this shit hole, she tells him. Like old times, they swing baseball bats at beer cans, knocking them across the front yard. Later that night when Tommy is asleep, Casey locks herself away in her room and puts on a cam show. She pulls her bra halfway off, flashing her tits and telling her viewers they’ve got to hit that first goal to get her top all the way off. She makes the goal and pulls her bra off. Soon, Casey is stroking her big cock and licking her nipples for the cam show. “I want to fuck so bad right now,” she moans while stroking her dick. She jerks a dildo until it cums, reaching her cam goals. The audience wants to see her cum all over herself. Casey strokes her big cock until she cums.

A drunk Tommy wakes up, demanding the keys to the car. Cassey refuses to give it to him. Tommy gets so angry he tries to strangle Cassey. She breaks away and locks herself in the room while Tommy gets angrier and angrier, destroying the living room and using a baseball bat to bust a big hole in Casey’s bedroom door. Casey is terrified and calls Derrick for help. Derrick and Small Hands show up just in time dressed as cops. They stop Tommy in his tracks and scare the shit out of him. Casey thanks the guys for helping him and taking him down to the clubhouse where she will be safe. Derrick tells her they want her to come back to the club. He turns them down and says he’s moving to California to get into porn. Derrick tells her she’ll always have a place in the clubhouse.

Casey finds a place and is settling in well in California. She’s in the house with Kylie Le Beau and Owen now. Kylie invites her to join them in a cam show they’re about to put on. “Why don’t you get changed and we’ll fuck the shit out of you,” Kylie tells her. Casey gets dressed for her first threesome on cam. The room is full and it’s time to start the show. Casey and Kylie kiss Owen passionately, heating up the scene. The girls start kissing each other and fondling their breasts. They share Owen’s cock, sucking and stroking it back and forth. Kylie gets sandwiched between Owen’s cock in her pussy and Casey’s cock in her mouth. Casey and Owen trade places. Now, Casey is fucking Kylie while she sucks Owen’s dick. It’s time for Casey to take some cock. She gets on all fours for a doggy bang with Owen. Kylie gets under Casey in 69 and sucks her cock. Kylie gets in a sandwich again, this time riding Owen’s cock cowgirl style while sucking Casey’s dick. Casey goes for a reverse cowgirl ride on Owen’s dick then she blows her load all over Kylie’s tits. Owen blows his load next, cumming all over Kylie’s stomach. Kylie assures Casey that she’s going to kill it in the porn biz.

Casey does what she loves next. She hops on her bike and goes for a ride on the open road.

Final Thoughts:

Casey: A True Story is my Xcritic Pick. The combination of Joana Angela as director, Bree Mills as executive producer, a blockbuster cast, cinematography, and hot sex sends this movie to the top of the ratings. It tells the incredible story of Casey Kisses’ journey to becoming the person she is today. As a man, it was a deep, dark journey that includes a broken family, a rough biker club, and a dissatisfied girlfriend. Casey finds herself, accepting that she loves men and women and she likes being fucked in the ass. She comes out to her ex-convict dad and is finally free to undergo the surgery that will transform her into the Casey we know today. In addition to the great storyline, the acting is highly rated. Non-sex performers Derrick Pierce and Small Hands put on great performances. The hottest sex scene in the flick is the first one between rough biker Charles Dera and the beautiful Kira Noir. Their hard banging over the table climaxes with Kira swallowing Charles’ thick load out of an ashtray. This flick has it all.

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