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I Owe You One

 Title: I Owe You One

Genre: All Sex

Web Young

Cast: Chanel Grey, Jane Wilde, Hazel Moore, Samantha Reigns, Sera Ryder, Indica Monroe


Date of Production: 2021


Condoms: No



This is a pretty simple girl/girl flick with a “favor” formula. Do something for me and who knows what I might do for you. For example, if you need help with laundry, ask your roommate and she just might eat your pussy. Help a classmate cheat on an exam and not get caught? She might just eat your pussy. Win concert tickets for your stepsister, she just might eat your…hey wait, I’m picking up a pattern here. You get the idea. Cute set ups followed by lesbian sex. If that’s your thing then the action is well shot and the cast is good enough to give it a look. At least on VOD where you can pick the most appealing pair and enjoy.



Scene One: Jane Wilde & Chanel Grey

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Jane Wilde wants to go out, but she has nothing clean to wear. She enlists the help of blonde roommate Chanel Grey, but between the two of them, there is zero knowledge of how to do laundry. Everything seems to be tainted with some boldly fluid or another.  With nothing clean to wear, they decide to stay and just fuck each other. That works out just fine for both of them. Jane seems hungry and dines on pink teen tuna until she is ready to feel Chanel’s tongue. They look quite happy together and Jane’s thick push gets thoroughly explored by her hungry roomie. There is a lot of good footage here, including some very sexy kissing and pussy rubbing so intense that Jane is clutching Chanel desperately as she climaxes. 


Scene Two: Samantha Reigns & Hazel Moore


When Samantha Reigns nearly gets caught trying to cheat on an exam, quick thinking by Hazel Moore saves her. After the narrow escape, Samantha wants to thank her new friend for the save. Hazel is not expecting a reward, but is more than happy to kiss her back when Sam plants a wet one on her lips. They get each other nearly naked on their desks pretty quickly and then settle in for some passionate pussy eating. To make things a little easier, the girls decide to use their teacher’s (Natasha Nice) desk. There is nice footage here, especially if you like watching pretty girls play with boobs. They finish up by masturbating in front of each other. Too bad they didn’t get their hot teacher in on the action. 


Scene Three: Sera Ryder & Indica Monroe


Sera Ryder is on the phone with a radio station trying to win some concert tickets. With the help of her stepsister Indica Monroe, she wins, but there is some bad news. There is only one ticket and it’s a backstage pass. Indica is such a huge fan that she is willing to do just about anything for the ticket. As they negotiate, they discover that they both have huge crushes on one another. Who needs a concert when you can check out your stepsisters big (or tiny) titties? Sera gets a good taste of Indica from behind before spreading her own thighs for some oral action. There is some good footage of the two women rubbing clit as they fight to get each other off. I don’t think it even matters who gets the concert tickets by the time they are finished.  


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Final Thoughts:  


All Girl action with a favor for a favor theme. Decent cast, well shot action and good if you like the genre. Middle scene was my favorite overall though Jane Wilde is the woman who really turned my head here.


Final Rating: Watch on Demand 

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