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Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers

Genres: Lesbian, Trans, Threeway, Strap-On

Director: Sinn Sage

Cast: Sinn Sage, Chelsea Marie, Cassie Cummings, Sydney Screams, Sophie Ladder, and Aphrodite Adams

Length: 1 hour, 34 mins.

Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Photo Galley, Trailers

Condoms: Yes

Audio/ Video Quality: Standard HD


Sinn Sage has dabbled into many genres, but her latest release marks something that fans have wanted to see for a while. Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers is her first full-length contribution to the trans-genre. With four full scenes, Sinn showcases some fantastic action and chemistry with her trans lovers. It’s a diverse mix of sub/dom roleplaying, strap-on action, and many more.

Scene 1: Sinn Sage & Chelsea Marie

We immediately start the movie with Sinn Sage and Chelsea Marie making out in a bathtub. The bath is already filled with hot soapy bubbles as both of them lather each other with bubbles while feeling each other in passion. Sinn sucks longly on Chelsea’s tits with each motion just really teasing her before their tongues dance again. Sinn goes down on Chelsea and sucks her nice hard cock with almost deepthroating it on the first couple of tries. Chelsea then returns the favor by eating out Sinn, and we even get a couple of POV shots thrown in. She gets her all nice and wet before fucking Sinn doggy style in the tub.

It’s incredible seeing Sinn loving get fucked as her ass jiggles while the water splashes. Then start making out before fading to black and cutting to Sinn, giving Chelsea a blowjob bed while a strap-on is in view. Sinn gets fucked for a bit before turning the tables and fucking Chelsea with her strap-on. It’s such a hot view of the strap ongoing in a while; her cock is swaying around. It ends with Sinn fucking her so hard that she cums all over her lovely bush.

Scene 2: Sinn Sage & Aphrodite Adams

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The scene starts off a little jarring from an audio perspective as the volume and echo are much louder than before. However, the content makes up for it as the scenario plays Sinn & Aphrodite after their first date, with their attraction to each other being clear. Aphrodite confesses that she didn’t put on her profile that she’s trans and has a dick. Sinn doesn’t mind at all as she has her dick in the form of a strap-on. Their attraction becomes increased as they start to make out and strip down to their panties. Sinn fishes Aphrodite’s cock out of her panties and starts giving her a blowjob. It’s slow and sensual like she’s trying to savor the moment.

Aphrodite returns the favor by eating her out, and the POV shot where she’s looking up is stunning. Sinn sucks on her cock once more before getting on top and riding her. Aphrodite has her knees up, and it gives way to my favorite shot in the movie. We see both Sinn’s lovely ass bouncing on that cock while Aphrodite’s asshole is in view. It’s sweltering to see the two of them in rhythm as they go faster and faster. Sinn turns the tables for a little bit as she gets her strap-on and starts fucking. The scene ends with Sinn deep in Aphrodite’s ass as they both kiss.

Scene 3: Sinn Sage, Cassie Cummings, and Sydney Screams

We start with Cassie and Sydney making out in the tub as they lather each other up. They’re both enjoying a romantic weekend at a hotel and having some fun. Cassie gets Sydney on edge to eat her out. Those two already have a good connection, but it wouldn’t be a Sinn Sage movie without the gal herself. In this scene, she’s a maid that accidentally walks in on them. She’s mortified and embarrassed for the scene, but the couple doesn’t mind. They want her to join in as the third, and after some convincing, Sinn jumps in the tub. They prop her up on the edge so Cassie can lick her pussy. Sinn gets into it as she returns the favor to Cassie and starts sucking her off.

She gets her cock all lubed up with spit so Cassie can fuck Sydney’s tremendous ass. They go into a nice rhythm as Sinn goes back on the edge of the tub so Sydney can eat her out. They briefly stop so they can all make out with each other. It’s so hot seeing all three rub their bodies against each other as no words are being said because their tongues are busy. The scene gets hotter as Syndey stands up so Cassie and Sinn can worship her gorgeous body. Cassie has her face bury in those cheeks while Sinn is eating her out. Both girls have their turn getting fucked by Cassie before the scene ends with some sensual kissing and rubbing.

Scene 4: Sinn Sage & Sophie Ladder

Our final scene brings us to Sophie Ladder, who’s so horny watching porn that she starts jerking off. Her peace is interrupted when Sinn walks in and catches her in the act. Sinn gets mad at her before Sophie quickly turns the tables as her height gives a clear advantage as she towers above her. Sophie decides to jerk off in front of Sinn and pulls down her jeans to give her mom a nice spanking. This quickly turns into a dominant and submissive scene that both actresses pull off incredibility well. Sinn’s asscheeks turn red as Sophie quickly strips her off. Before she can say a word, Sinn gets pulled into giving Sophie a blowjob.

This turns her more submissively as she starts enjoying sucking on her cock as her eyes lookup. Sophie even reveals that she always had a crush on Sinn, which she quickly reciprocates. They go down on the bed as Sophie sticks her cock right into Sinn’s wet pussy. Sophie dogs on Sinn that she needs this dick and to get fucked real good. The two switches positions into doggy style as Sophie grabs Sinn’s hips and fucks her relentlessly. Deciding that she had enough, Sophie barks at Sinn to drink her cum and makes her swallow a big load.

Final Thoughts:
Sinn’s Trans Lesbian Lovers is an excellent showcase from Sinn Sage as she goes entirely down the trans hole. Her chemistry with all the performers shines brightly as everyone brings their all to this movie. I want to give this a highly recommended rating, but the offputting sound from scene to scene is a distraction. You’ll have to keep adjusting the volume for each scene to get the best experience. And if you’re okay with that, I do recommend that fans of Sinn Sage and trans porn give this movie a watch.


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