Asexual kicked out of home. So turned their parents in for illegal firearms

An asexual child was evicted from their parent’s place after they were threatened with being sent to conversion therapy. (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

The parents of an asexual person was convinced their child was gay and threatened to send them to conversion therapy, so they warned the police about their father’s illegal firearms.

On the subreddit ‘Am I The A**hole’, where users decide if the original poster is, indeed, the one in the wrong, the asexual OP asks the world that exact question, and got the best reply.

Unsurprisingly given the context of the situation – from their parents kicking them out to holding their belongings hostage – Reddit agreed that they are in no way the ‘a**hole’ here.

Asexual person forced to move in with parents who erase their sexuality and want to push them into conversion therapy. 

OP, who is based in Canada, explained: “I recently lost my job and parents practically begged me back to live with them while I plan the next steps in life.

“I wanted to go back to school and pursue a masters degree, but when I got back it was clear they had other plans.

“I’m ace but they were convinced I’m gay and were going to force me into conversion therapy through the church, when I refused they kicked me out less than four days later, including the weekend.”

As a result, OP’s parents had police officers wake then up in the morning to evict them. Since then, they have bounced around various motels scoping for a permanent place.

Moreover, their parents are also “withholding” all of their possessions.

“I’m arranging a police escort when I show up with a u-haul as I wouldn’t feel safe going there alone or with just a friend,” they said,  “and the majority of my family doesn’t speak to me.”

But in advance of collecting their belongings, OP added that they warned the authorities about their father’s “stash of illegal firearms, including handguns”.

So, the question remains: Are they the a**hole?

Reddit users resoundingly said no.

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