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Anal Savages 7

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: All Sex; Anal

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Jules Jordan

Cost: With uber babes Angela White, Adriana Chechik, Jada Stevens, and Katalina Kyle, this flick is worth getting your hands on. This all-anal movie is a sizzler. Angela’s three-man gangbang has her in multiple airtight positions that lead to assgasms and intense popshots down her throat.

Cast: Angela White, Jada Stevens, Katalina Kyle, Adriana Chechik, Jules Jordan, Mick Blue, Zac Wild, Chris Diamond

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Any flick with porn queen Angela White and mega starlets Jada Stevens, Adriana Chechik, and Katalina Kyle is going to be a sizzler. Make it all anal, and you’ve got a winner. Director Jules Jordan hit a hole-in-one with his flick Anal Savages 7 featuring these insatiable ladies with their bouncing butts and giant jugs. I highly recommend this one. Angela has the hottest fuck of the flick in her three-man anal gangbang that has her gulping gallons of goop after rounds and rounds of airtight fucking with cocksmen Mick Blue, Zac Wild, and Jules. Jada’s ass is hypnotizing in her hot throwdown with Jules. Adriana works her magic at the pool, teasing us with her gaping ass and squirting twat. Katalina’s tight ass hole gets lubed and stretched open by Jules’ constant thrusting. This flick is a winner and worth watching.

Scene 1: Angela White, Jules Jordan, Mick Blue, and Zac Wild

The queen of seduction, Angela, looks delicious in her black cut-out lingerie complete with locks and keys around her waist and neck. She struts up the stairs to the outdoor balcony where she puts on a steamy solo show, bouncing her big boobs and grinding her ass around. The show continues in the bedroom in front of a tall mirror, giving us twice the view of this hot babe. She slaps her boobs and squeezes them together, making them jiggle. “I’m ready to get fucked,” Angela moans. “You ready to watch,” she asks. She crawls over to Jules, Mick, and Zac. “You boys look ready to fuck,” she says. The guys suck on her big tits and unzip their pants. “Look at these perfect fucking cocks,” Angela says right before gobbling Zac’s. She moves to Mick’s stick next then on to Jules’s prick. Angela makes a mess of herself and the guys’ cock in rounds of deep throating. She coats each cock with her spit and gags and gorges on them. Angela moves her greedy mouth back and forth between three cocks, getting her throat fucked. Angela promises to be a nasty slut for us today. She rubs all three cocks all over her face then deep throats them.

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Angela lies in mish on the couch for deep penetrating cocks. The guys drill her twat balls deep. They pound her pussy, stretching it out. Angela fingers her twat while getting fucked. She goes for a ride on Mick’s big dick, bouncing up and down. She invites Jules to use her ass. He penetrates her pooper giving her an airtight DP in cowgirl with Zac drilling her mouth, Mick drilling her pussy, and Jules pounding her ass. Jules and Zac trade places stretching her ass and throat with cock. She sits on Mick’s cock, taking it up her ass. “I love being used,” she moans. “There’s always room for another dick,” she tells the guys. They stuff all her holes in an airtight reverse cowgirl DP. Angela loves three cocks stretching all her holes. She does another intense airtight DP cowgirl style then drops to her knees for a throat bang from the guys. Angela wants her ass used again. Jules fucks it in reverse cowgirl followed by Mick and Zac who drill her ass doggy style. Take that fucking cock, the guys order her. She gets all three openings used again, this time in an airtight doggy DP. Angela is insatiable, feasting ass to mouth on each prick. Mick wants more of her ass. He fucks it cowgirl style. Angela tastes his cock right out of her ass, kneeling for a three-man blowbang. The guys coat her face in blasts of cum, shooting their loads all over her. Mick blasts his load on her face then fucks her doggy style while Zac blows his load on her. Zac drills her ass again while she begs Jules for his load. “Bring me that fucking dick,” she demands. Covered in cum, she’s surrounded by cock as she sucks each one clean of cum.

Scene 2: Jada Stevens and Jules Jordan

“I’m back,” Jada says to Jules. She’s ready to have fun at the pool today shaking her big butt from side to side. “So juicy,” she says, describing her big ass as she shakes her cheeks from side to side. She crawls along the lounge chair in doggy position saying we’ve got the best view of her hot ass. “Make my cock bounce up and down,” Jules tells her. She uses her ass to jerk his cock off with her G-string. Jada is bent over in standing doggy as Jules buries his face between her cheeks, tonguing her pussy and ass. She goes on a walk along the pool then eventually makes her way to Jules’ cock. She sucks his dick, stroking it and coating it in spit. She bends over in standing doggy and takes Jules’ dick from behind. “Keep fucking me just like that,” she moans as he thrusts in and out of her twat. She goes on another walk to the inside where she sucks Jules off again. She sits her big ass on his dick and rides it cowgirl style, bouncing up and down on his hard pole.

Jada gets in doggy position for more cock. This time Jules gives it to her in the ass, drilling her tight poop chute balls deep. Jada turns the tables and dances on his cock, riding it deep in her ass in cowgirl position. “It’s so fucking tight,” she yells as Jules drills it open. “Give me that slow grind,” Jules begs her. Jada grinds her ass slowly around and around on his dick until she cums. Jada gets into reverse cowgirl for another pleasure ride. She bounces up and down on his shift, creaming on his cock. Jules pins her in mish and eats her wet pussy then he penetrates her pussy, pounding it with deep strokes. “That feels so good,” Jada affirms. “Give me all this fucking cum,” she tells him while stroking his dick in and out of her mouth. “Give me this big fucking load.” Jada sucks and strokes his dick then opens her mouth wide for blasts of cum down her throat. She swallows his jizz, telling him he painted her face.

Scene 3: Katalina Kyle and Jules Jordan

Katalina is basking in the sun at the pool, shaking her booty cheeks for Jules. “This is what I want to see every day,” he says. She turns around to show off her big bouncy boobs. Katalina goes on a walk around the pool, showing off her ass cheeks. When she gets to the other side of the pool, she shows us her special talent. She squeezes her tits together and licks her nipples. She can’t wait to squeeze a big cock between her boobs. She walks up to the balcony and on her way up she stops on the stairs to give us another show, bending over in standing doggy and giving us a hot view of her pussy and ass from behind. Katalina oils up her big ass cheeks and gets them shiny and glistening in the sun. She makes her way indoors and kneels on a barstool doggy style for Jules. He kisses her ass cheeks then gets her to sit on his cock in reverse cowgirl. She bounces up and down on his hard cock. “I love working my pussy all over your dick,” she ways. She bends over into standing doggy, working her pussy on his cock. He pulls out and feeds her his hard dick. Katalina tastes her pussy off his cock, sucking it all the way down his shaft.

She does more standing doggy fucking over the barstool then gets her ass ready for Jules’ cock. He oils her tight ass hole, lubing it up. Jules penetrates her tight pooper in standing doggy over the barstool. “Train the booty,” she moans. He promises to train her ass hole, drilling it with his dick until he stretches it open. “Open that hole up,” Katalina moans. Jules pulls out of her ass and stuffs her throat with his cock. She sucks him off then lies on her back on the barstool for more cock up the ass in mish. He pulls out, revealing her gaping ass hole then he stuffs it with his cock again. Katalina goes on a cowgirl ride with Jules’ prick deep in her ass then she does more ass to mouth, switching to reverse cowgirl anal after stuffing her face. She gets on all fours for doggystyle up the ass. “Fucking slam it with that dick,” she screams. Katalina titty fucks him then sucks him off until he pops all over her face.

Scene 4: Adriana Chechik and Chris Diamond

Adriana dazzles in her blingy bikini. She does a tantalizing tease on the balcony overlooking the pool. Adriana makes her way to the pool area, continuing her sexy solo tease. She grinds her perfect body around and gives us hot shots of her ass. She is even more seductive in doggy position on the lounge chair when she crawls from one end to the other. She removes her top and squeezes her nipples while looking seductively into the camera. Her bikini bottoms are up next. She removes them slightly giving us a peek at her bush. When Adriana takes them off, we see her tight pussy. She massages her clit then gets in doggy position again, giving us a rear view of her twat. Spanish stud Chris Diamond joins Adriana at the pool. He kisses her and fingers her twat before offering her his throbbing cock. Adriana kneels in doggy position and reaches for Chris’s cock. She wraps her lips around his shaft and strokes his dick in and out of her mouth. Chris thrusts his dick down Adriana’s throat, making her gag on it. Adriana deep throats Chris’ big cock and spits up all over it. She licks her way down to his balls and back up his shaft. “Stick it in there,” she tells him, getting Chris to fuck her throat again until she drools.

The pair move inside and Adriana gets back to work sucking Chris’ dick. She covers the floor in threads of spit she leaves hanging from his hard cock. He positions her in mish on a barstool and penetrates her tight ass. Adriana’s mouth gapes open when Chris slams her ass hole. He pulls out and stretches her pussy with his dick then goes back and forth between holes. “Use them,” Adriana tells him. Chris pulls out of her pussy and stuffs her ass with cock, leaving her hole gaping open. “Oh yeah, fuck it,” she screams when Chris fucks her ass in standing doggy. “That’s such a big cock in there,” she moans. Chris pulls out and does ass to mouth in Adriana’s greedy throat then crawls her across the floor and drills her ass in doggy until her pussy squirts. He sits her on his cock in cowgirl position and pounds her ass, making her pussy squirt like a geyser. “Make me cum,” she screams. “Right there,” she says. “Fucking deeper.” Adriana cums all over Chris’ cock, soaking him even more. “Use that hole,” she orders him. She takes more prick in her pooper in reverse cowgirl. “I like seeing that big fucking cock disappear in there,” she says. “I want to cum again,” she moans. Chris pumps her sphincter in mish, stretching her ass open. After a round of ass to mouth, Adriana is on her back again for more cock up the ass in mish. Chris pulls out and fucks her throat, making her gag then he blasts his spunk all over Adriana’s face, leaving wads of cum pooling on her eyelids. She grabs hold of his dick and sucks it, swallowing his load.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Anal Savages 7. Director Jules Jordan captures mega starlets Angela White, Jada Stevens, Adriana Chechik, and Katalina Kyle at their best in this all-anal expose. Porn queen Angela is the best bang of the bunch in her opening three-man anal assault stuffed with airtight fucking. Angela manhandles her cocksmen, using them to satisfy her insatiable ass and all her holes. The girls all know how to steam up a screen with their opening solo teases and insatiable ass holes. This is a satisfying flick and one to add to the anal porn stash.

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