Police K-9 Takes Down Man Accused In Brutal Hate Crime Assault Of Elderly Gay Man

A man was arrested on suspicion of a brutal anti-gay hate crime following a violent assault on two victims in downtown Palo Alto, Calif., over the weekend, according to authorities.

Alexander Joseph Furrier, 26, is charged with felony battery, felony hate crime, felony assault on a police dog, and resisting arrest, according to CBS Channel 5.

According to Palo Alto police, Furrier was at a house party with a woman he knew on Saturday night. The woman then left the home with the male victim and another man, both of whom she identified as gay.

When the men eventually parted ways with the woman, Furrier continued to follow her.

“The male victim then returned and told the suspect to leave the woman alone,” the station reports. “According to police, the suspect then punched the man several times and while continuing to direct homophobic epithets at him. The suspect also threw the woman to the ground when she tried to intervene.”

The male victim, described as being in his 60s, lost consciousness during the attack and was taken to a hospital after suffering a cut to the back of his head. The woman, in her 20s, was not injured.

When police arrived, the suspect fled on foot. Officers found him hiding in a stairwell at an apartment complex about two blocks away.

“Officers attempted to negotiate with the suspect, but he did not comply, police said. When a police dog was brought in to help take him into custody, officers said the suspect kicked the canine repeatedly and attempted to choke the dog. The dog bit the suspect in the leg and he was taken into custody without further incident,” CBS reports.

Police said Furrier was treated for the wound to his leg before being taken into custody. The dog had a cut above one of his eyes and may have injured a paw.

Furrier was taken into the Santa Clara County Jail.