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Women Loving Girls 5


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Two marvelous models, Natasha Nice and Alyx Star are in a slight embrace as the box cover for Women Loving Girls 5 marking this as a part of the “The Lesbian Experience” from the Digital Sin brand. The sheen of organized information has an indicator that the film was shot in 4K with an icon hovering above the smile of Alyx Star. At the bottom corner of the DVD box, you’ll see a director credit underneath the film’s logo. Flip the box around to see more female talents listed along with screenshots from the film. Each pairing of talent gets a grouping of screenshots next to a larger photo of Silvia Saige and Charlotte Sins as the design makeup for the back of this DVD’s box. A small summary of Women Loving Girls 5 hovers above the pertinent block of Bonus Features containing the length of the film and the notice of no regional coding for DVD players. This separates the summary from the legal information at the very bottom. There is also a QR code you can scan to watch the trailer of the film on your compatible smartphone. Speaking of smartphones all social media info is at the very top of this busy back box of info.



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I always get excited when I see either the New Sensations or Digital Sin brands. They handle the hotwife genre of porn so well I can only imagine how pristine they will present the girl-girl side of sex films. The Lesbian Experience is a franchise under the umbrella of those two sister studios and what I see in front of me shows that continued class that directors like Eddie Powell have maintained with the labels. Other series besides The Lesbian Experience is next to the “A Soft Touch” films and “A Lesbian Seduction” series showing a sturdy platform for quality girl-girl that continues to grow. Here we are in 2021 showing the fifth entry to the Women Loving Girls franchise with Eddie Powell once again at the helm of these four scenes. The quality cast in front of his camera for this outing will do more than excite the most versed porn fans. I’d imagine the excitement of seeing the likes of Natasha Nice with Alyx Star on the cover would urge a purchase or definite rental among those reliable ranks. I’m just as excited to watch and review this film for the same reasons.





As the box states the film is shot in 4K but I’m reviewing it on a LED 720p Sanyo TV. The Bonus Features of this disc include no Regional Coding so you can pretty much spin it in anything. My options include an external DVD drive and my Playstation consoles. A piano and soft guitar jingle play along as you browse the menus that include extras and a chapters section. The extras include some trailers and behind-the-scenes as the DVD’s bonuses. The design of the menus is heavy in the black and white motif with a small sliver of a light blue in the film’s logo. The animated thumbs in the menu where the scenes can be selected are in color though against the black and white menu area. Each chapter is labeled by the duo of female talent found in them.


Cast: Natasha Nice, Alyx Star, Silvia Sage, Chloe Temple, Casca Akashova, Charlotte Sins, Serene Siren, Jazmin Luv

Studio: Digital Sin

Directed By: Eddie Powell

Condoms: No

Photo Gallery: No

Approx. Run Time: 1 hour and 47 mins.



 scene title

After the introduction reel and opening credits, the first scene on this DVD is with Natasha Nice and Alyx Star. Alyx is trying to figure out what to wear and asks her friend Natasha Nice into the room to help her out. Immediately Natasha catches that Alyx is wearing a bra that is a tad too small for her bust size. Natasha strips off her bra so that Alyx can try it on to see for herself. Once they are nearly nude and stripped down they start complimenting each other’s beautiful bodies. This causes Natasha to suddenly snatch Alyx and start to kiss her. The sex scene lifts off from here with passionate kissing that accelerates to boob sucking. Natasha Nice is already munching on Alyx’s boobs. They move to the bed so that Natasha can get on top of Alyx to start kissing her some more. She continually sucks on Alyx’s breasts as she grabs hold of them. Alyx will join Natasha in sucking her nipples as they continue this grapple.

 Natasha munching

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Natasha then starts to play with Alyx’s pussy as she rips her panties off. This is where she moves in to start eating Alyx Star out. Natasha starts rapidly finger banging Alyx here too. While Natasha is still on top of Alyx she motorboats her with her big beautiful boobs. It is Natasha’s turn to get serviced as she lays back to let Alyx Star start dining on her pussy. A fast-paced pussy fingering session erupts as Alyx lays into Natasha Nice. With Alyx still on top of Natasha they start mashing genitals into each other in a gyrating manner. They roll into a 69 session with Natasha on top again rapidly stimulating and sucking on Alyx’s vagina. She also twerks on Alyx’s face while she is on top of her during the 69’ing.

 double pussy rub

Natasha is riding Alyx’s face as they connect in this girl-girl blast of a scene. Alyx then flips over to have her arch facing Natasha so that she can eat her out. She buries her face between her cheeks as she devours Alyx. As Natasha spits down Alyx’s ass she spreads it even more to lick and sucks on it too. After that, you will see them both next to each other rubbing their pussies on the bed as the scene sizzles to a finish.




scene title

 This chapter starts right off with Serene Siren being seduced by Chloe Temple in a kitchen. Serene tries to keep Chloe quiet about her advances and tells her to hold her horses until later because her mother is still in the house. But Chloe can’t contain herself and they’ll end up sneaking away in a bedroom to leap on top of each other. Chloe is adorably the aggressor here as the scene starts to take off. She rips Seren’s top off to suck on her chest and while moving up to her face to kiss her. Chloe then moves to undo Serene’s pants before she strips off her jeans. Underneath are some adorable panties that will eventually be pulled to the side to allow vaginal access. Serene is ready to have Chloe start munching on her pussy this happens as Chloe moves Seren’s panties to the side. Serene will put her hand on her mouth to keep herself quiet so Chloe’s mom won’t hear her.

 Pussy 2 pussy

Chloe continues to bury her face between Serene’s legs as she squirms in pleasure. They meet faces again after Chloe is done feasting on the vagina. It is now Serene’s turn to lick some twat as Chloe lays back and accepts her womanly advances. While she’s eating out Chloe, Serene will twerk her booty in the air. Both of them still wearing their panties and Serene has her pulled-down spaghetti string top with boobs out. Chloe pants in pleasurable approval during all of this. Serene then peels Chloe’s panties off as her legs go up and over in a piledriver-like position. This is where Serene rests her head between her cheeks to lick her butthole and play with her pussy. A close-up view of Seren’s tongue sliding on top of Chloe’s vagina will fill the screen. With Chloe’s legs still up in the air, they lock into a scissoring grapple so both of their pussies are now grinding on top of each other. Serene spins around so that Chloe can now pry her face into her booty cheeks. This leads to her licking and playing with Serene’s rear set of lips. A sex toy suddenly appears as Chloe whips out a double-sided dildo. It is used to slide into Serene Siren’s snatch as Chloe rims her asshole.

 Chloe and the pussy

Chloe pulls Serene close as she jabs her with the sex toy. It is Chloe’s turn to take a ride along with Serene on this double-sided dildo. They fit it into her pussy as they both connect with the pleasure device between their legs. Chloe then maneuvers on top of Serene to make it look like she is riding her in cowgirl with her side of the dildo still in the pussy. They go into the reverse cowgirl version of this as Chloe spins around to have her booty face Serene this time. This is with the dildo being angled into their pussies so when Chloe is rocking back and forth Serene gets fucked back. With a few sweet pecks of kissing the scene abruptly ends after they hear a door creaking. That can only mean one thing, Chloe’s mom is done with her shower. They move quickly to let Serene Siren out of the balcony.





 scene title

Charlotte walks through the door looking for her father but is greeted by Silvia Sage instead. She is looking for her dad to drop off a package for him. Instead, Charlotte is greeted by an awkward moment with her soon-to-be stepmom it looks like. Before she leaves Silvia tries to apologize to her in regards to a strained relationship. Silvia then starts warming up to Charlotte after they realize there was no apology needed. Charlotte moves closer to her to the point where they are practically kissing. When they get to a couch in the other room they are indeed kissing and doing a little more. Silvia’s boobs are already out as Charlotte sensually sucks on them. Silvia helps with the removal of Charlotte’s dress. Once This occurs Silvia gets her turn to suck on some boobs. Silvia is also nibbling on Charlotte’s neck as she slowly moves her hand down over the panties that are peeking out of her hiked-up dress.

 Silvia licking pussy

Charlotte offers to take Silvia’s dress off now as a pair of bright white lingerie panties are now in view. The soft kissing continues during this stripping of clothing which shows Charlotte is wearing a very hot T-back thong as she spins around to show it. They lock faces again as they are both almost nude now on this couch where the lesbian sex is about to start up. Silvia kisses her way down to Charlotte’s pussy which is still behind those hot panties she is wearing. Her arch is facing the camera as her face is deep into Charlotte’s vagina at this point. The camera moves to show Silvia’s face eating Charlotte out point-blank for a close-up.

 Silvia on top

They switch spots so that Charlotte is now putting her mouth on Silvia Sage’s pussy. They are both completely nude now as the pussy-snacking begins for Silvia. The same close-up camera angle shows Charlotte’s face deep in puss. An alternate angle of the camera shows Charlotte Sin’s awesome naked booty arch facing out as her tongue dances on Silvia’s vagina hood. Now Silvia has Charlotte’s booty in front of her face as she rapidly stimulates her pussy with her hands. Charlotte’s head is face down on the couch as she is worked on in this position. They flip this around so that now Silvia is arching her butt into Charlotte’s face while she licks and sucks. Sensual kissing leads into a scissoring session with Silvia on top of Charlotte grinding into her. The fiery-fling simmers down as Silvia jokes about marrying Charlotte’s dad as the scene fades to black.





 scene title

This scene starts with a narrator setting things up between Casca and Jazmin. Clad only in a bath towel Casca walks into a room surprising Jade. She asks Casca about playing golf with her vacationing husband but realizes she isn’t interested. Casca casually drops off her towel in front of a mirror while asking Jade to grab her some lotion from the bathroom. She is completely nude as she unleashes these polite commands. If you guessed that Jazmin is asked to lather the lotion on Casca then you guessed right. They’re both kissing and removing each other’s clothes in no time. This shows Casca sticking Jazmin’s nipple into her mouth as she kisses her. Jazmin starts her booby-sucking session soon enough with Casca enjoying every peck.

 Casca munching

They glide over to a bed so that they can merge with more kissing and embracing. Jazmin Luv is wearing a whale-tail thong while Casca is completely naked this whole time. Casca Akashova brings her body on top of Jazmin’s with further kissing and caressing. Casca is now mouth-deep into Jazmin’s pussy with the camera going in close for oral action. They spin positions as Jazmin is now over Casca sucking on breasts and moving her way down to give oral herself.


A close-up of Jazmin’s tongue dancing on Casca’s pussy gets going while Casca is caressing her body in agreement. She even claims that what is happening now is so much better than golfing. Jazmin is keeping that tongue moving as she gyrates her booty. Casca sees this and wants a taste of that bouncing booty. Once Casca gets her hands on Jazmin Luv’s booty she gets that tongue moving. Jazmin’s booty keeps bouncing as this is happening in an accepting way.

 Casca needs lotion

A pink vibrator is now in play as it is being used on an excitedly orgasmic Jazmin Luv. Casca is the operator of his toy as Jazmin lays back and takes it. Casca makes sure to lean in and kiss Jazmin on the lips as she operates the vibrator. Jazmin is now rubbing it on Casca next as they swap positions again. Casca is moaning as the toy is administered with Jazmin between her legs. Jazmin’s fingers are lodged into Casca’s pussy as she commandeers the vibrator from her. They are now laying in a spooning set up with the toy in Casca’s hands. Jazmin receives the device on her as both passionately lock with some meetings of the mouth during some kissing. It is time for Casca to cum again, Jazmin gets behind her to put the toy in her pussy this time. The scene ends with slow kisses and the realization that they both need to get back to what they were doing before. This happens with a few giggles and Casca rating it as a five-star affair.




 company logo

Digital Sin just does it right especially with Eddie Powell at the wheel. The Lesbian Experience line of girl-girl films famously adds more power to their roster of great quality. The scenes where the cast meets each other are evidence of this surge of porno power. If you know what you are getting then you already expect to watch amazing performances from the whole of the cast. I’m sure fans of this genre have more than one place to be when it comes time to see lesbian porn but Digital Sin is a great place to drop by for this stuff. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to peek into the world of high-quality lesbian movies. If you like good girl-girl you probably already plan to watch Women Loving Girls 5.

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