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Hot As Fuck 2

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 35 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: Gonzo

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Vanna Bardot, Lacy Lennon, Mona Azar, Gizelle Blanco, Manuel Ferrara

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Stud performer Manuel Ferrara topples the twats of 4 hot babes in the second installment of his series Hot As Fuck. Vanna Bardot, Lacy Lennon, Gizelle Blanco, and Mona Azar get their pussies plowed by Manuel’s meat in Hot As Fuck 2. Vanna opens the flick in a sensuous coupling with the stud himself that stretches and satisfies her pussy. Gizelle, Lacy, and Mona follow suit, opening their scenes with hot solo teases that lead to an intense tongue fuck from Manuel. Each girl quivers and cums in his mouth from his tongue lashing. Manuel quickly penetrates their wet pussies, banging them until each starlet cums in every position. I recommend this movie. As a director, Manuel keeps the focus on the intense orgasmic pleasure each girl receives.

Scene 1: Vanna Bardot and Manuel Ferrara

Vanna is a dream in her lacey blue lingerie. She’s standing in the doorway, overlooking the balcony and busy street below doing a solo dance. She turns around, giving us a hot view of her ass. She spreads her ass cheeks open for the camera and dances in place. Vanna strips out of her bra and walks upstairs with the camera close behind her, zoomed in on her tight ass. She stops on the stairs and pulls her panties off, giving us a hot shot of her pink pussy. She crawls the rest of the way up the stairs and stops at the landing for another solo show. Once at the top of the stairs, Vanna kneels doggy style on the couch. Soon after, Manuel crawls up and buries his face in her ass cheeks, eating her pussy and ass hole. Vanna turns over onto her back in mish and moans as Manuel eats her pussy. He spits on her cunt then inserts his hard cock inside her. He stretches her pussy open in mish, making Vanna’s twat wet. Manuel makes Vanna squirt when he pulls out and fingers her pussy. He penetrates her again, making her cum.

Vanna takes his cock and sucks it clean of her pussy cream then she swallows his balls in a greedy oral feast. An intense round of cowgirl fucking leads to another orgasm for Vanna. “I’m your fucking whore,” she moans in ecstasy. Manuel spoon fucks her hard, making her eyes roll back into her head. Vanna screams out, “thank you,” to him as he pounds her pussy. Vanna sucks his cock and ass again then gets nasty when she sticks her tongue in Manuel’s ass. She sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl and rides it. She grinds around and around on his cock then sucks it clean again before getting on all fours for a round of doggy. Manuel drills Vanna’s twat doggy style, stuffing her full of this throbbing prick. A final round of reverse cowgirl leads to a big payoff for Vanna as Manuel pulls out and pops in her gaping mouth.

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Scene 2: Gizelle Blanco and Manuel Ferrara

Gizelle opens her scene poolside dressed in leopard print lingerie. This playful blonde tosses her hair from side to side and caresses her boobs. Gizelle bends over in standing doggy, playing peek-a-boo with her booty. She takes off her top, showing us her pierce nipples. His fingers make their way down to her pussy. She pulls her leopard bikini bottom aside and fingers her pussy, spreading her pussy lips open. Gizelle walks inside to the couch and crawls across it doggy style then spreads her legs open wide, giving us a close-up view of her pink pussy. She sits in mish, fingering her cunt as Manuel joins her and kisses her passionately. His tongue takes over where Gizelle’s fingers leave off. Manuel tongue fucks her pussy, making her body shake in pleasure. She turns over onto her stomach in downward doggy for more of Manuel’s probing tongue. He tongues her ass and spanks her cheeks.

Gizelle satisfies her hunger for Manuel’s cock by wrapping her lips around it and sucking it. She covers his shaft in spit then chokes on his thick prick as he fucks her face. He eats her pussy again then penetrates her in mish. “I’m gonna go balls deep in that little hole,” Manuel promises her. He pumps her pussy, sending his dick deeper and deeper inside her. “That feels so fucking good,” Gizelle moans. She cums in a screaming orgasm then gets spoon fucked while fingering her clit. “Make me cum all over your fucking dick,” Gizelle screams out as she cums again. She sits on his cock and rides it cowgirl style until she cums. Manuel is relentless in his pounding of her pussy, keeping Gizelle in ecstasy. She rides him reverse cowgirl style with Manuel’s thumb plugged in her ass. “That’s what you like,” he says while spanking her ass. “Don’t stop,” he demands as Gizelle bounces on his pipe. He turns her on her side and spoon fucks her with deep thrusts then pulls out and strokes his cock until he pops on her face and in her mouth.

Scene 3: Lacy Lennon and Manuel Ferrara

Lacy is ravishing in red lingerie, matching her fiery red hair. She dancing in a solo tease alongside the pool, inviting us in to get a closer view of her hot bod. She turns around and bends over in standing doggy as the camera zooms in to her crack. Lacy spreads her ass cheeks open and spanks her ass, tantalizing us. She takes off her top then slowly removes her red bikini bottoms. She runs her fingers across her clit then licks her fingers. Lacy gives us another full-screen view of her pussy and ass from behind as she bends over in standing doggy and spreads her cheeks. She walks indoors and crawls across the couch where Manuel meets up with her. He keeps her on all fours, doggy style, and eats her pussy and ass from behind. “I fucking love that,” Lacy moans. “I’ve been fucking waiting for this,” she says as she turns over into mish and Manuel continues to munch on her puss. He tongue fucks her until she cums in his mouth.

Lacy gets her turn to use her mouth. Manuel stands up and aims his thick prick toward her lips. “This is a big fucking cock,” Lacy says. She strokes it with both hands in and out of her mouth, choking and gasping as she works her lips down his shaft. Manuel skull fucks her then quickly fingers and eats her twat until she squirts. He penetrates her wet pussy in mish then fucks it balls deep until Lacy cums again. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock and tongues his ass before sitting on his cock cowgirl style and riding it. Manuel fingers her ass hole while stuffing her pussy full of hard cock. “Nice and deep,” Lacy moans as she grinds on his dick. He spoon fucks her, making her squirt again. “I need more,” Lacy begs him. She sucks him off again then takes a deep banging doggy style that makes her squirt and cum. Lacy sits on Manuel’s throbbing cock in reverse cowgirl and rides it to another orgasm. Manuel pounds her in mish then pulls out and shoots off on her tongue, coating it in cum.

Scene 4: Mona Azar and Manuel Ferrara

Mona wraps up this Hot as Fuck flick in her pink lingerie and big bouncy boobs. She jiggles her tits out of her bra, revealing her perky nipples. Mona shakes them back and forth and squeezes them together for the camera. She’s a buxom brunette who enjoys licking her own nipples. Her tight fishnet stockings hug her round ass cheeks. Mona shakes her cheeks for the camera, biting her lips as she teases us. Mona takes her solo tease to the stairs, dancing on each level. She lands on the couch on all fours, shaking her big booty doggy style. Mona lies in mish and beats her pussy with her fingers, stimulating her clit. Manuel joins her and kisses her before licking her nipples and kissing his way down to her twat. “Oh, yeah,” Mona screams as Manuel tongues her pussy until she cums. “Suck that little cunt,” Mona screams. He stands up and drops his pants, inviting Mona to his cock. She licks it all over, starting with his balls, then she strokes his shaft.

Manuel sends his cock to the back of Mona’s throat, gagging her. “Stroke it,” he orders. Mona strokes dick then sucks it again, working her way down his shaft. He positions her in mish with one of her legs over his shoulder and works his cock into her cunt, slowly at first. Manuel thrusts faster and deeper in Mona’s pussy, satisfying her hole. “My pussy is so fucking wet,” she moans. “I want to fucking cum,” she screams as Manuel fucks her in downward doggy then doggy style. She rides his big cock cowgirl style then tongues his ass. “I want that pussy back,” Manuel tells her. Mona sits on his cowgirl style and rides his dick. Manuel fucks her in mish then fucks her throat again. “I’m your whore,” Mona moans. Manuel spoon fucks her then fucks her doggy style, ordering her to cum. Her wet pussy coats his cock as she rides it cowgirl style. “Let me see that ass again,” Manuel says. Mona turns around into reverse cowgirl to ride his cock. He thumbs her ass hole while she bounces up and down on his cock. “What a fucking perfect whore you are,” he says as she rides his pole. She climbs off and sits on his face, feeding him her wet pussy then she licks his ass hole again. Manuel drills her in downward doggy then orders her to her knees for a blast of sperm on her tongue.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend Hot As Fuck 2. Manuel Ferrara both as stud performer and director is set on bringing intense pleasure to each starlet in this movie. Sexy sirens Vanna Bardot, Lacy Lennon, Gizelle Blanco, and Mona Azar are fully satisfied after chemistry-filled couplings with Manuel’s cock. The girls open their scenes with tantalizing solo teases then quickly become quivering, squirting babes cumming in Manuel’s mouth before he pounds their pink pussies into wet twats that cum again and again.

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