He Made Her Squirt Vol 2

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He Made Her Squirt Vol 2

Genres: All-Sex, Erotic Vignettes, Squirting, 18+ Teens, Small Tits

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Cast: Adira Allure, Keira Croft, Macy Meadows, Isabella Nice, Ramon Nomar, Codey Steele, Robby Echo, Jason Moody


Length: 2 hours 10 minutes

Date of Release: March 26, 2021

Extras: Pick Your Pleasure, Non-Selectable Trailers, Company Info, Bonus Scene (Luna Star, Steve Holmes) 26:16 mins BTS 43 minutes

Luna Star

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. There is a bit of dialog here and there and it is audible and mostly clear.

Overview: Digital Sin brings together 4 lovely ladies and their scene partners for some fluid-filled action. If you are a fan of the squirting genre, this is a solid 2 hours of it along with another half an hour of a bonus scene.

Scene 1: Adira Allure, Ramon Nomar

Adira Allure

Last year, Adira was nominated by fans, XCritic, and AVN as Best New Starlet. She’s got one of the most alluring smiles in the adult industry to boot. Hailing from Florida, she’s racking up credits at a rapid pace and plenty of them involve squirting, so it’s a good place to start this disc off if you ask me. Here we find her anxiously awaiting Ramon in a form-fitting mesh outfit with long legs standing out as she peers out her sunny window. She can’t keep waiting forever so she goes to rub one out in her bathroom, managing to hose down the mirror with her juices. Those juices make for a tasty treat between her thighs as Ramon finally shows up and starts licking her in the entryway causing her to gush some more all over his shirt which he discards as she continues to cover him in her fluid.

Adira Allure

With bright eyes, she’s determined to make it up to him as she gargles his cock and balls. Her long blonde locks flail and bounce as he bends her over and drills her from behind. Those eyes grow in intensity as she squirts multiple times while he has her way with her. Soon, there is a puddle shining on the floor next to the fainting couch as the pair plow through one position and then another. She’s fairly vocal in comparison to Ramon who speaks softly as she rides and grinds. The duo is by now drenched and they enjoy her juice as the relentless ramming continues. If you are trying to keep track of how many pints she has squirted, good luck…I lost count long ago. It’s like a geyser, only it doesn’t happen as rhythmically as the famous one, it happens way more often and is definitely putting her into the running for the title of squirt queen. It’s a fluid-filled finale as Nomar unloads inside her and brings her to one last volcanic orgasm.

Fans of quirting will be well-served here.

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Scene 2: Isabella Nice, Jason Moody

Isabella Nice

Our scene begins with Isabella enjoying the canyon view in a sheer-topped outfit, with the same cut as Adira wore in scene 1. Jason isn’t going to let her stand there in her spiked heels, he pulls her inside quickly and starts lapping and fingering her while he holds one of her feet in the air for a good view of the action. They enjoy her first juicing which is more of a splattering than the streaming Adira did. Taking off his belt, he straps Nice’s hands behind her back so she can throat fuck herself on his staff. The belt is mostly symbolic, she easily drops it off so she can get her hands in on the action, slobber running down her chin. Pressing her against the glass french doors, he gives her thigh hard one while using her hair as a handhold.

Isabella Nice

They waddle to the sofa where the slamming continues, Isabella slamming her ass backward into him. Turning her sideways, and lifting one of her legs high, he splits her open with his sword as her tiny, pert nipples shine in the sunlight. She grips the arm of the sofa tightly as his twat plunges continue. His dowsing rod finds its mark aided by his digits as another round of dousing occurs as she’s folded up like a taco. Licking, sucking, grinding, bouncing, and bobbing continue until they have to peel off her stilettos in order to carry out their next positions balanced on the back of the sofa. Her thinly-haired landing strip is showcased well as they perform a heavily-modified-for-sofa rodeo ride. It’s a jet blast finale across her face to end the scene.

Scene 3: Keira Croft, Robby Echo

Keira Croft

Another dually-nominated Best New Starlet, Keira Croft, wants to wake up her man, Robby, with some soft kisses and a special surprise. As he gets up and gets dressed, she dons some sheer stockings and lacy blue lingerie. Soon enough, Keira’s leg is up on the top at Robby is lapping away between her legs and before you know it, she’s leaking on the marble surround at the hands of Echo. A crossfade brings us to our couple on the couch that starts off with an energetic but sensual slurp and jerk. Robby’s rod is pointed skyward as Keira gets busy bobbing, his hand keeping her hair out of the way as he grips it into a ponytail. Slobber streams from her lips as she takes him balls deep.

Keira Croft

Squeezing her milkmakers, he sucks her nipples before moving down south. The sofa squeaks and groans as his sword enters her. Pulling out leads to a geyser as she grips the cushion tightly, praying to the heavens. Her triangular love triangle is showcased nicely as Croft covers herself in her own juices. Time for a reverse rodeo ride that quickly leads to a fan-spray of girly gushing while Keira laughs and says “that was fucking crazy”. Her boobies bounce as she rides, Robby sometimes gripping them tightly as the torrents continue. The crossfades also continue as her rodeo ride gets more raucous. Soon, Echo has her in the air, arms wrapped around him, as she does an aerial boner bounce. As she lies face down, the hammering gets harder and faster, Keira’s face shining with sweat as Robby’s swordplay continues non-stop. In almost perfect synchronicity, he pops on her patch as she squirts while he bangs his boner on her crotch.

Scene 4: Macy Meadows, Codey Steele

Macy Meadows

Macy is a fan fave but has been lightly credited during her few years in the biz but she seems to be picking up steam with studios both large and small these days. Here, we find her dropping her dress for Steele, her lashes long and full as he picks her up and carries her to an oversized ottoman. Her burgundy bra stays on but her panties are tossed aside as her breathing becomes erratic from his tonguing. She can’t even fully form words as Codey’s digital manipulation brings her to her first squirt, her body tensed as his tongue brings on yet another stream. That strem becomes an epically long flow as he works his fingers and tongue in her nethers, sharing her juices with her before sliding her out of her strappy heels.

Macy Meadows

Macy might be naked but she’s not afraid. Steele makes sure to take advantage of that and her lean frame as he lumbers into her like Paul Bunyan on a mission. He goes at her like one of those giant two-man saws as if he is intending to clear a forest in a day. More of Macy’s words are half said as she bites her lip and clenches her teeth as the sawing turns into jackhammering. From sawing to hammering and then onto piston-pumping, her moans and grunts are the kinds of things that would make an apartment neighbor put a glass and an ear to a wall. In the moments her eyes are open, they focus fuzzily on his face and brings her to (what squirting are we on now, I forgot). Her ass jiggles as he jams into her from below. Hair flat, Macy looks as if she has been in an aerobics workout for an hour as the sloshing of her juices is clearly audible while she does a reverse cowgirl. She drops to her knees for the stroke and pop to her mouth, eyes wide open.

Final Thoughts: This was a solid release from Digital Sin and since this is Volume 2 of the series, I expect this will be a continuing series for the studio. That’s good news for fans of squirting. Unlike many studios that shoot this genre, Digital Sin makes sure you see all the fluid fun without jamming their cameras right into the waterfall. It’s a different take on the genre and earns a solid Highly Recommended rating from me. I was going to go with a slightly lower rating than that but then I remembered the lengthy BTS footage, which is always welcomed by me. I thought the standout scenes were the first and last, featuring Adira and Macy, respectively but the other scenes were solid too. Overall, worth a purchase if you are a fan.

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