Schoolgirls Like It Hard 5

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Schoolgirls Like It Hard 5

Genres: Schoolgirl, Teens

Director: Paul Woodcrest, Eddie Powell

Cast: Kylie Rocket, Mila Monet, Gizelle Blanco, Chad White, Jake Adams, Will Pounder, Alona Bloom, Alex Mack, Madison Hart, and Tyler Nixon.

Length: 2 hrs. 10 mins

Date of Production: 2021


Photo gallery and trailers. Behind the scene interviews with each one of the girls. Besides a scene selection, there’s a “pick your pleasure” which highlights a compilation of either the tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, and cowgirl. There’s an additional bonus scene with Madison Hart.

Audio/ Video Quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD


There’s something so appealing about the schoolgirl fantasy that gets people going. It’s a couple of things that drive that desire. Perhaps it’s the outfit complete with a pleated skirt, button-down shirt, and a peek at those white panties. It’s also the concept of someone who’s seemingly innocent that turns out to be very naughty. New Sensations has been one of the best studios that put out schoolgirl fantasies, and Schoolgirls Like It Hard #5 is no exception.

Scene 1:

We open with Chad White knocking on the door, expecting his best friend to open. Instead, it’s his friend’s sister who’s in her schoolgirl outfit. Kylie Rocket invites him and says her brother is inside, but it’s just a lie. She looks incredibility gorgeous with her lips gloss shining like the sun, and the little touches like playing with her hair will have anyone going. It turns out that they already made out before, which avoids the whole best friend sibling seducing scene. Even now, he turns her down because he doesn’t date; she goes in to grab his crotch and says she just wants to fuck.

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The scene turns passionate as they both start making out and groping each other. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock with some great eye contact. Kylie starts playing with herself, so he gets her against the dresser and starts eating her out from behind. It’s perfect for fucking as they start on the dresser and move to the bed.  She rides him good and deep before finishing off in missionary. (name) unloads all his cum right on her tongue as she swallows it whole and happy with a great smile on her face.

Scene 2:

The scene starts with a great ass shot of Mila Monet as she’s naked and looking at the window. Her boyfriend walks up the stairs and goes into her room as he gives her permission to dress up. The set-up to this scene is very hot as she carefully puts on her schoolgirl outfit. The way that Jake Adams is dominant with Mila feels sensual and careful. How he examines her with the outfit on as she keeps calling him sir. He continues as she briefly eats her out from behind as it turns to her sucking his cock

It’s sensual as she slowly sucks on his balls and licks his shaft with those eyes that can make your heart stop. They go into fucking against the window as he pounds her hard until he pushes her on the bed. The hotness gets bumped up by a lot when he pulls her panties down and shoves them in her mouth. Even for a brief second, it shows how much of the dominant/submissive relationship is without going overboard. She rides him well as it looks like her pussy is massaging his cock, and it works as he cums inside her. We get a beautiful look at his cum dripping out of her wet pussy as the scene ends.

Scene 3:

We start with Gizelle knocking on the door to see her best friend, but instead, her brother answers. Despite not having her friend home, she asks Will Pounder for help instead. He successfully helps Gizelle with her homework, and she sneaks a kiss on the lips. It’s revealed that she has a massive crush on him and just wants to kiss him. It’s jarring because we’re immediately thrust into Gizelle undressing and the action happening like that. It felt like the seduction would have been a little more drawn out, but it felt pretty rushed.

It doesn’t ruin the scene because the sexual energy between the two of them is pretty good. We get an excellent extended sequence of Will eating out Gizelle off the bat, and it’s a good shake-up than getting a blowjob first. We eventually get that as Gizelle piercing eyes are stunning as she looks up at Will. They start fucking, and the way she bounces on his cock is so hot to watch. It ends with Gizelle sucking him off and getting rewarded with a nice cumshot that she swallows with a perfect smile.

Scene 4: 

Our final scene starts with Alex Mack tutoring his girlfriend, Alona Bloom, but she has other plans. She’s been really horny, but all he wants to do is study. Not only that, but Alex wants to save himself for marriage, but Alona isn’t about that. They’re young and should have fun with each other instead of waiting. Alona does eventually wear Alex down as she successfully seduces him as she rubs his crotch. She pulls out his dick, and it’s over for Alex’s celibacy as she gives him a great blowjob, and he becomes fully invested in the passion.

Since he’s halfway undressed, she decides to strip with the help of Alex as he gently kisses her neck. She goes on all fours as he pulls down her cotton white panties and starts eating her out. He licks furiously as her pussy is nice and wet to stick his dick in and fuck her doggy style. You can even hear how wet Alona is, and it makes the sex even hotter to watch. They get into it for a good while until he gives Alona a big load in her mouth.

Final Thoughts:

Schoolgirls Like It Hard #5 doesn’t offer anything new to the schoolgirl genre, but it excels at what it’s good at. Breathtaking women dressed up as schoolgirls that get fucked good in beautiful 4K video. All the scenes offer a good set-up to the hook-up as it leaves a good impression on you that won’t go away anytime soon. If that sounds like something up your alley then defitenely get started watching this great title.


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