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Genres: Feature, Episodic, Star Showcase

Writer/Director: Kayden Kross

Cast: Gianna Dior, Avery Cristy, Troy Francisco, Oliver Flynn, Rob Piper, Jax Slayher, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue and more in Non-Sex roles


Length: Varies per episode

Date of Release: August 19, 2021

Extras: Photo Galleries with each episode

Condoms: Only the one Gianna tries to dispose of.

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on all fronts. Episodes viewed across multiple websites upon release. Available in multiple resolutions up to and including 4k.

Overview: This feature film released simultaneously on five Vixen Media Group sites, Blacked Raw, Tushy, Vixen, Blacked, and Deeper. Each episode stood alone on each of those platforms in that order. That made it a challenge the XCritic team couldn’t resist to try to tackle as one of our rare collaboration reviews. Due to the nature of the film, some plot spoilers will be included in our descriptions, so if you want to go in fresh don’t read further than this overview which is about a tale of Gianna Dior who is a successful sex therapist married to Mick Blue but has hookups on the side. Obviously, this tale is much deeper than that as we follow this vixen’s road.

Scene 1: Gianna Dior, Troy Francisco

The first chapter of Psychosexual has a casual introduction of Gianna getting her day started by sliding her amazing body into a yellow dress and grabbing her things. Upbeat music guides the inaugural imagery for the first episode of Psychosexual on Blacked RAW as Gianna leaves the house to the unexpected. First, she runs into Katie Morgan who looks to be playing a stepmother figure that Gianna is obviously disgruntled with as she sits on a couch across from Katie totally ignoring her. She puts her shoes on and pets the family dog and departs. Katie Morgan fruitlessly tries to confront her but Gianna can’t be bothered and rushes out the door. The next scene has some beautiful imagery of the California coast as a car ride occurs with Gianna and Jay Romero in a convertible cruising down the highway. Jay Romero is playing the boyfriend character named “Tyler” for this part of the scene. Things seem too perfect before a peculiar text rips things apart. Jay hears Gianna’s phone going off and grabs the phone to see who sent his girlfriend a text. Unfortunately, to Tyler it looks like Gianna seems to be cheating on someone according to what he witnessed and this joyride instantly erupts into an angry panic with him behind the wheel. Next a car accident dramatically occurs after Tyler loses control of the vehicle.

Gianna Dior

The next scene has an injured Gianna in bed back at home as she has looked to survive the horrible accident but Jay’s character didn’t make it. You’ll see a barely conscious and bandaged Gianna laying bed, her father is played by the legendary Brad Armstrong. He goes to the kitchen to alert Katie Morgan of the condition his daughter is in with somber music floating in the background.

The screen then alerts us that ten years have passed after Gianna sits up in bed in an obviously bewildered fashion setting Psychosexual’s plot into motion. Oliver Flynn’s voice-over describes a married life that is all too routine as he plays a husband, in therapy, describing what the viewer will see on the screen, to Gianna the therapist. The wife of his rinses and repeats her existence as she goes on a charade that Oliver’s character is all too familiar of. He lists off her daily tasks in a monotone voice during the well-filmed montage of mundane activities. Even showing amazing shots of dreaded LA traffic from an aerial drone to drive home the grind. He even claims that he barely sees his wife and that he is aware of the “next screw’ indicating some sort of infidelity on the character’s part. This is as the footage from the montage shows Gianna is a placeholder for who his wife is. You’ll see Gianna taking strangers to bed with her or meeting them at bars. As he states that “… she keeps up the fiction of working late…” it shows Oliver speaking to an attentive therapist played well by Gianna in this clever twist. He describes the alleged cheating his wife is doing in painful detail as Gianna jots down notes. Oliver is then given some “homework” from his therapist to ease the ailments when faced with a disloyal wife that causes the beaten man he’s playing to prematurely ejaculate. As he stands up to leave Gianna approaches him to demonstrate the treatment by getting her hands on him. This entails her rubbing his dick through his pants to show him exactly what she was talking about when she said “Sensate Focus”. As she does this she admits this is wrong in her practice during a voice-over, and in the very same voice-over she explains that she is prone to do “wrong things” as she reveals that this is what women like her and Oliver’s wife are destined to be.

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The next part of the scene has her at a rooftop night club partying at a bar. Troy Francisco approaches her for Psychosexual’s first real sex scene to ignite. It didn’t take long for Gianna to leap onto Troy after she lifts up his shirt to see what he was packing underneath. As they are tearing into each other in a lounge area that looks to connect to a bathroom, Gianna drags Troy into her sexual maw and you’ll see her rip a condom open and damage it in the process. Troy pays no mind as he rips his dick out of his pants to Gianna’s approval. As Troy buries his face in Gianna’s pussy two girls walk into the lounge area in shock at what they see but continue to move through. Gianna’s whole body is perched on the counter inhaling Troy’s dick. He then lifts the bottom half of her body up to feast on her pussy and ass. Her hands are on top of the bathroom’s countertop for balance. In one fell swoop, Gianna is lowered so that Troy can insert himself in standing-doggy as he mounts her. Gianna has a leg lifted up on the counter as she is being railed by Troy.

Gianna Dior

He pulls out to intensely rim Gianna Dior’s asshole as the camera moves close to her spread open butt cheeks with a tongue now in it. She is lowered to the ground to get cock stuffed down her mouth again before she has Troy “destroy her pussy” in a standing cowgirl which turns into a physical lift as Gianna is lifted high enough to where her pussy is eye level with Troy. He then lowers her down on a couch so that she can ride on top of him in cowgirl. A seamless flip into reverse cowgirl has Gianna Dior getting her pussy rapidly stimulated as it is penetrated. Gianna gets her mouth fucked for a few blasts before she is laid out in missionary to get pumped by Troy Francisco some more. Gianna then spins around to lay on her stomach so Troy can lay into her that way in more connected pumps. More up-close face fucking occurs again with Gianna choking on Troy’s cock. Standard doggy style occurs next to set up another ride in cowgirl for Gianna. This is where the creampie brings the scene to a scorching finish.

Scene 2: Gianna Dior, Mick Blue

Gianna is returning home to a sleeping Mick Blue and the husband in slumber appears to be completely unaware of her return. An alarmed Gianna struggles to flush the used condom she thought she discarded after she discovers it in her pocket. This as she is disrobing herself after that adventurous tryst with Troy Francisco. She plops in bed next to Mick before dolefully removing her wedding ring. When she finally lays in bed Mick will attempt numerous times to put his arm around Gianna’s naked waist. But she will brush it off her each time as she lays silently next to what she thought was her sleeping husband. Finally, Mick starts to heavily grope his significant other that is recalling various instances of her patients crying on the floor in a voice-over. Gianna finally moves to turn the light on and simply utters “I want to try something new…”, she then melds with her husband in a kissing embrace to show him exactly what she means.

Mick will tease her with this penis across her asshole as Gianna commands this is where she wants to be fucked. She then gets on top of him in cowgirl to guide Mick’s dick into her asshole. After the thorough pounding in anal cowgirl, Gianna is folded in missionary so that Mick can munch on her pussy for a bit. He then goes back into her ass with her body still folded in the missionary stance. You’ll see Mick Blue pull his penis in and out of Gianna’s asshole while she is peeled open in the side saddle version of missionary. She even verbally describes it as “slow and deep”. Mick then picks up the pace to a butt-pumping speed, this happens while Gianna is playing with her pussy and moaning accordingly.

Gianna Dior

Gianna is then seamlessly transferred to reverse cowgirl as she is mounted on top of Mick’s penis to get railed in her ass that way. Mick will again go top ramming speed when he has Gianna laying on top of him in the reverse cowgirl. They roll into a spooning lock next as Mick is still pumping away into Gianna’s ass. Next, you will see Gianna arching her ass out to offer her gaping orifice to be speared open even more. Mick jumps into the down doggy position after fingering her butt hole to open it up. The ensuing standing doggy segment will have Mick plowing into Gianna as she is standing against a wall. Gianna gets a handle on Mick’s dick for a blowjob before she is erected again in a regular cowgirl maneuver but laying back on the bed to show the open penetration. She falls back on him for a regular ride in cowgirl so that the focus goes into the cheek splitting pumps of Mick’s piece penetrating her asshole. As a result of positions like this cowgirl in anal and other revealing arches, you’ll see some impeccable gaping from Gianna in this Tushy scene. Mick fucks to pop and pulls out to land his load right on Gianna’s mouth to conclude the sexual encounter. The next morning Mick will discover the failed attempt at a discarded condom ending this episode with a suspenseful cliffhanger.

Scene 3: Avery Cristy, Oliver Flynn

We open on Gianna Doir, listening to one of her clients talk about how much her husband is such a pervert. She rambles on and on until Gianna interrupts her to say that we can’t put labels on sexual views. Her client won’t accept this explanation and leaves in frustration. We cut to Oliver Flynn, who’s in a hotel room with Avery Cristy, trying to think. Everything about this room is sleek and slick, with a view of the cityscape in the window. Oliver decided to take up Gianna’s advice and practice Sensate Focus, the practice of edging and sexual language so you can last longer. Since his wife won’t do it, he instead hires Avery.


The practice of Sensate Focus is incredibly erotic, and I’m happy that they took their time with it. The movie could have done this for a couple of minutes before jumping into the sex. Instead, we’re treated to just shy of 15 minutes of this incredibly hot teasing.  The grinding, rubbing, and dirty talk featured will make you feel that you’re along with the ride as you’re getting edged from this scene. Also, the music featured here is something you would hear out of an HBO show like Succession with striking violin and piano notes with electronic beats added. It adds to the atmosphere of the whole scene and works with the edging.


It’s fascinating to see an arc play out during a sex scene because Oliver’s primary goal is not to cum. We see Avery taking charge as she rides him and slowly sucks him off for most of the hookup. It isn’t until the end when we see Oliver finally taking control. He doesn’t worry about cumming and goes on for a while as he switches positions and eats out Avery. He gives Avery a fabulous facial as he finally learns to start controlling his orgasms. Everything about this scene is outstanding, from the visuals to the music that helps set the mood. The Sensate Focus adds a significant element that enhances the sex to extraordinary levels.

Scene 4: Gianna Dior, Rob Piper, Jax Slayher

Gianna is on her way home, getting irritated her phone call goes unanswered. Upon arriving at the house, she finds an emptied out closet. She heads out for a drink at the local watering hole and upon finishing her drink, she grabs two attractive men by their neckties and they head back to her place. Within seconds she’s stripped down with one mouth on her tities and another buried in her ass. Names are irrelevant. She just needs to ravage and be ravaged. Within moments she shoving a huge cock down her throat and then the other, the men taking turns tending to her nethers.

Gianna Dior

Let the spitroasting begin! She’s wet as can be and so are the dicks sliding in and out of her holes slow and deep as a soundtrack switches between heartbeat sounds and ethereal keyboard tracks. The large picture windows covering one side of the room make for an interesting backdrop, either adding reflections or allowing us to see the lights of the city below. Our muscular men have no problem passing her around like a joint at a Dead concert. (If you turned up your volume to hear the subtleties in the scene, watch out when Gianna has that first orgasm and then another, and another, otherwise your neighbors may be as aware as you are that she is cumming hard.) The trio use the entire sofa surface, including the back of it during an inverted spitroast. She’s letting her freak flag fly and our guys are up to her demands, choking her as hard as she likes as the other works her lower half. Stroking, slurping, and sword plunging are the name of this game where nobody knows anyone’s name.

Gianna Dior

We even get a bit of aerial cock bouncing. What we don’t get is any double penetration but plenty of variations of the almost continual spitroasting. The studs deliver their loads. One to her patch, and one to her boobs.

Scene 5: Gianna Dior, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue

After 2 opening non-sex scenes that are superbly acted by everyone involved, with Oliver Flynn giving a superb monologue, Gianna heads out of the office. Cut to a balcony scene where Mick is holding a birthday cake with a dazzling sparkler atop it. It’s not about the cake though, it’s about his viewing of the security footage of her banging two guys. Well, she’s about to turn the tables on his accusations. Enter Manuel who is about to get it on with Gianna as Mick sits and is forced to watch.

Gianna Dior

In true Ferrara fashion, he takes Gianna in a number of positions with a fervent lovemaking vibe. Holding her tightly in one position then another as his piston-like action and her hip thrusting and bouncing work like two machines working in synchronicity. His thick rod slides in and slowly as he moves to her backdoor. He ends up depositing a load in her mouth but this is Manuel we are talking about and he’s not done with her yet. He brings her over to the chair Mick is in and just hammers into her as Mick sits helpless.

Gianna Dior

Final Thoughts: Getting primed with another major showcase is exactly what this year needed. It all starts with Blacked RAW’s opening episode as five major Vixen Media Group brands are included in this five-part porno epic. It becomes evident how extravagant Gianna Dior’s affairs are in Psychosexual as you traverse the sites that contain each of the parts to the puzzle of Psychosexual. Just witnessing the opening intro for what these episodes entail is enough to excite any avid porn fan that has good taste. At this point, it is a trope to compare adult entertainment to mainstream film and television, the obvious quality of porn these days can sometimes outmatch what you find in those major film and TV shows as it becomes the norm thanks to what this showcase delivers. Psychosexual will show porn is doing everything better now with how it is produced and filmed. We have a phalanx of proven brands and performers giving porn fans an event of our own to celebrate, Psychosexual with Gianna Dior. Maybe I should compare it to next-gen video games because the style of filming elevates the adult film space just like how cutting edge graphics would elevate a video game in the gaming space.

It is no secret that Gianna Dior is one of the hottest things in porn right now and she now has a collection of some of the hottest brands in porn behind her for this showcase. Bolstered by the recognizable directorial talent, Kayden Kross, and those co-stars with her in this deep journey with the character she is playing for Psychosexual. Not only is it a must-see it is a Highly Recommended moment in XXX, the building of a throne for one of porn’s newest princesses.

Review by Moutasem “Mutantmo” Seyam (scenes 1 & 2 plus the final thoughts), Charlie Walker (scene 3), and cyber5 (scenes 4 & 5)

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