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Blacked Raw V35

Feature Running Time:  3 hours 14 minutes

Date of Production: 2020

Genre: Interracial; Gonzo; BBC

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Alex Eikster, Derek Dozer

Cast: Valentina Nappi, Cayenne Klein, Dana Wolf, Alecia Fox, Sly Diggler, Jax Slayher, Pressure, Freddy Gong

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


The Blacked Raw series knows how to present hot interracial sex set against amazing locations and backdrops. The production quality is always great and the white starlets in the series are ravenous for big black cock. Blacked Raw V35 gives us all these elements and it’s a flick I recommend. Euro starlet Valentina Nappi covers the DVD, playing host to Sly Diggler’s throbbing dick. Her big curvy ass cheeks bounce up and down on Sly’s pipe, pleasing her tight pussy. Cayenne Klein, Dana Wolf, and Alecia Fox star in the remaining scenes, devouring the dicks of Jax Slayher, Pressure, and Freddy Gong, resulting in cum coated throats as each BBC blows huge loads in the girls’ mouths. 

Scene 1: Valentina Nappi and Sly Diggler: Hungry

Valentina hits the streets, walking in her sexy, tight black dress. She is a vlogger and does a video selfie from a pizza place she has wanted to try. Everybody has been talking about this place. They say the food in Hollywood isn’t good. She tastes the pizza and agrees it’s not good. “It tastes like frozen supermarket pizza,” she says. Valentina continues her walk, filming everything, including the expensive sports cars she comes across. She meets Sly on the street and asks him about a good spot to eat. He sends her to the hotel where he is staying, say that they have a great selection. Valentina is open to trying something new. She goes to the rooftop of the hotel overlooking the pool and the great cityscape. She tries the food. It’s nice, but nothing special. Valentina unwinds on the rooftop near a fireplace, continuing her vlogging. Sly walks up and joins her. He invites her back to his room for wine. She readily accepts. Once in the room, Valentina gets comfy with Sly, kissing him passionately while recording the whole exchange for her vlog.

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Sly takes out his dick. “That’s a really giant cock,” Valentina says, chuckling. She puts it in her mouth and bobs up and down his shaft, wrapping her lips around it. She kisses and licks it all over then puts it back in her mouth. She salvages her night out in Hollywood by sucking some of the best cock in town.  Valentina is on her hands and knees doggy style sucking Sly’s balls and his cock. She gets out of her tight dress then titty fucks Sly’s prick. She sits on his cock cowgirl style, getting her pussy slammed and stretched. Sly squeezes her big round ass cheeks while opening her up. Valentina moans in pleasure. “My pussy is so wet,” she says as she bounces up and down on his pole. Valentina greedily gobbles all her pussy cream off Sly’s big black cock then sits on it in reverse cowgirl. Sly squeezes her tits as she rides his throbbing pipe. He pulls out and eats Valentina’s wet pussy then drills it in mish. “Oh fuck,” she screams as Sly thrusts deep and hard in her cunt. Doggy and downward doggy follow, making Valentina’s cunt cream all over Sly’s cock again. Sly pins her in mish and drills her twat.  “Cum in that pussy,” Valentina says. Sly fills her up with warm spunk and watches it ooze out of Valentina’s wet cunt.

Scene 2: Cayenne Klein and Jax Slayher: Next Please

Cayenne’s husband isn’t paying her the attention she deserves. Jax drives them around and sees how much Cayenne is being ignored by her man. He is always on the phone and always busy. Their private life sucks and it’s getting the best of Cayenne. An argument in the back seat with her husband leads to him leaving the vehicle, sending Cayenne off alone into the night. Jax drives her around and sees in the rearview mirror that Cayenne is pleasuring herself. She takes off her panties and fingers her pussy, giving Jax a hot view of her pink stuff. Cayenne heats things up seat so much that Jax pulls over, parks, and joins her in the back seat. He gives her the attention she’s been longing for, kissing her then fingering her cunt. Cayenne licks his fingers when he pulls them out of her pussy. He unzips his pants, inviting her toward his big black cock. The cock-starved Cayenne strokes and sucks his big dick, looking up at him and smiling as she spits on his shaft. The pair take their passion for each other upstairs to Cayenne’s bedroom. “Are you sure this is OK with your husband,” Jax asks, kissing her and caressing her ass. “He’s so busy,” she says reassuringly. She promises him her husband has gone away and won’t be back until much later.

Cayenne drops to her knees and gets back to the business of gorging on Jax’s hard dick. “Your mouth is amazing,” he tells her as she gags on his thick shaft. “You like that big cock in your mouth,” he asks her. It’s her favorite. Cayenne is ready to feel his throbbing prick in her pussy. Jax positions her in standing cowgirl and slams her twat, filling her starving cunt with every inch of his dick. He lies on the bed, keeping her in cowgirl position. Her tight wet pussy coats his cock in cream. “That’s good pussy,” Jax moans. He fucks her in mish, stretching her pussy. Cayenne fingers her clit while Jax spears her twat. “Cum all over that dick,” he orders her. More standing cowgirl makes her cum all over his cock. She giggles in ecstasy as Jax tongues her wet pussy. She sucks his cock then lies on her stomach for downward doggy. “Your pussy is soaking wet,” Jax tells her as he bangs her box. He fucks her doggy style, spanking her ass hard until she cums again. Cayenne rides his dick reverse cowgirl style then turns around into cowgirl position, bouncing up and down on his pleasure pipe. Jax spoon fucks her, sending Cayenne deeper into ecstasy until she cums. He pulls out and blows his thick wad in Cayenne’s mouth. She swallows his cum then sucks his cock. “Delicious,” she says. “Your dick is so much better than my husband’s.”

Scene 3: Dana Wolf and Pressure: Her First Time

Tonight, Dana will get fucked by a black man for the first time. It’s a night she will never forget. The gorgeous Dana is dressed in all white and dazzles as she walks the streets late at night. She takes a short trolley ride to meet Pressure. He greets her with a hug. “It’s my first time with a black guy,” she tells him, getting him excited. They make out on the way back to Pressure’s house. “My pussy is so wet,” Dana says while filming a selfie video in the bathroom. She says doesn’t know if his dick is going to fit. It won’t be long before she finds out. Dana gets started by deep throating Pressure’s cock. “Get nasty with my dick,” he tells her. “This fucking black cock is so fucking nice,” she tells him. She slurps on his dick and licks his balls. “I’ve been waiting for this black cock for so long,” she says. Dana tries to see how much of Pressure’s dick she can swallow down her throat. She gags on his prick, trying to eat it all.

Dana rides Pressure’s cock cowgirl style, leaving a trail of pussy cream all over his shaft. She sucks his cock clean then position herself on all fours, doggy style for more of Pressure’s pounding. He slams in and out of her twat, stretching her open. “Take my pussy,” Dana moans. He pulls out and she sucks him off again then gets pounded balls deep in mish. Dana takes a cowgirl ride on Pressure’s cock then gets her pussy pummeled in standing cowgirl. Pressure fucks her in mish then in downward doggy. “You’ll be the first black guy to cum all over my face,” Dana tells him. Pressure pounds her pussy in downward doggy then pulls out and blows his load in her gaping mouth.

Scene 4: Alecia Fox and Freddy Gong: Driving Stick

Alecia knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go for it. She meets up with Freddy and he whisks her away in his car. She leans over from the passenger seat and sucks his big black cock while he drives through the busy streets. They arrive at their destination and Alecia is too horny to wait until she gets upstairs. In the elevator, she drops to her knees and sucks Freddy’s massive cock. He feeds her throat with his dick, stuffing her face. Once they get to the room, the fireworks between these two explode as they make out against the wall. With Alecia leaning against the wall in standing doggy, Freddy eats her pussy. Alecia puts her hot mouth on his cock again, stroking it and wrapping her lips around his shaft. Freddy uses his prick to fuck her throat, making her gag as he bangs the back of her mouth. They kiss their way to the bedroom where Alecia sits on Freddy’s big black cock cowgirl style. She bounces on his pole while he thrust deep inside her, making her mouth gape open in pleasure.

They fuck doggy style and Alecia coats his cock in her pussy juices. Freddy’s big dick can barely fit in Alecia’s tight pussy. She turns around and gobbles all her wet juices off his cock then sits on his cock in reverse cowgirl position. Her pulsating pussy swallows Freddy’s big cock as she rides it. He fucks her in mish then drills her twat in a standing cowgirl. Alecia sucks his cock some more then does standing doggy over the edge of the bed. After a round of downward doggy, Freddy pulls out and pops in Alecia’s mouth, coating her tongue in cum.

Final Thoughts:

Over 3 hours of hot sex fills the screen in Blacked Raw V35. Much like the installments before it, this movie is full of pleasure brought on by big black cocks pounding starving white twats. DVD cover girl Valentina Nappi is first up, squeezing her tight pussy around Sly Diggler’s massive meat. Not to be outdone, Alecia Fox, Dana Wolf, and Cayenne Klein are not far behind, getting banged by the BBCs of Pressure, Jax Slayher, and Freddy Gong. I recommend this flick. Balls deep banging is in the cards for all four starlets on their late-night couplings with satisfying cocks. For Dana, it’s her first experience with a big black cock and one she will never forget. 

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