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Blacked Raw V39

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 26 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: Interracial; Gonzo; BBC

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Chef, Derek Dozer, KGB

Cast: Alex Grey, Charlotte Sins, Eliza Ibarra, Riley Steele, Isiah Maxwell, Jax Slayher, Pressure, Rob Piper, and Sly Diggler

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Alex Grey covers Blacked Raw V39 and deservedly so for her intense threesome with BBC studs Isiah Maxwell and Jax Slayher. The flick opens with Alex’s wild ride through a tunnel with the guys. She hangs out the car window, showing off her boobs, and sucks Isiah’s cock with the gull-wing doors open. Her intense night gets even hotter when the guys take her to their place and have their way with her. Alex is satisfied again and again from those big black cocks pumping and stretching her tight twat. Isiah fills her pussy with cum and pulls out. His jizz spills on his stomach and Alex quickly laps it up. Eliza Ibarra, Charlotte Sins, and Riley Steel join Alex in this flick, each feeding their deep dark BBC desires. Only black cock will satisfy their greedy cunts. Isiah, Jax, Pressure, Sly Diggler, and Rob Piper are the starlets’ prick partners, pounding their pussies into orgasmic submission. I recommend this flick.

Scene 1: Alex Grey, Isiah Maxwell, and Jax Slayher: Let’s Ride

After a late-night of partying, Alex enthusiastically meets up with Isiah and Jax.  “Which one of you is gonna fuck me tonight,” she asks them as she gets in their car. The guys take her on a wild ride that includes Alex hanging out the window flashing her boobs for passing cars and sucking Isiah’s big black cock with the car’s gull-wing doors flipped open. Jax and Isiah take Alex back to their place and waste no time feeding her their cocks. Alex gets on her knees and eats their dicks, satisfying her oral hunger. “Make love to my cock,” Jax tells her. She wraps her lips around his shaft and swallows his pipe, stroking it in and out of her mouth. She gets on all fours on the couch and sucks Jax’s dick while Isiah fucks her doggy style. Isiah opens her pussy up while Jax bangs her throat. “Look at what he’s doing to your pussy,” Jax tells her. Isiah slams her hole balls deep until she squirts. “You look so sexy while you take dick,” Isiah tells her. Alex’s creamy pussy coats Isiah’s prick. He pulls out and tells her to taste her pussy off his cock. She sucks his dick doggy style while taking Jax’s throbbing pole. Jax makes her cum again.

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Alex gags on Isiah’s cock then sits on it in reverse cowgirl. He stands her up and bobs her up and down on his black pipe. He sits her down on his dick and Jax quickly stuffs her throat with his. “Just like that,” Alex screams out. She rides Isiah’s cock reverse cowgirl style. “You like that shit, don’t you,” Jax says. “Yeah, I do,” Alex answers right before she fills her throat with Jax’s prick. She goes for a ball-banging cowgirl ride on Jax’s dick. He spanks her ass and spreads her ass cheeks open while pumping her pussy. Isiah keeps her mouth busy by stuffing his cock in it. The guys take Alex to the bedroom and position her doggystyle in a BBC sandwich that has Isiah fucking her from behind and Jax fucking her throat. “You’re gonna make me cum,” she moans. “Keep fucking me,” she says. She cums all over Isiah’s cock again. After doing doggy with Jax, she rides Isiah’s dick reverse cowgirl style. Isiah slams her hole, banging his balls on her clit. “I’m gonna cum right now,” she screams, soaking his dick in cream. The guys play a game of tag team, swapping Alex back and forth in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl position, making her cum again and again on each cock. Isiah fills Alex’s pussy with cum that spills out when he pulls out of her pussy. Alex climbs off and licks the cum off Isiah’s stomach. She drops to her knees to accept Jax’s big load down her throat. The greedy Alex gobbles his jizz then sucks his cock. She strokes both dicks in her hands and thanks the guys for picking her up tonight.

Scene 2: Eliza Ibarra and Pressure: Bye Boyfriend

Eliza waits anxiously for her boyfriend to arrive. She is alone at dinner. Pressure walks up and charms her at the table. He takes he by the hand and leads her off for a late-night stroll. The pair enjoy drinks and are soon making out. Pressure knows how to treat Eliza the way she wants to be treated, causing her to forget about her boyfriend. He invites her back to his place for one more drink. Once there, he positions her in standing doggy over a table and eats her pussy from behind. Eliza’s night has just gotten better without her boyfriend. He laps up her pussy juices then turns the tables, taking out his hard cock for the hungry Eliza. She wraps her lips around his pole, slobbering all over it. “Eat that dick,” Pressure tells her. She follows his orders, coating his cock in spit and slurping it off his shaft. Eliza squeezes his balls and chokes on his dick. She leaves threads of spit hanging from his pipe.

Pressure positions her in standing doggy and penetrates her from behind. “Oh fuck,” Eliza screams out. Pressure stuffs her pussy with his prick. “Fuck me,” she moans.  “Just like that.” Pressure thrusts deep inside her, slowing his stroke then pounding her cunt hard and fast. He positions her in mish on the table, holding her legs over his shoulders while he drills her twat. “Right there,” Eliza says. “Put it all the way deep inside,” she tells him. “Stuff that dick in there.” She goes on a wild cowgirl ride on Pressure’s cock that makes her cum. He takes her to the bedroom and sends her on another hard-pounding cowgirl cock ride. Eliza’s cunt is a creamy mess in ecstasy. Pressure licks up her pussy juices then pounds her pussy in reverse cowgirl. He slams her doggy style. “Harder,” Eliza screams. She wants more of his cock deep in her. Pressure squats over her cunt in doggy position and goes deep, making Eliza cum again. He pulls out and skull fucks her, choking her on his throbbing cock. A round of mish makes her cum again and she sucks it off his dick. The pair get into double oral pleasure in 69 position. Eliza shows Pressure’s balls some love, sucking and licking them both. She rides him reverse cowgirl style then takes more cock in mish. “I want that cum,” Eliza screams. “Give it to me.” Pressure pulls out and blasts his load in Eliza’s mouth. She gobbles his jizz then sucks his cock.

Scene 3: Charlotte Sins and Rob Piper: Warm Up

Charlotte’s babe, Rob, couldn’t make it tonight but she records herself on her cell to tease him. She is wearing his favorite dress and walks into their favorite hotel room. Charlotte heats up the screen teasing her man. She pulls up her dress and plays with her pussy. “I miss your dick so fucking much,” she says. “Just imagine fucking me deep and hard,” she says while fingering and slapping her clit. She dreams of bouncing up and down on his cock and licking all her pussy juices off. Charlotte closes her eyes and fingers her twat. She is surprised by Rob’s tongue on her clit. He gets to the room before her and is there to please her. “Yes, tongue fuck that pussy,” she tells him. Rob lashes her clit with his tongue and swallows her pussy juices. He drops his pants and feeds her his cock. Charlotte is so horny and can’t contain herself. She grabs hold of his shaft and sucks it. She spits on it and strokes it. “Put that dick down your throat,” he tells her. “I can’ wait to take that cock in my pussy,” Charlotte says.

She slobbers all over Rob’s cock and sucks his balls. Charlotte gets on all fours to continue her oral fixation on Rob’s dick. She turns onto her hands and knees doggy style to host Rob’s prick in her pussy. He drills her from behind. “Give me that fucking cock deep inside my pussy,” Charlotte moans. Rob spanks her ass and pumps her cunt. “I fucking love that cock in my pussy so fucking much,” she says. Rob continues his domination of Charlotte’s cunt. “Fuck me,” she screams. Charlotte climbs on Rob’s cock for a cowgirl session. “I love sitting on that big cock,” she says. She bounces up and down on his prick. Rob transitions her to mish then to spooning. He pumps her hard. Charlotte loves watching Rob’s dick glide in and out of her cunt. “That looks so fucking good,” she says. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock before riding it cowgirl style again. Rob’s balls slap against her clit as he bangs her hard. A session of downward doggy leads to Rob’s big popshot in Charlotte’s twat. “Give me that big fucking load,” Charlotte demands. “I fucking love that cum,” she says as he pulls out and his jizz spills out of her pussy. She runs her fingers through his cum and tastes it. “You taste so fucking good,” she tells him.

Scene 4: Riley Steele and Sly Diggler: Step It Up

In this last scene of the flick, Riley plays willing host to Sly’s monster cock. It’s late one night and Riley waives down her driver. She hops in and shares her last experience with a BBC. She wants to step it up this time and take an even bigger cock. She found random dick online and is so excited thinking about it, she starts fingering her pussy in the backseat of the car. She uses her camera to take shots of her pretty pussy. Later that night, she arrives at the hotel where Sly is waiting for her. She is nervous. It’s time to find out if the BBC she saw in the pictures is just as big in person. She walks up to Sly and wastes no time kissing him and begging for his cock. Sly aims to please and drops his pants, revealing his big dick. “Fuck,” Riley says. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen.” She puts it in her mouth and sucks it, making Sly’s dick hard. “Suck that fucking dick,” Sly tells her while ramming it down her throat. He makes her gag with his thick prick. “So fucking nasty,” he tells her. He spanks her face with his big black cock then sends it to the back of her throat. Riley is a greedy oral participant on her knees, worshipping Sly’s BBC.

She lies on the bed in downward dogy, enjoying Sly’s wet tongue on her cunt. He eats her pussy, making her wet then he fucks her from behind, pinning her to the bed. Riley is eager to suck her pussy juices off his cock. She cleans his cock with her mouth then lies in mish for more fucking. Sly drives his dick deep in Riley’s twat. “It’s so fucking deep,” she moans She positions her legs high in the air as Sly pounds her pussy.  Riley uses her mouth to clean his cock again then she gets in standing doggy for a hard pounding. Sly slams Riley’s pussy hard and deep, making her cum. She rides his big pole cowgirl style then sucks him clean until he pops in her mouth. She swallows his spunk then licks his shaft.

Final Thoughts:

I recommend Blacked Raw V39. This series from Blacked.com has never let up on the sizzling interracial sex it set out to showcase. BBC craving starlets get their pussies pumped until creamy, cumming all over those big black shafts. Alex Grey covers the DVD and has the hottest scene of the flick in an opener with cock masters Isiah Maxwell and Jax Slayher. Alex’s cunt gets a double dose of big black cock in an intense opener that has her sucking cock in a speeding car with the gull doors open. Starlets Eliza Ibarra, Charlotte Sins, and Riley Steel get the BBCs they have been craving in couplings with Pressure, Sly Diggler and Rob Piper.

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