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Anal Icons Vol 1

Genres: Anal, Threesome, Foursome, DP

Director: Laurent Sky, Julia Grandi

Cast: Kenna James, Vicki Chase, Oliver Flynn, Quinton James, Avery Cristy, Manuel Ferrara, Sofi Smile, Leo Casanova, Emily Willis, Mick Blue, and Michael Stefano

Length: 2 hrs, 50 mins

Date of Production: 2021

Extras: Phot gallery, and a “Pop Shot Recap” that has a compilation of all the cumshots in the movie.

Audio/ Video Quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD


Tushy is pulling out the stops with their new release, Anal Icons. This series will feature the best of the best from performers who can’t get enough anal. With their first volume, they swung for the fences and more than succeeded. Having these stars perform in Tushy’s unrivaled production shots and gorgeous cinematography is instant gold. Just as the passion goes into the images, so does the sex, which is incredibly hot and shows why they’re icons in the first place.

Scene 1:

We open the feature with some gorgeous shots of Los Angeles in both the daytime and nighttime landscape. Kenna James narrates as she explains her previous encounter with a gentleman named Mr. Orlando. She discovers that Mr. Orlando has several women on his call, and instead of being jealous, she wants in on the action. Kenna contacts Vicki James for a threesome, but we’re hit with a twist. Two of Orlando’s friends see the texts from Kenna, and it turns into a foursome. The lingerie combined with the trench coats is a hot start to just under an hour of scorching sex. The two women push the men on the bed as they strip off the lingerie, take off the guy’s pants, and start giving them blowjobs.

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The energy that we get from Kenna and Vicki leaps off the screen as enthusiasm is bursting from their body language to eye contact. After those blowjobs, we immediately cut into both girls getting fucked in the ass. While people might not like the length of a scene is so long, it works instantly. We’re not quickly changing positions and rushing it, but instead letting the passion play out. It doesn’t stop as we see Vicki getting DP at the very end before both guys cum on her face. This scene is a solid start to this series and is one of the best Tushy scenes.

Scene 2:

Our next scene focuses on Avery Cristy getting ready in the bathroom while wearing a very stunning green dress that’s gorgeous on her. Avery narrates how she needs to be more assertive for the new year and seduce her boss, Manuel Ferrera. Her boss and his wife come back to their place with Avery, and it’s clear that Manuel’s wife had too much to drink. Seizing her opportunity, she decides to seduce her when his wife goes to bed. I’m glad they don’t go for the cliché goofy scenario where they have sex right near the wife while wacky interruptions happen.

Instead, it’s a steamy hookup as Manuel and Avery make out against the wall as she pulls his pants down to suck his dick. The green dress is striking as she goes to town on him, and it’s beautiful. He pulls her up to start fingering her and takes off the dress as he starts licking her pussy. It doesn’t take long before he starts fucking her in the ass. The sexual energy is vibing and what we get from these two is incredible to watch. It ends with Avery getting a big creampie in her ass, and the close-up we get of it spilling out is a great touch.

Scene 3:

The scene is set around Sofi Smiles, who expresses that she’s always drawn to things she can’t have. In this instance, it’s her brother-in-law, and she wants him badly. It starts at first with minor cases of seduction with him letting look at sneak peeks of her ass for a long time to her laying down on his lap while watching a movie. She ups the seduction by loudly playing herself with a nice glass toy as it goes in and out of her ass. It’s a hot start to this scene with a great masturbation session that gets interrupted as her brother-in-law can’t take it anymore as starts playing with her toy while it’s still in her ass.

They start getting into it as she pulls out his cock and starts sucking on it. The way that Sofi goes slowly and draws it out is mesmerizing to see. Combine with the beautiful moans from Sofi, and it’ll get your heart fluttering. There are not many positions when they start fucking but what we get from Sofi is lovely. The best part is when she starts riding his cock as her ass gets filled easily the highlight. The scene ends with Sofi swallowing her brother-in-law’s cum, and she slowly sucks him off as we fade to black. 

Scene 4:

Our final scene takes us to Emily Willis, who celebrates a big win for her company with her two coworkers. She’s excited about her first award win, even know her seasoned workers are just to it by now. Emily decides to celebrate a good time by bringing them back to her penthouse and going to the pool. The view of Emily getting serviced by two guys with the nightlife behind them becomes instantly iconic because of this stunning cinematography. She goes into the collection and starts sucking off her coworkers before it cuts to morning. 

I wish the whole scene took place by the pool, but what we get is still really good. Emily wakes them up with a handjob and gets to work by sucking them off again. We finally see Emily get her ass stretch by some big cock. It’s no surprise that Emily Willis brings her all, as even people who aren’t interested in DP scenes will still get some thrills. It ends with the two guys stroking their cocks and cumming in Emily’s pretty mouth.

Final Thoughts:

Anal Icons Vol 1 is a strong start to this new series by Tushy and should be viewed by any viewer out there. If you’re a fan of anal videos, then this is a dream come true. Beautiful stars getting their asses filled filmed with some stunning cinematography to boot. It shows how Tushy is at the top of their game in the anal category. 


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