Rocco’s Perverted Secretaries #2: Italian Edition

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Rocco’s Perverted Secretaries #2: Italian Edition

Feature Running Time:  2 hours and 37 minutes

Date of Production: 2021

Genre: European; Gonzo; Double Penetration

Condoms: No

Audio/Video:  Shot in 4K Ultra HD

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Malena Nazionale, Martina Smeraldi, Sara Bell, Kristof Cale, Mike Chapman, Oscar Batty, Vince Karter, Yves Morgan

Cost Factor:

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Slideshow; Cumshot Recap; Website Information


Rocco Siffredi shows us there’s nothing like having a hardworking Italian secretary in the office. In Rocco’s Perverted Secretaries 2: Italian Edition, Malena Nazionale, Martina Smeraldi, and Sara Bell are three office starlets like no other. They will do anything to land a real estate deal and they must check out the male models before signing a contract. This five-scene flick features tons of double penetration, double anal, and airtight DPs that climax in these secretaries getting their faces and throats coated in thick layers of cum. Sara and her gaping rosebud is a standout in the office, and Malena does a three-man BBC bang to prove she is the best secretary there is. I highly recommend this second installment in the series. These three Italian starlets are insatiable for cock and cum.

Scene 1: Martina Smeraldi, Kristof Cale, and Vince Karter

Italian bombshell Martina Smeraldi gets double the dick attention in this opening scene with studs Kristof Cale and Vince Karter. When the scene opens, Martina is in search of Kristof and Vince’s missing photos. She desperately searches through her purse, accidentally causing her pink vibrator to fall out. Her coworker tells her this is not the time to play with this toy. Vince picks up the dildo and asks Martina what she does with it. Martina shows him by stuffing her throat with it. She climbs on the desk and gets on all fours where Vince eats and fingers her pussy and ass from behind while Kristof fucks her throat, gagging her. In a few minutes, Martina has a hard cock in her ass and another in her mouth, sandwiching her in a doggy style bang from the front and back. She spits all over Kristof’s cock, which he uses to pound her pussy in mish. “Take it, take it,” Vince tells her as he fucks her throat at the same time. Kristof finger fucks her, making her squirt then he drills her ass, spreading her open.

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Martina goes on a cowgirl ride on Kristof’s dick while gagging on Vince’s cock. Her ride turns into a cowgirl DP with Vince pounding her poop chute and Kristof pumping her pussy. She climbs off and gobbles both cocks, sucking and gagging on them. Both holes get satisfied in a standing DP that has her moaning and squirting all over the guys’ cocks. “Don’t stop,” she screams at the guys. A round of cowgirl up the ass on Kristof’s prick makes her squirt again. Vince penetrates her wet pussy, making it a cowgirl DP. Vince pulls out and cums on Martina’s tongue while she squirts again on Kristof’s cock. He pulls out and blasts her throat with more cum. Martina blows cum bubbles with the guys’ load then in Italian, she introduces herself and says she hopes we like her as an Italian secretary.

Scene 2: Malena Nazionale, Yves Morgan, Oscar Batty, and Mike Chapman

This scene puts Malena in a 3-on-1 BBC bang that sizzles. This Italian BBC slut is confident in her skills as a secretary, and she says she knows everyone wishes they had a secretary like her. Mike waits in the office reviewing a catalog from Malena. Her horny office mate Sara is busy watching anal porn on her phone. Malena takes Mike outside to the lake where Yves and Oscar are waiting. Mike encourages them to take a walk around the property while he talks one-on-one with Malena. He needs to know how far she’s willing to go to close the deal. He knows she has been fucking her way through every housing deal. He kisses her then tells her to show him her ass. Malena gets on all fours, opening her ass for Mike. He takes out his big black cock, telling her “If you want to sell this house, you suck my dick.” She wraps her lips around his hard cock and sucks it. Mike chokes Malena while she gags on his cock.

Mike fucks her in the ass in standing doggy then sits her on his big cock for cowgirl up the ass. She does ass to mouth as Yves and Oscar walk up, adding their cocks to the party. Malena does a three-man blowbang, getting skull fucked and gagged on each cock. The guys are having so much fun, they agree to buy the house. Malena sits on Yves’ dick cowgirl style and gets stuffed from both ends in an airtight cowgirl DP that has Mike’s cock down her throat and Oscar’s deep in her ass. The guys take turns ramming her ass, trading places in Malena’s airtight DP. She is so excited about the deal, she takes two cocks in the ass in reverse cowgirl, causing her eyes to roll back into her head in ecstasy. After sucking each cock and riding them cowgirl style, Malena opens her holes even more in an airtight doggy DP. The deal is sealed with cum once the guys blow their loads in Malena’s mouth.

Scene 3: Sara Bell, Yves Morgan, and Oscar Batty

Italian babe Sara Bell explains in her opening that today she will be a super Italian secretary. She hopes we enjoy it. In the next scene, Sara is complaining to Mike that the guys he brought today, Yves and Oscar, are not professional models. Mike tries to convince her and Martina that Yves and Oscar are the hottest models on the planet right now. The girls aren’t buying it. Mike suggests Sara spend some time alone with the guys. He and Martina leave the room, and Sara is left to get the know Yves and Oscar better. They immediately take out their hard cocks and fuck Sara’s face. She drools all over their dicks as she tries to fit both of them in her mouth at the same time. She gets pounded from both ends doggy style with Oscar’s cock in her ass and Yves’ in her mouth. The guys spank her ass cheeks again and again then position her for anal cowgirl. She rides Oscar’s cock, bouncing her ass hole up and down on it while sucking Yves’ cock.

She stays in that position for double anal cowgirl style. You like two dicks up your ass, the guys ass her while double drilling her rectum. “Take these dicks up your ass,” the guys tell her as Sara moans louder and louder. She does ass to mouth then takes two dicks in her ass again, this time in reverse cowgirl. Sara proves she is a super Italian secretary with her doggy double anal and her king of clubs with both cocks in her ass. Sara puts on an anal gape show with her red rosebud. After doggy anal greedily gobbles the guys’ cum as they blast their loads in her mouth.

Scene 4: Martina Smeraldi, Vince Karter, and Mike Chapman

Martina is back for more cock. The scene opens with Martina on the phone. Mike is patiently waiting for her to finish her call. He can’t wait any longer. He takes the phone from her, telling her his dick is her telephone now. He guides her hand into his pants to feel his throbbing dick. “Open your mouth and don’t touch it,” he explains while aiming his cock for her throat. Martina grips his dick with both hands and sucks it. He chokes her and skull fucks her, making her gag. Mike whips her clit with his tongue then chokes her with his dick again. He spoon fucks her ass then fucks her up the ass in mish. “Yes, yes, yes,” Martina screams out. The pair is having so much fun, they don’t see Vince watching them. Vince walks up and gets in on the action, fucking Martina’s face while Mike watches and jerks off.

Martina gets on all fours for a round of deep hard banging in the pussy and ass from Vince doggy style. She deep throats his cock in ass to mouth fashion then sits on it in reverse cowgirl, taking it up the ass. Vince pounds her pooper until she squirts then Mike penetrates her soaked twat, making for a wet reverse cowgirl DP. She does double anal cowgirl style then a cowgirl DP that stretches both her holes out. She swallows a double dose of spunk from the guys who shoot their loads on her tongue.

Scene 5: Sara Bell and Kristof Cale

In this final boy-girl scene, Sara Bell is back to show her Italian secretary skills. Malena doesn’t like Kristof’s work, but Sara tells her it could be on trend.  It’s getting late and Malena leaves, telling Sara to talk with Kristof about his work. Once alone with Kristof, Sara tells him his work is fantastic. Kristof kisses her and soon Sara is on her knees sucking his cock. He stands her up and bends her over the desk in standing doggy to finger her tight ass hole. He bangs her hole with his finger, giving her a creamy assgasm before stuffing her ass with his cock. “Fuck me,” Sara screams. He drills her rooter then fucks her throat. Sara puts a leg up on the desk for more anal standing doggy. Kristof fucks her balls deep.

He lies her on the desk in mish for an intense anal session that makes Sara cum. She has another assgasm when Kristof slams her poop chute doggy style on the desk. She lies on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the desk for a deep throat skull fuck that makes her choke. Kristof rewards Sara’s skills with a blast of cum in her mouth. He fucks her face some more, sending his cum deeper down her throat.

Final Thoughts:

I highly recommend Rocco’s Perverted Secretaries 2: Italian Edition. Malena Nazionale, Martina Smeraldi, and Sara Bell show us an office we all wish we worked in. These starlets want to be the best Italian secretaries there are no matter what. Their daily assignments include airtight DPs, double anal sessions, and lots of cum swallowing in this five-scene flick. Each starlet’s performance is exceptional as they bang their way to landing major deals and contracts. Malena’s outdoor three-man BBC bang is hot and Sara’s gaping rosebud is a unique office skill only a few starlets possess.

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