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Sordid Stories

Title: Deeper Sordid Stories


Genre: All Sex




Cast: Nicole Aniston, Angela White, Evelyn Claire, Joanna Angel, Aidra Fox, Kayden Kross, Mick Blue, Small Hands

Length: 2:24


Date of Production: 2020


Extras: Feature Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website Info


Condoms: No



This is a beautifully shot and often moody adult flick. It follows two stories with a pair of sex scenes for each. Both are nicely written with just enough dialog to be interesting without losing focus on what we came for. In this case, what we came for was some serious sexual heat from superstars Angela White, Kayden Kross and Joanna Angel. The first story features Nicole Aniston as well, but Angela steals she show with a very hot scene in the interrogation room. Kayden proves that she knows how to keep her man in the finale, leading a very hot three-way. Lots to like here with gonzo heat and some strong couples-appeal as well.



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Scene One

The first sex scene shows a vigorous sex life between the victim (Mick Blue) and his amorous wife (Nicole Aniston). She starts on top of him, but they flip quickly so he can get his dick into her mouth. Nicole gives pretty good head, but it is her body that always manages to steal the show. This woman is in incredible shape and knows how to hold her body so she always looks fantastic for the camera. She has great legs and uses them to stay on top and pump up and down on his dick. They turn in a spirited fuck ending with a shot on her face. 



Scene Two

Angela White is a detective with very interesting interrogation techniques. When she thinks she is on to something with Small Hands, she turns off the recording devices and teases him to full mast. Grabbing his cock, she slips it into her pussy and starts rocking. She fucks him slowly, but when they switch positions, things pick up considerably. She smiles as he eats her pussy and then bends over to let him tongue her ass. This leaves her in a perfect position to get her backside drilled by his cock. There are some great shots in this scene and I love the way they lit the action. It is also fun to watch the power dynamics at play. Angela gets fucked hard in the ass, but stops him when she is ready and puts the cuffs back on him. Using her tits, she milks out a huge load all over her rack and then unravels the rest of the story in fine style. 


Scene Three


After getting dumped, Aidra Fox gets a key from a waitress (Joanna Angel) that unlocks a new world for her. She finds Kayden Kross overseeing a row of latex-clad “dolls.” She watches as Small Hands comes in and selects two (Evelyn Claire and Joanna Angel) for his pleasure. They double up on his cock. The lighting is interesting here, but everything is very dark. It gets a little clearer when he removes them from the line and starts fucking them. The girls are in 69 while he goes from pussy to mouth and back. Joanna kicks back for much of the scene, but when she mounts up for her ride, she grinds and bounces like a champ. He ends up shooting a load for them both to share. There is good energy here, but creative lighting really elevates this scene and steals the show.  


 Scene Four



Having watched long enough, it is suggested that Aidra be broken in by Kayden and her husband. The big reveal is pretty good and with a mask on we can’t be sure if Manuel knows everything. Aidra certainly does, and she opens her mouth right up. I love the way Kayden feeds the masked girl her husband’s cock. The mask comes off and he is shocked to find his lover’s face. At Kayden’s insistence, the action continues. This scene features many of the same elements that made the last one stand out. The lighting is beautiful and the latex is also in play. It is just toned down a bit which makes it more conventionally hot. Both women ride Manuel and take turns getting every inch of his dick up in them. Kayden in doggy by the fire is a visual highlight of this emotionally intense finale. He shoots all over both of their faces and the ladies close with a kiss. 


Special Features: Feature Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website Info


Final Thoughts:  If you like to see well-acted, brilliantly lit and sexually hot porn, this is for you. Both stories are interesting and have great payoffs. Angela and Kayden steal the show, but there is plenty of praise to go around for this one.  

Final Rating Highly Recommended

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