My Wife’s Hot Friend 47

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My Wife’s Hot Friend 47

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Genre: Straight Compilation




Cast: Cherie DeVille, Anna Bell Peaks, Kimmy Granger, Sovereign Syre, Reena Sky, Johnny Castle, JMac

Director: Unknown

Length: 2 hrs. 41 min.

Release Date: Sept. 11, 2019

Condoms: None

Extras: Gallery


Overview: This DVD is the 47th collection of scenes from Naughty America’s My Wife’s Hot Friend. You can pretty much guess the plot of each title. A wife’s hot friend seduces her husband. And that’s it. Absolutely nothing special at all about these scenes that all date back to 2015, before Anna Bell Peaks’ retirement. This disc has some terrific star power. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to save it from it’s very bland and mediocre stories and delivery.


Scene One: Cherie DeVille and Johnny Castle




It’s late at night and Johnny and the house is a mess after a party thrown by Johnny and his wife. Best friend Cherie stays to clean up when she asks Johnny if it would be ok if she stayed the night. Sure, why not since wifey is passed out in their bedroom anyway. Johnny then goes to shower, but Cherie has gotten a little excited after giving him a thank you hug and, having changed into some revealing underwear, sneaks into the bathroom to watch him. She starts rubbing her pussy and squeezing her tits as she spies on Johnny and then rushes out before he can catch her. He goes to check on Cherie who’s waiting seductively for him. They start kissing, Cherie rubbing Johnny’s cock through his towel before they strip off Cherie’s bra and Johnny starts sucking her tits. It doesn’t take long before the towel is off and Cherie gives him head. She masterfully licks, sucks, and strokes his cock getting it wet and hard before she turns around and arches her ass up in the air. Johnny pulls her thong panties down and eats and rubs her ass and pussy, giving her ass some love taps as he buries his face between her cheeks. Cherie then flips over and spreads her legs for Johnny who goes down on her pussy. He fingers her hole while licking her clit, Cherie throwing her legs up and grabbing her feet as Johnny devours her pussy. After he gets it good and wet he starts fucking her missionary, pumping his cock in and out of her hole until she cums. Holding Cherie’s legs open he fucks her to multiple orgasms before turning her onto her side and fucking her tight pussy from behind while he slaps her ass and she fingers her asshole. After cumming a few more times they go into a 69 with Johnny on top teabagging Cherie as he eats her wet pussy. Johnny then lays back and Cherie finishes cleaning his cock with her mouth before climbing up and riding him cowgirl style. She bounces on his cock, climbing off once to clean her juices off before climbing back on and twerking on him. While Johnny fucks her from underneath Cherie fingers her ass again and cums hard on his cock. We then get a transitional shot of Johnny fucking Cherie doggy style, his hips pounding her ass as he slides his cock in and out of her. While biting the bed cover Cherie has multiple orgasms on Johnny’s cock, stabbing her pussy in between the climaxes. Johnny licks and eats Cherie’s dripping pussy from behind before Cherie lays on her side and holds her leg up for Johnny to spoon her from behind. Like a well lubed piston, Johnny’s cock slides in and out of Cherie’s pussy, slamming his balls against her clit and giving her one orgasm after another. She sucks all of her juices off of Johnny’s cock and they back to spooning. Cherie then turns to her other side and they face each other as Johnny slides his cock back inside. He fucks her some more while Cherie sticks two fingers in her asshole making her cum again. Cherie then rolls over onto her stomach and Johnny fucks her from behind, pounding Cherie’s pussy until her creampies her and fills her pussy up with his dripping cum.


Scene Two: Anna Bell Peaks and Johnny Castle




In this one, Johnny’s wife is best friends with the legendary Anna Bell Peaks. While his wife is away she asks Johnny to entertain Anna Bell for the night and make her happy. This allows Anna Bell to seduce Johnny as she gets a little to close to him while watching tv in bed. She leaves to use the bathroom and returns wrapped in a towel. She calls Johnny “standoffish” and drops the towel revealing her incredible naked body. They start making out, Johnny sucking on Anna Bell’s tits before she lays back on the bed and Johnny goes down on her pussy. Anna Bell tells him to make her happy as he sucks and licks her pussy. He breaks long enough to worship her foot a little bit before going back down and making her cum with his mouth. He then slides his shorts off and Anna Bell sucks on his hard cock. She bobs her head up and down fucking him with her mouth before rolling over onto her back and teabagging his balls while she jerks his cock. Johnny then goes around and starts fucking Anna Bell missionary. He fucks her, slaps her clit with his cock, and fingerbangs her giving her multiple orgasms which Anna Bell sucks off before Johnny slides his cock between Anna Bells tits while she continues blowing him. She then rolls over onto her side and, at a very poorly shot angle, they start spooning. It was sweet how they kiss after Anna Bell cums on Johnny’s pounding cock, but I would like to have seen more penetration. The best shot of this sequence is when Anna Bell cleans her cum off of Johnny’s cock and we get a good view of Anna Bells spread open pussy which she masturbates while Johnny fucks her mouth. They seem to enjoy this position since they go back to it twice with Anna Bell cumming on Johnny’s pounding cock and sucking him clean both times. She then climbs up and starts riding him, Johnny fucking Anna Bell from underneath and then Anna Bell spinning around and fucking him reverse cowgirl. This is the shot that truly saves the scene as Anna Bell looks into the camera as she bounces on Johnny’s cock, taking him all the way up in her pussy. She then spins around and fucks him cowgirl again before climbing off and sucking all of her cum off of his cock. She then goes on all fours and Johnny fucks her doggy style, slapping her ass as he steadily slides his cock in and out of her pussy until he pulls out and jerks his load onto Anna Bell’s face, Anna Bell sucking his balls dry and licking his jizz off of her.


Scene Three: Kimmie Granger and JMac




Kimmie is JMac’s wife’s best friend who’s completely obsessed with him. She sneaks into their house while nobody’s home and licks one of the glasses at his bar. She then takes his remote and rubs it on her pussy before she hears him entering and hides behind the bar. JMac sits at the bar and Kimmie sneaks up behind him. The startled JMac tells her to leave, but when Kimmie starts grinding on his leg and licking his ear his resistance starts to crumble, and soon he’s dropping his pants. Kimmie immediately starts sucking his cock and balls, gagging on JMac girth and face fucking him. She then takes off her shorts and panties and scurries up onto JMac’s cock. The very limber Kimmie fucks JMac’s cock, furiously humping him with that famous dislocated lower back thing she does. She fucks and bounces on him before JMac picks her up and slides her pussy up and down his cock. He fucks the petite little Kimmie standing until cums before sitting her on the barstool and fucking her missionary. His pumping cock gives her multiple orgasms before he picks her up and fucks her standing again. He then sets her down and Kimmie props one leg up onto a chair as JMac fucks her ballerina style from behind. She backs her ass up to him and fucks him back making her cum over and over on JMac’s cock. He then holds her leg up and we get a great shot of him fucking Kimmie from behind. Kimmie then shows off her acrobatic skills by doing the splits between two of the barstools and JMac fucking her from behind. They then climb up onto the bar and JMac fucks Kimmie doggy style, pile driving Kimmie’s pussy. JMac then lays back and Kimmie fucks him reverse cowgirl, sliding her pussy up and down his pole and orgasming over and over before she climbs off and JMac shoots his load on her face. The best scene on the disc solely because of the incredibly dextrous Kimmie Granger.


Scene Four: Sovereign Syre and Johnny Castle




In this scene, Sovereign Syre is stalking her best friend’s husband Johnny. She stands outside his house, calling him and rubbing her pussy while he tries to tell her she needs to stop. When he’s in the shower she sneaks into the bathroom and masturbates while she watches him. When she sneaks up on him in the shower he tells her to wait in the other room while he gets a towel. He tells her they can’t keep doing this but Sovereign assures him his wife will never know as she rubs his cock under the towel. “One more time,” Johnny says as Sovereign takes his cock in her mouth. She gives him some great head, sensuously sucking him as she rubs her pussy. He titty fucks her a little bit before fucking her face and then laying her back to eat her pussy. He sucks on her clit and fingers her to orgasm before sliding his cock in and fucking her missionary. Sovereign holds her legs up giving Johnny better access to her pussy as he fucks her to multiple orgasms. He maneuvers up to her face and she sucks her juices off before he slides his fingers back into her pussy and finger blasts her until she cums again. He continues to fuck her face until Sovereign climbs up and starts riding him cowgirl. She bounces and slides her pussy up and down on his cock, humping and fucking him as she cums over and over. She then climbs off and cleans his cock with her mouth, rimming his asshole while she rubs his cock and titty fucking him a little before climbing back up and riding him some more. She then gets on all fours and Johnny fucks her doggy style. He grabs a handful of Sovereign’s hair and arches her back while he pounds her pussy from behind. In a very long doggy sequence Johnny keeps pumping away in Sovereign’s pussy, stopping once halfway through for Sovereign to suck her juices off before going back at it. They then go down onto the floor and spoon. Johnny fucks Sovereign from behind, rubbing her clit occasionally. I liked the shot of Johnny and Sovereign kissing as Johnny slowly works his cock in and out of Sovereign’s pussy, but it’s way too brief. The scene ends with Johnny t-boning Sovereign before she takes his cock and jacks his load into his mouth and swallowing it.


Scene Five: Reena Sky and Johnny Castle




In the final scene, drop-dead gorgeous Reena Sky is obsessed with her best friend’s husband Johnny Castle (I’m sensing a pattern here). She masturbates to selfies of him on her phone and devises a plan to get him over to her house. She goes around her room and throws things around, knocks over her chair and disarrays the place. She then calls Johnny and tells him someone broke in and she needs him to come over now. When Johnny arrives Reena, her tits nearly falling out of her dress, asks him if he could stay, rubbing his inner thigh and coming onto him strongly. They start making out as Reena undoes his pants and grabs his cock. She then takes it in her mouth and gives him sloppy head, spitting and gagging on his cock before she removes her dress and Johnny starts titty fucking her. She goes onto the bed and gets on all fours as she twerks her ass while Johnny fucks her face. Reena then lays back and Johnny starts eating her hairy pussy, licking and sucking her clit and tonguing her asshole before slicing his cock in and spooning her from behind. Reena rubs her clit while Johnny pumps her pussy until she cums on his cock. She sucks her juices off before they go back to spooning and Johnny pounds her pussy until she cums again. Reena then goes on all fours and Johnny fucks her doggy style, Reena fingering her asshole as Johnny fucks her from behind. They then switch and Johnny sticks his thumb up her ass and soon she’s cumming again on his cock. He gives her multiple orgasms and then they go into a 69, Reena sitting on Johnny’s face as she gives him head. Reena then climbs off and Johnny starts t-boning her. He fucks her tight pussy from behind until she cums again before Johnny pulls out and finger blasts her to another orgasm leading him to t-bone her some more. After Reena sucks her juices off they start 69ing again, Reena sucking his cock before climbing up and riding him cowgirl. She bounces on his cock cumming over and over before climbing off for Johnny to fuck her missionary. He slides his cock in and out of pussy, stopping once to finger blast her again before going back in and fucking her until he shoots his load on her face.


Final Thoughts: I think I’m just more disappointed in this release than anything. It has so much wonderful star power with the always great Cherie DeVille, the legendary Anna Bell Peaks, the gorgeous Reena Sky, and the very underrated Sovereign Syre, whom I think is one of the best unsung actresses in the industry today. To see them have to perform in such bland, repetitious, cookie-cutter porn scenes like these is such a shame. There’s absolutely nothing special about these average, run of the mill scenarios that we’ve all seen too many times already. The scenes have the talent. If only they had better stories and directors. One thing I can say though, Johnny Castle is one lucky S.O.B. for having a wife with so many hot and horny best friends. Skip It.

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