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Genres: Vignette, Fetish

Director: ?

Cast: Lauren Phillips, Maya Bijou, Kenzie Taylor, Kate Kennedy, Tommy Gunn, Dean Van Damme, Donnie Rock, Filthy Rich, Marcello, David Christopher, Damien Thorne, D.Arclite

Length: 2 hours and 5 minutes 

Extras: There is a photo gallery, several trailers, pop shots, and spam.

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Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The video quality is a lot better than the audio quality. The audio quality is fine. It is shot in 4K Ultra HD.   

Overview: Cuck’Em All 4 is a film by Devil’s Film. It is the fourth installment to this fun series. Fan favorites Kenzie Taylor and Lauren Phillips lead this production. Cuckold films are a very entertaining concept since we get to see beautiful women bad-mouthing and degrade their so-called husbands for not satisfying them sexually and then, have sex with another man right in front of them.


Scene One: Kenzie Taylor arrives home from her trip abroad with English stud Dean Van Damme. Her husband Marcello is disappointed that his wife had fucked her way throughout Britain with this futbol guy. Now, she wants him to watch her get fucked by Dean in their own home. The beautiful blonde sucks his hard dick. But, it’s the disparaging comments and physical activity towards her hubby that makes their scene so entertaining. It is really funny when Marcello is sucking her foot. All in all, Marcello takes it well as he continues to look at her fucking region up close. In the meantime, Kenzie’s amazing body is a huge turn-on for the viewers and the sex is a crowd-pleaser. I enjoyed that she did most of the talking while on her back facing him or while giving head. I also liked watching her give her husband orders. In a way, I could not stop thinking about Kenzie as Captain Marvel; a previous role that she had rave reviews.

Scene Two: Damien Thorne comes home and hears noises from the upstair’s bedroom. He finds his wife Maya Bijou in bed with Filthy Rich. She demands her husband to stay and watch. Even though Maya gives very demeaning comments, it is Rich who has the more funnier ones. It is fun watching Damien cry over seeing his wife get fucked by another man. The brunette really shines with her slobbery wet bj’s and she really receives a hard workout while getting fucked by Rich. The doggie and mish moments provide the most heated action with her eyes rolling back into her head. With all of the nasty words by Maya to her man, we start feeling sorry for him.


Scene Three: An ill David Christopher is upset with his beautiful wife Kate Kennedy for continuing to be a porn star. She performs in those films because she needs a hard cock to pleasure her since her hubby is unable to satisfy her. Hall of Famer Tommy Gunn appears in their bedroom and Kate sucks the man’s nice looking dick on the bed. There is a lot of coughing by her distraught hubby. There really are not many comments among the trio. David is the one who usually says stuff. As for Kate, she moans and groans a lot especially since Tommy screws her hard. At one point, she shoves her panties into her hubby’s mouth. Later, a nice amount of groans and egging on by Kate occurs while she gets spooned though.


Scene Four: Lauren Phillips and D. Arclite are having a counseling session with their therapist Donnie Rock. It is fun watching the married couple argue with each other. He calls her a whore and she wants a hard cock. Later, her attention goes towards Donnie. She takes out his dick and sucks it. The close POV shots are pretty hot as an active Lauren pleasures the dick. However, it does give her husband a bad angle to see it though. The cockriding and the rest of the screwing are when he can actually get a very good sight at his wife’s sexual ways. Throughout this scene, there really is not as much banter like the first two performances although Lauren and Donnie do make a very attractive pair.  

Final Thoughts: This film starts off with two bangs and then it flutters a bit. Kenzie Taylor and Maya Bijou definitely have the best performances. Their sex is exciting and they are also very engaging with their distraghted significant others. It is that combination that makes a cuckold scene work so well. The interaction of the people are so important. Devil’s Film has always been one of the best studios that create entertaining fetish type porn. I recommend this film. 

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